False alarm…

On one of the weekends when my girl was home, she said that she wanted to go for the nasi campur delights here but when we got there, from the outside looking in, it did not look like the place was open. We went past again the following day and no, the place was quite deserted – a stall was open but it did not look like it was the one we were looking for.

I must say that I was somewhat disappointed as yes, I did enjoy the food here though I was not exactly thrilled by their nasi bryani, available only on Fridays and it looked like they have increased the price by RM1.00 for the mutton…

Hari Hari Daun Pisang nasi bryani prices

…but as far as I know, it is the favourite of some folks around here.

It sure was a welcome relief when my missus and I dropped by the other morning and yes, it was business as usual – it was a false alarm, after all…and I did ask the girl and she said that they usually open till 8 at night but when the food runs out, they may close earlier.

My missus had the sotong (squid)…

Hari Hari Daun Pisang sotong

…and the petai (stink beans) with prawns…

Hari Hari Daun Pisang sambal petai udang

…as well as the pineapple…

Hari Hari Daun Pisang pineapple

…while I had all three of the above plus the mutton curry with potatoes…

Hari Hari Daun Pisang mutton curry

…and the prawns…

Hari Hari Daun Pisang prawns

The boss’ wife came and did some calculations and collected RM21.00 from me and when I asked her, she said that it was RM10.00 for mine (3 meat and 1 vegetable)…

Hari Hari Daun Pisang 3 meat & 1 veg

…RM8.00 for what my missus picked (1 meat and 2 vegetables) and RM3.00 for the drinks.

I thought that was rather expensive…wait a minute, let me rephrase that! I thought it was exceptionally cheap the previous times we were here but considering the amount of everything that we helped ourselves to and how much we enjoyed it all, I would say it was all right and I would much sooner fork out that kind of money to have these here than what we had at that place that we went to not very long ago.

HARI HARI DAUN PISANG CURRY HOUSE (2.287364, 111.825614) is located at the hawker centre/food court along Jalan Temple (after the Tua Pek Kong Temple/7-storey Pagoda),  to the extreme left of the Sibu Trade and Exhibition Centre next to the Kedai 1Malaysia there. You can park inside for free on weekdays (no parking fee payable in Sibu on weekends) if you are going to eat there but if you leave your car there and walk to some place outside, I think the fee is RM2.00, no time limit.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

6 thoughts on “False alarm…”

  1. I am glad I don’t have to worry about parking. I take the bus. 🙂

    We do not have bus services here – most everyone has a car or more – or maybe it is limited to certain areas only – maybe those along the way between the town centre and the other out-of-town areas but we do have inter-town buses plying regularly daily. Thankfully, parking is cheap here, only around US50 cents to park in this private area and more easily available than outside, only US10 cents for half and hour.

  2. In your missus’s choice, which one is considered as meat dish? Squid???

    Yes, sotong definitely falls into the “meat” category and I would not argue if they consider the petai as meat too as there were as many prawns as petai, maybe more, and petai is not cheap, not like many other types of vegetables.

  3. It is cheap, looking at all the food around the rice. I like the sotong pieces.

    All nice but I like the prawns better, sweeter. Sotong are rather mild in taste, would depend on the curry or whatever ingredients used in the cooking.

  4. It is reasonably priced and actually cheaper than in Kuching.

    Super love the squid dish!!

    It was good, and so was everything else. Sure would want to go again.

  5. The squid is very tempting, drooling over it, hehe…

    Can get easily there – in 1973, I used to buy from Indian stall in Katong, $1.00 with rice, a whole lot, so cheap then. Sure cannot find anything like that now.

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