See what you get…

What you see in the menu here may not be what you can get, I’m afraid.

I saw they had sup kambing (mutton soup), something that I have not had for a long time as we can’t get that here…or at least, not that I know of. Of course, I asked for it but I was told that it was not available. I did not want the sup tulang (bone soup) in case I will get some rather diluted, watered-down soup with a lot of bones and hardly any meat like what I had here or here so the girl suggested their beef soup (RM5.00) and yes, I decided I would give it a try.

They certainly took a very very long time cooking the soup – I would expect that they would have it ready in big pots or cauldrons, just waiting to be served. Usually, I would simmer the soup with the meat and bones for as long as I can to bring out the sweetness and flavours of the meat. Obviously, they don’t do anything of the sort here so when you order, you will get something cooked on the spot, fresh from the wok.

It looked something like the beef soup noodles (RM6.00)…

Sara Cafe beef soup noodles

…that my missus had – with very little meat (and not much noodles too in my missus’ bowl) and a whole lot of taugeh (bean sprouts). Now, where is the daun sup (Chinese celery)? I would want that in beef soup/noodles…and I wish they would not use those factory-produced fried shallots sold in big packs in the supermarkets. They have a smell that I am not particularly fond of, not fragrant at all, and nothing like own-fried hand-peeled and sliced shallots.

Surprisingly though, the soup actually tasted very nice or let’s say it was a whole lot nicer than what I had expected it to be and my missus did like her noodles but no, I don’t think we would want to order those again the next time we drop by here.

I had yet to try their bryani rice so I wanted that but no, they did not have the kambing (mutton) so I asked for the sapi (beef) and no, they did not have that either and that left me with the Hobson’s choice, ayam (chicken), RM9.00…

Sara Cafe nasi bryani, ayam

I was quite put off already by then seeing how they did not have this nor that – how on earth can people run a business like that, I was wondering! But thankfully, the bryani rice was very nice – I thought it was really flavourful, nicer than what I had here or here and at a number of places elsewhere and I liked how they served the curry gravy separately in a bowl…

Sara Cafe ayam & kuah kari

…instead of drowning the rice with it and yes, they did use the nicer, more expensive long-grained rice…

Sara Cafe long-grained rice

By now, I’ve had my fair share of what is available at this shop and I must say that among all that I’ve tried, this one is the nicest of the lot.

SARA CAFE (2.307544, 111.820744) is located among the shops at Simpang Tiga, Sibu, where the Bisonte Grocer & Deli is, one of the two facing Jalan Bunga Normah 4.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

13 thoughts on “See what you get…”

  1. The long grain rice is already making me crave for it. I like bryani done this way. It should be done this way.

    Too bad what was in your missus’ bowl was not that great.

    It tasted o.k. actually, edible – let’s just say that it was as good as it looked.

    My girl likes bryani where they cook the meat in the rice – none here. I do know of places doing it like that in Kuching and I had it at one nasi kandar place in Penang.

  2. I just had Briyani rice twice recently, I love briyani rice with curry chicken or mutton, my favourite, slurps!

    That was the first thing I asked, mutton and it was not available and then I tried beef, also not available…and in the end I had to settle for chicken. Dunno why these people like to have so many things, all not available. If they can specialise in one thing and do it well, that will be enough to draw the crowd.

  3. Yes, as always my choice to serve the curry in separate bowl instead of drowning the rice with it. I like the pickles too.

    I guess you do not like those nasi kandar places then.

  4. Gosh. Really a shame and spoiler when you are expecting something and they don’t have this and that.

    Briyani. I agree that the long grain rice plays big part in a good briyani. Long time I did not have briyani.

    It does look nicer but I did not feel any difference in the taste – it all boils down to how well one cooks it otherwise it might as well be any other kind of rice.

    Ya, I dunno why they do it – so many things on their menu, ini tak ada, itu tak ada. If they think that will impress customers, that is sadly very wrong. People will get disgusted and never come again. Bunga banyak, tin kosong!

  5. I find that very frustrating when restaurants show a menu of items and some are not available.

    Me too. So disgusting! Worse is when they will only tell you when you want to order this and that and they tell you it is not available. 😦

  6. I like sauce but on the side so that I can put the amount I wish to where I want to, so your comment about not drowning the rice with the sauce, Arthur, I totally get.

    Yes, sometimes they add too much and the rice would be swimming in the gravy, something not to my liking and it may get soggy too.

  7. i tend to avoid sup tulang and sup kambing … partly cos people say these are quite cholesterol-laden … and i consume enough cholesterol with my addiction to eggs! 😀

    Lately, word has it that eggs are fine, just that one would have to eat both the white and yolk together and not one without the other…and they are suing those pharmaceutical companies for all those fabrications to sell their products, especially those with devastating side effects – from the frying pan into the fire, so to speak.

  8. The long grain rice reminds me now… there is still a kg in my fridge.. it has been lying there since I went to JB and it is still unopened… Heard that it has less carbs than the normal rice I used to buy..

    Oh? If you don’t want it, send it over! Dijamin sampai hari esok! 😀 Maybe you mean less starch – the same goes for Basmati rice – healthier, they say.

  9. I like long grain rice, I bought once, my mum doesn’t like it, so no long grain rice for me at home…

    A lot of people are not fond of these healthier varieties of rice – I don’t mind. I eat anything! 😀

  10. I just had Pork Briyani here!

    We’ll never be able to get that here – I don’t think those at the Chinese shops and stalls will/can cook bryani rice.

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