I’m not coming back…

My girl wanted the three-cup-wine chicken…

3-cup wine chicken

…that day so we dropped by here…

Tung Seng

…for dinner. I guess that is the name of the restaurant – I do not read Mandarin – but this place has been around for so long that the sign in front is so very badly faded that whatever that is on it has almost turned completely invisible.

We used to come here quite frequently as the food was great…until I had a not very nice experience where we were served an expensive fish that was lor kor (kind of hard and rubbery) and I was so pissed off by it that I never wanted to come back again. We did go back again one more time though and yes, we all thought it was rather pricey eating here so that was the last time we went.

The chicken was nice but it was completely different from what we had before and we felt it was much nicer then. The ngor bee th’ng…

Ngor bee th'ng

…I had was nice too but likewise, it was also different from before. The shaved ice stuck together in one clump like that, there was no barley and those white strips should be thinly sliced so they would not be so hard and so difficult to bite and chew. It certainly was nicer when I had that before.

We had the Four Heavenly Kings…

Four Heavenly Kings

…and my girl did not want it fried with canned stewed pork so we had it ching chao (fried plain) and yes, it was all right, a little strong on the msg but it was quite bearable.

The so-called claypot tofu…

Claypot tofu

…was good except that it came in a mini-wok on a food warmer, not in a claypot but that was perfectly ok with us.

I saw the word satay on a whiteboard on the wall, among everything else that was in Mandarin, so I asked the young girl about it. Of course, she could only speak Mandarin but I could understand what she said – they only had pork or chicken, no beef or lamb and I ordered three sticks…

Pork satay

…to try. They were nice – my missus said they tasted like char siew and my girl said they were like bak kua (barbecued pork slices) but no, they did not give any peanut sauce or any kind of dip with it. You will just have to eat it as it is!

We used to want to come back here because of one dish – their prawns in a coconut…

Coconut prawns

…and since we had not had it for a few years now, I just had to order that. We sure enjoyed the gravy – it was very very nice but the prawns were hay kiew (prawn balls), supposedly cheaper than regular whole prawns and they were a bit hard, not entirely fresh, some of them, and that coconut sure looked like it had been recycled many many times so of course, there was no young coconut flesh in it unlike when we had this dish before.

I was kind of stunned when I went to pay the bill – the total, inclusive of two rice and drinks, came up to over RM100, RM104.00, if I remember correctly. I did not ask for a breakdown of the prices but I saw RM42.00 scribbled on the piece of paper, all in Mandarin, except for the prices and that was for the coconut prawns…and there was one RM15.00 which was for the satay which means that it was RM5.00 per stick. Good grief!

I don’t know if the place is now run by some other people now or what – I did not see the man, not a young one, who was always there before and I had the impression that he was the boss/owner…or perhaps they now have new people in the kitchen, not the crew before so even though they still serve the same dishes, the quality seems to have fallen short…and of course, when it was not quite satisfactory, nothing to shout about and obviously not as nice as before and with that kind of prices, I do not think I would be going back there again all that soon.

TUNG SENG RESTAURANT (2.303762, 111.849260) is located at No. 43, Lorong Pahlawan 9,  off Lorong Pahlawan 7B/3 in the Sibu Bus Terminal area on one end and Jalan Diong Kik on the other, in the same block of shops as the Curry House outlet there.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

8 thoughts on “I’m not coming back…”

  1. RM 5 per stick is too expensive even though the meat tastes good. Actually all the dishes I like and ngam me, I would order these too.

    It was! We can get very much nicer beef or chicken ones for RM2.00-2.50 here and we thought that was a lot more expensive than the usual ones but they were very nice, value for money. These pork ones that we had here – once is enough, thank you very much.

  2. With that kind of money, I guess you can have better and nice dishes at some other places. The satay and prawn in coconut looks good but unfortunately the prawns are not fresh. So this will be your first and last time to drop by.

    Not our first time there – we used to go again and again but after we were served the pricey fish that was lo kor, we did go one more time and we thought it was not cheap – better go elsewhere, can have dishes just as nice or even nicer for a lot less.

  3. yikes! It’s sad to have to cross a place off your list, especially when you used to enjoy it in the past. here’s hoping that if you ever return here years later in the future, it’ll be back to the good ol’ days!

    No love lost – we’ve been avoiding that place for a long time now as it got more and more expensive, not all that affordable for nothing really spectacular.

  4. The prawns sure looked good and tempting.

    Look like a nice and decent place to have a nice dinner with reasonable price. Fish doesnt come cheap nowadays. We also seldom order fish when dining out.

    Looks are deceiving – I would not say that was reasonably priced especially when the prawns were not all that great and we did not get a freshly-cut coconut with all the flesh. We did not have fish – I can imagine how expensive that would be…here.

  5. The prawns in coconut must be the expensive culprit. It looks nice..
    I miss ngor bee th’ng. Last time had it from Sibu Market.

    It was so so so good before and we kept going back for more. Kinda disappointing now. As for the ngor bee th’ng, the one here wins hands down, even the not so nice one I had that day.

  6. How can anyone not like canned stew pork! such a travesty! haha.

    I was frying all my vegetables with that when I was in Kanowit, late 70’s till the early 80’s…because I did not have a fridge to store fresh meat and raw ingredients. These days, I will only fry bihun with it…once in a long while. 😀

  7. Oh dear, they recycle the coconut shell? I hope they washed it properly. Very pricey meal especially when most of the meals that you have had are quite friendly on the pocket.

    Yes, so dry and wrinkled. Wouldn’t mind paying a bit more but we were really so very disappointed as we so loved that dish once. Such a let down!

  8. Nowadays, good food are expensive. Chef must be making lots of money 🙂

    I wouldn’t know about that but as far as I could see, they were quite popular when they were at the old place…as a watering hole especially, people going there for drinks.

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