Two more weeks to go…

I mentioned in my previous post that my niece, the one working in Singapore, came home for the long Easter weekend to celebrate her father’s birthday even though the actual date would be sometime next week, two weeks to go, more or less. Well, they’re not getting another long weekend this week as the special public holiday on Monday, 24th instant, is only for Malaysia and the following weekend, another long one for Labour Day, would be past the father’s birthday already.

Initially, they wanted to go here for dinner but it was closed so they decided on this place instead. I have not been here since November last year after the dinner we had there with the somewhat most disappointing steamed lajong and the rather expensive bill.

They brought a cake…

Birthday cake from WeLove

…from this bakery, the Japanese baked cotton cheese cake that I do like quite a lot but I have stopped buying as it is getting a bit too expensive and anyway, it is not gluten-free. My niece did not get one from Marcus, our favourite as she heard that he was not well and was not sure if he is back in the game already or not. He was admitted into the same medical centre as my mum that time when she was there, some problem with his legs, I heard.

Of course my girl could not get to eat the cake nor the longevity noodles (mee sua)…

Fried mee sua with eggs

…but never mind! She could enjoy the midin (wild jungle fern) fried with belacan (dried prawn paste)…

Midin with belacan

…that was very nicely done that night, quite spicy, and the cangkuk manis fried with egg…

Cangkuk manis fried with egg

…was fine too.

I quite liked the venison curry…

Venison curry

…and the butter pork ribs…

Butter pork ribs

…were pretty nice as well.

My brother-in-law insisted on ordering the giant freshwater prawns (udang galah)…

Tua thow hay 1

…and of course, we had those…

Tua thow hay 2

…as it was his birthday and at the astronomical prices these days, we hardly ever buy our own from the market to cook and enjoy at home.

The bill came up to RM193.30, around RM70 for that plate of crustaceans, inclusive of rice and drinks, and of course, since we were here, I would not miss the opportunity to order and enjoy their ngor bee th’ng

Ngor bee th'ng

…which was, as always, very cold and refreshing.

TUNG SENG RESTAURANT (2.30367,111.849346) is located along Jalan Pahlawan, not facing the main road, behind the block of shops where Secret Recipe is and further in along that same row where this place is.

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14 thoughts on “Two more weeks to go…”

  1. RM70 for that. How many freshwater prawns were there?

    Cakes are getting ridiculously expensive these days. That is why we must learn to bake our own cakes. Easier said than done though. Haha. Baked dy, decorating it is another problem >_<

    I think they were about 7 or 8 but they’re halves…so probably 4 only. These prawns these size at the wet market would cost at least RM60 a kg and you can get around 9 of them only. Much cheaper to buy and cook one’s own, of course.

    We’re off cakes now, it’s all wheat, since my girl is on a gluten-free diet.</strong>

  2. Ngor bee th’ng! Now I want a bowl. Lol. Not easy to find in Kuching except few hawker stalls above wet markets.

    Lovely birthday dinner. Love the cake, nice oval shape.

    They sell it in that shape, oval, was around RM14.00 for the small thing the last time I bought, dunno how much now. They do have the round ones too – usually for birthday cakes they will use the round ones. Probably my niece did not want one too big so she chose this oval one.

    The ngor bee th’ng here is a sure winner. I don’t think I like any of the rest available elsewhere in town.

  3. I don’t think I’ve seen a cake quite that oval shape before. I’m a bit fussy with that Japanese cheesecakes – some I like, others I find too ‘cakey’ and not enough ‘cheesey’.

    I think they bought the oval-shaped cake, sold at the bakery without the icing…and they asked them to do it for them.

    The one here is the only one in town that I like – they have at other bakeries but no, I don’t think they’re any good. This one’s something like Uncle Miki’s, light, not really sweet and not too strong on the cheese. I don’t like it too cheesey, too rich for my liking.

  4. I don’t like it when they deep fry the eggs, i prefer them hard-boiled

    It’s a Chinese thing – red and gold being auspicious colours. I don’t mind it lightly fried but the ones here were overdone. Of course it gave the eggs a nice golden colour but it made the outer layer hard and rubbery, not so nice.

  5. All the food looks so nice. Midin fried with belacan & cangkuk manis fried eggs are both my family’s favourite. A must have when we dine out. Ngor bee tng, very refreshing dessert. Yummsss…

    Personally I am a little bored of the two but they would be gluten-free, no soy sauce or any sauces used in the cooking.

  6. Venison’s not common here. There used to be a deer farm some distance south of Perth, but I don’t know if it is still going.

    Normally, they fry with lots of ginger and dry chili and soy sauce – a very popular dish here. Most would prefer this instead of beef, cooked the same way. First time having it in curry – my mum used to cook the meat this way during my growing up years.

  7. Happy Birthday to your brother on law. Nice, can go makan-makan.

    Thanks. Yes, in fact, I do look forward to these times when my niece would come back and we would all go out for dinner together.

  8. The food looks delicious and the price is also reasonable… Nice…nice….

    It was ok, price too…considering that we had those giant prawns – less than USD50 for 6 people. You will never get anything like this at that price there, I’m sure.

  9. I am so jealous with that wild jungle fern, I miss having those

    We have three types that we eat. Dunno if any in NZ are edible – why, it is even the country’s logo/symbol.

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