Not surprised…

The other day, my girl wanted the thosai masala (RM3.50)…

Curry House thosai masala 1

here – she enjoys it a lot. Inside, there are some potatoes mixed with bits of their chicken masala from here…

Curry House choices

…and the mum wanted the same…

Curry House thosai masala 2

…so they both had that, one each.

I was drawn to what they had for their nasi campur (mixed rice), all the lovely looking curries but this time, unlike the first time we were here, I was prepared to fork out quite a bit of money when I picked these…

Curry House nasi campur, my picks 1

…to go with the rice.

The beef liver…

Curry House beef liver

…(or was it chicken?) looked so good and I had a tough time resisting the temptation to add that to my plate of rice, hardly visible already with my picks of two meat and two vegetables.

Of course, I was not surprised that the total came up to RM14.50, RM5.00 for the beautiful mutton curry (though my girl was not as impressed – she placed it third after the one here and also the one here), RM4.00 for the sotong (squid) curry, RM2.00 for the aforementioned potatoes and RM2.00 for the cangkuk manis and pumpkin…plus RM1.50 for the rice.

That sure is a lot of money for something in a regular coffee shop setting, nothing fancy, nothing grand and actually, we can get something cheaper or for around that same price or a bit more in some more comfortable, more impressive café or restaurant here…and enjoy it just as much.

Never mind! I knew that was coming so I was not in the least surprised and what mattered most as the fact that I did enjoy all that I picked. I think I scooped more of everything and luckily I was not charged double for each of the items…

Curry House nasi campur 2

– I think normally, we will not be given that much. There should be a bit more of the curries than what you can see in the snapshots but I had already started eating before I remembered that I had not taken the photograph. They looked so good, you see, so I could not wait to dive straight in.

It certainly was consoling when I shared this on Facebook and a friend in Kuala Lumpur said that it was cheap – over there, that would come up to over RM20.00. Gosh!!!!

So will we be going back there again? Well, I would say yes, we would definitely go back again for their very nice thosai masala…and perhaps, if I restrain from taking so much with my rice, beef, chicken and fish being cheaper than mutton, just one meat and vegetable, the total that I would need to pay would not be that shocking. LOL!!!

CURRY HOUSE (2.304051, 111.848937) is located along Lorong Pahlawan 7B/3, the lane heading straight towards the Sibu Bus Terminal, on the right.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

7 thoughts on “Not surprised…”

  1. ooo, i don’t see beef liver served a lot this way … mostly chicken liver only (though even that is becoming scarcer, maybe offal is not as ‘popular’ as it used to be a couple of decades ago). i’d snap up a few slices of the beef liver too 😉

    They’re everywhere but yes, mostly chicken liver but I do come across beef at a few places here. I prefer beef. Chicken is a bit too soft.

  2. Though I am not much into Indian food but your choices of food looks great & tasty. As always, when we are allowed to scoop by ourselves we will have the tendency to scoop more of everything. Over here, there is one kopitiam selling chap fan,they will scoop for you. You just have to point at the dishes you want.

    I think the Chinese ones will scoop for you. The Malay ones will just let you help yourself. They will only scoop the rice for you.

  3. Thosai masala is something I have yet to try. Could imagine the potato and curry in it. Hmm. Must have my fix of Indian cuisine soon. There is one Curry House near my place. Been there last month if not mistaken. For roti canai breakfast. Once in blue moon, my hubby would tapau its dhal when I fry some (frozen ready) roti canai at home. RM1 is quite a lot. They are generous with their dipping.

    I hear the ones here are the branches of the one in Kuching – there is one in Sibu Jaya too, equally expensive, they say. The dhal is just ok, not my favourite in town. I like it thick and rich.

  4. Unlike you, I’d have a hard time resisting the liver. Don’t get much of that here.

    My cousin in Melbourne saw the photo of the (pork) liver soup I had and she went and bought from the Chinese butcher to cook her own, only AUD3 a kg there. So so so cheap! Pork leg is cheap too. Gee!!!

  5. I could see the varieties of curry dishes over there. Usually when I go to curry house, I wouldn’t dare to take more than 2 dishes. I know that I will b charged more than RM10 if I would to take more than 2 dishes. But most importantly is the taste. As long it tasted good, at least you feel more relief paying that price.

    Yes, it was good but still, I felt it was way too expensive for something at a coffee shop, not some fancy place. Next time, I will just take the rice, a meat and a vegetable – that will be less than RM10.00, not so painful to fork out that amount. 😀

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