Stay another day…

Usually, come Sunday, we would have to send my girl back to her school in the jungle but we did not have to do that last Sunday as they had taken the following day, Easter Monday, off which meant that they got to enjoy an extra-long weekend.

We got up early that morning to go for the Easter Sunday service in church knowing that the place would be packed and if we went later, we might not be able to get a seat…and when it was all over, we dropped by here for brunch.

My girl loves the thosai

Sri Pelita thosai 1

…here and yes, it is gluten-free so she can get to enjoy that, not the roti canai, murtabak, chappati, naan and whatever else made from wheat flour. She likes the ones here a lot more than what she had here, the dips in particular, and that morning, she asked for two…

Sri Pelita thosai 2

The mum had the fried kway teow

Sri Pelita fried kway teow

…with a special request for it to be extra spicy and indeed, it was…and she loved it!

I ordered this bowl of mutton curry…

Sri Pelita mutton curry

…for my girl but she did not want it as she was quite happy with the two dips that came with her thosai so I had to eat it all myself together with my beef kampua

Sri Pelita beef kampua

I only ordered that as I was quite sure she would not be able to finish both her thosai and I would have to help her with it. The kampua was good and I loved the complimentary sup tulang (beef bone soup)…

Sri Pelita beef kampua and complimentary soup

…that came with it. True enough, my girl managed one of the thosai completely and more than half of the other piece but that wasn’t much of a problem – I finished it all in no time at all.

I don’t have the breakdown of the prices for all our orders as when I went to pay the bill, the very nice boss, Guna, simply rounded it up and collected RM15.00 from me, inclusive of drinks.

SRI PELITA CAFE (2.293579, 111.820700) is located along Lorong Kampung Datu 11, off Jalan Kampung Datu, the first shop in the block to the right of Paramount Hotel.