Ready to take the chance again…

Actually we wanted to go some place else that day but it was their off day and I asked my girl if she would like to go and try the long-grained bryani rice…

Curry House nasi bryani

…at this place close by and she said yes.

Well, the last time, which incidentally was the first, we dropped by here, we dived straight in and when it was time to leave and I went to pay for what we had, I was stunned by how much they charged. Yes, I did admit that it was my fault, not theirs as they had everything itemised in their menu and we did not bother to look at it first before ordering. I guess such a thing will not happen again as they have this huge display of their menu on the wall…

Curry House menu on the wall

…now and they also have a copy of it on every table.

Their beef curry was RM5.00, RM2.00 each for the two vegetables my missus took and RM1.50 for the rice so it all added up to RM10.50 and that is rather steep for nasi campur (mixed rice, one meat and two vegetables…plus we did not think the food was all that great – there would be others elsewhere a lot nicer and cheaper too – so it was not our intention to come back again but since my girl said she wanted to try, I thought I would let her have her chance and at the same time, we could give the place another go.

The chia teh tarek

Curry House chia teh tarek

…that she ordered was very nice which was more than what I could say about the kopi-o-peng that my missus and I had.

The mum ordered the mee goreng mamak (RM5.00)…

Curry House mee goreng mamak

…that she said, had a curry taste when she tried it the moment it was served. When she was through with it, she said it was way too salty and no, she did not think it was any good. Hmmm!!!

My girl did not like the bryani rice too…

Curry House nasi bryani set

She said the nasi Arab that she had here was very much nicer. I tried a bit of it and yes, it was very strong on those spices and the lamb shank was a disappointment too. Initially, I could not believe my eyes when I saw that it was going for only RM6.00 and when it was served, we saw that it was just a little chunk of it…

Curry House lamb shank

…not one whole lamb shank and no, they did not cook it long enough so it was not nice and tender, not at all. My girl had to wrestle with it using her fork and spoon and halfway through, she gave up!

I took over – after all, as they say, it is a sin to waste – and I thought the bryani rice tasted pretty good when mixed with the curry gravy and no, I did not have any problem at all with the meat. I just used my hand to hold it and my teeth to pull the meat off the bone. Those from polite society with all those prim and proper social graces would be shocked, I’m sure. LOL!!!

Actually, I ordered their murtabak daging (RM5.00)…

Curry House murtabak daging

…for myself to try and yes, it was very good, lots of meat inside…

Curry House murtabak daging, inside

…but I think the one I had here had an edge over this one.

They have thosai here too and I asked for the thosai masala but it never came. I saw the guy…

Curry House roti canai guy

…busy making more roti canai but no thosai was in sight. In the end, I asked for it and finally, it came (RM3.50)…

Curry House thosai masala

…and yes, it was very very nice, worth the wait, with lots of potatoes inside…

Curry House thosai masala, inside

…and I sure would want to come back here again for this, if not for anything else. I just tried a bit and let my girl finish it off since she only managed half of the nasi bryani earlier.

I wonder what else is nice here…

CURRY HOUSE (2.304051, 111.848937) is located on the right along Lorong Pahlawan 7B/3, the lane heading straight towards the Sibu Bus Terminal. This coffee shop and Kayu Manis are directly opposite, in the block of shops on the left.

Author: suituapui

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11 thoughts on “Ready to take the chance again…”

  1. Ok so murtabak and thosai is nice. Can come here for snacks next time not for main meals.

    Actually it is lagi sedap to eat briyani rice using hands. Can tarik the daging and scoop rice into mouth. The messier the better. Haha.

    My girl does that when going for banana leaf…but we do not have that here. I can’t!!! I will get my whole face covered with rice. 😀

  2. Though not much into Indian cuisine but still the murtabak daging & thosai looks great.

    I love Indian, anytime more than western or Japanese or Korean!

  3. I like the potatoes tosai.. One piece is enough for me, it is very filling….

    Yes, I had one when we went back for the second round and I had to skip lunch, so full.

  4. I like tosai too but overall, i’d prefer chapati/ naan over thosai but i’m okay with all these. Not roti canai.

    It’s the unhealthiest of the lot – the dough has to be soaked in oil overnight and more oil is used when cooking it on the hot plate. I’m not all that fond of it unless it is really very nice and has a lovely rich dhal dip to go with it. Fine with naan or thosai – my girl loves those but now, she can’t eat naan, not gluten free.

  5. Of all the roti chanai, or thosai, I like murtabak best. But can’t seem to find any as good as those I had in the past.

    So far I was never drawn to murtabak except the last one I had – went back that day but the stall was closed. I guess the guy was Indian Muslim, now it’s the fasting month. This one here was good but not as nice.

  6. Those mamak breads thosai masala and murtabak give me back a lot of memories. I love them both but my fave a the normal roti served with sambal, I also love the roti nangka and roti telur, those were my usual snack food.

    I did not see any there when I was in Auckland but then again, I did not check out the Indian or Malaysian restaurants – they probably cost a bomb there, definitely not at these prices even if it’s NZD, one to one.

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