They keep comin’…

My Bintulu cousin and her hubby were in town for the brother-in-law’s son’s wedding but unfortunately, owing to their tight schedule, we were only able to meet for a kampua mee breakfast here on one of the mornings when they were around.

The noodles were nice…

Ming Xuan Corner kampua mee

…but where was the real char siew (barbecued meat) that I had the last time I was here?

Their star attraction was their herbal soup (dong gui/當歸) and the guy did say that they had that but we could not taste anything of the sort in the complimentary soup nor was there any hint of it in the chap-chap (mixed) soup…

Ming Xuan Corner chap-chap soup

…that I also ordered to share. There were pian sip (meat dumplings), tofu puffs and some overcooked liver underneath but no, it was nothing more than just bone stock soup. I certainly would think twice about coming back here again…ever!

The only consolation was that we got to meet my cousin and her hubby and had a great time catching up with one another’s lives. She brought these…

From Alicia in Penang

…from my niece, her daughter in Penang, who was here for the wedding but left the very next day so we did not get to meet. Nonetheless, thanks a lot, Alicia – that was so very nice and sweet of you.

And no, that wasn’t all! They keep comin’, all those things that friends and family keep giving me so much so that it prompted a friend of mine on Facebook to comment, “I must say that your pantry will be full of these goodies…have you got time to finish them?” LOL!!!

My dear friend, Annie, and her twins were home for Ching Ming and no, we did not get to go out anywhere to eat – she was also very busy and had a tight schedule the whole time she was in town. With her mum on the steering wheel, they drove to Jakar for the prawn noodles and Sarikei and on the way back, they stopped by my house to pass me one very fresh black pomfret (ikan bawal hitam) from Sarikei and some sio bee (meat dumplings) from Jakar…

Jakar sio bee

– I have heard of people raving about those and how nice they are but at the point of writing, they are still in the freezer. I have yet to give them a try.

Before she left town, she dropped by my place again to pass me these…

From Annie in KL

…that she had brought all the way from KL. Aha!!! My favourite M&S All Butter Biscuits and a new one, almond, for me to try…and what perfect timing! I was down to the last of their own-made wine-infused lap cheong (Chinese sausage), slicing very thinly and using very sparingly in my cooking.

Thank you so much, Annie – I truly am blessed to have such a wonderful friend, always so kind and generous and never wanting to accept anything in return.

MING XUAN CORNER (2.312754, 111.846595) is located in the second block of shops on your right if you are turning in from Jalan Pedada at the junction after Delta Mall, heading towards Lorong Taman Seduan 8, somewhere opposite the Bread Sense Bakery outlet there, a little to the left.