Love of Siam…

Jos, the authentic Thai chef here, went back home for a week-long break the other day. I don’t know whether Mary went with him or they met in Bangkok but they came back together on the same flight as Peter, the Payung boss who also happened to go over around the same time on a holiday. What a coincidence!

The next morning, Mary messaged me asking me to drop by her restaurant to get the things that she had bought for me…

From Mary

…including these durian tarts as well…

From Jos

…while the durian cake (dodol) came from Jos. Aren’t they sweet?

Around that same time, Peter called asking me to drop by his place to collect the miang kam

Miang kam from Peter

…that he had bought for me. It cost only 60 baht…

Only 60 baht

…around RM7.50 for everything all conveniently packed in a plastic bag. I said I would drop by for lunch and eat it then and share with everybody there and yes, it was very nice – we certainly enjoyed it very much.

Peter bought these from Thailand too…

More Thai delights

– all the very spicy Thai delights and we only had to order some rice for us to enjoy these together with it.

There were also these fish balls…

Thai fish balls

…something along the same lines as the tod mun pia or Thai fish cake. I particularly liked the one with some herbs inside – Peter said that would be the limau purut (kaffir lime) leaves, cut into really fine thin strips.

That certainly was a most delightful meal – with all those goodies from Siam, the old name for Thailand, we did not have to order anything else.

Thank you so much, Peter…and Mary & Jos. That was so very sweet of all of you to remember me while you were in the Land of Smiles. I would love so much to make a trip there myself one day – hopefully, I will be able to do that…soon.

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