The leader…

Many here in Sibu would know of Ah Ling Bak Kut Teh. It started off a long time ago, probably the first in Sibu – the leader, so to speak and to this day, it is still going strong at that same coffee shop…

Leader Coffee Shop

…to the right of the back of the HSBC Building (that white one to the extreme left in the photograph). I was told that the family took over the business when Ah Ling passed away and the last time I was there, I did notice a little sign at the stall with the name “Ah Ling Bak Kut Teh” on it, otherwise, there is no way of telling that this is the one. I did not take note this time around but I guess it is still there.

Well, my girl wanted to have bak kut teh the other day and as far as I know, unlike the rest, Ah Ling’s is a little light on the soy sauce. She has been taking the very expensive gluten-free soy sauce but we reckoned that a little bit of the regular one would be fine as she is just gluten-sensitive/intolerant and not suffering from celiac disease. I heard that the Singapore version does not have soy sauce but unfortunately, we do not have that here.

When we got to the coffee shop, the mum said she would rather have the chap fan but I told her that the former people had called it a day. They were at the coffee shop opposite but when the new owners took over, they moved here but if I remember correctly, the guy was not well or something so he decided to call it quits and people were saying that the current one was not as nice. Nonetheless, she insisted on going for it and this was RM4.00…

Leader Cafe chap fan

…for one meat and two vegetables including the salted veg…

Leader Cafe salted veg

I thought everything looked quite good but no, she said it was not nice and the rice seemed to have an unpleasant smell to it so she barely finished half of what was on her plate.

Thankfully, our rice from the bak kut teh stall…

Leader Cafe rice

…was all right.

I asked for lean meat and they gave me two huge chunks of pork ribs plus the innards that I also wanted…

Leader Cafe Ah Ling bak kut teh 1

…and yes, it was very nice – not strong on the soy sauce…and peppery too which reminded me of this…

Pork innard soup Damansara Uptown

…that I had once at Damansara Uptown (though I heard that the coffee shop has since closed down). Too bad we can’t get it here, or at least, there is none that I know of – this one has no soy sauce in it, that’s for sure!

We noticed the absence of the curly green vegetables and tauhu pok (tofu puffs) in the bowl…

Leader Cafe Ah Ling bak kut teh 2

…but I think I did see some yew char koi (Chinese cruller) at the stall – I guess if you want that, you will have to pay extra for it. Of course my girl did not want the “spare parts” so in her bowl, there were only three huge chunks of the pork ribs…and the total for our two bowls came up to RM22.00. Hmmmm…it certainly doesn’t come cheap, this bak kut teh like the one I had here not too long ago.

Ah well! It’s not something that we would have every day, anyway…and we usually cook our own at home and in doing that, we will have the choice of using the gluten-free soy sauce that we have in the house or do it Singapore-style, just leave it out altogether.

LEADER CAFE/AH LING BAK KUT TEH is located in the vicinity of the Tuanku Osman shops at the end of Jalan Kai Peng, the other end if you are walking from the Jalan Kampung Nyabor side beside the HSBC Building, to the left of it.

Author: suituapui

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8 thoughts on “The leader…”

  1. I managed to try Spore BKT last year when I was in Spore. I don’t quite like it. It is just like Pepper Soup to me which I am not fond of. I still love our BKT but then again I have no problem with soy sauce that’s why I can enjoy it a lot. As for Melissa, thank goodness there is this stall that she can have her BKT fix as I am sure every other stalls out there will have a higher amount of soy sauce in their BKT.

    Yes, other bkt places here, the soup is rather dark in colour, probably a lot more soy sauce added. Even this one, I would not want her to have it too often, just this once for a long while to appease her craving. Problem is she craves for things she cannot eat, not like me – if I know I must not touch, I will not touch…like beer for fear of a gout attack.

    I do love that peppery innards soup that I had when in KL though I am not really a fan of pepper either. Too bad we do not have that here.

  2. I love the coloured plates!

    Plastic. Thank goodness the hot soup came in a claypot – I am rather wary about anything hot served in plastic plates and bowls, and melamine too. 😦

  3. I like BKT with herbal taste & kao kao (not diluted). Those peppery taste broth is also out of my list.

    Then you will love the ones my missus cooks…very kao and no pepper.

  4. Nothing worse than food which doesn’t smell good. I won’t be able to take that!

    I am sure she would not want to go for that ever again…and hopefully, next time, she’ll listen to the expert – me! Hehehehehe!!!!

    1. I always thought that BKT is dark in colour.

      I have not had ‘spare parts’ for a long time. I saw some lamb’s stomach recently. Apparently it has been cleaned. Perhaps I may buy one and experiment.

      I thought the same too until I was told the ones in Singapore are clear, no soy sauce. I still have a packet of the herbs, from Singapore, and it does state on it – soy sauce optional.

  5. As a Singaporean, I prefer the herbal/dark version instead of the peppery/clear soup ones.

    You do get the soy sauce ones too? Easy actually, can just add yourself. Pepper is good, has health benefits, don’t think the same applies to soy sauce. It has msg content too.

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