Way too early…

Yes, we did it again – showing up at a place way too early for lunch. LOL!!!

There is this bak kut teh place…

Master Lee Klang Claypot Bak Kut Teh

…among the shops behind the medical centre where my mum stayed for over a month. This restaurant used to be here but early last year, they moved to their own building in that same area a stone’s throw away. After they vacated that place, these bak kut teh people moved in and if I am not mistaken, this is one of their outlets in town – I think they have at least three or more.

I have never dropped by to try though so I would not know whether they are any good or not. My favourite so far would be the one here

(Klang) claypot bak kut teh

…(I did not take note to see but it looks like this place now has a different name from what it used to be known as before). However, when we went at around 10 something that rainy morning last week, I did not have bak kut teh in mind and in fact, I was thinking of trying the vegetarian chap fan (mixed rice) there but no, the display cabinet at the stall was still empty so we had no choice but to go for something else instead.

My missus had the pek koi (rice cake) with cangkuk manis (RM4.50)…

Pek koi with cangkuk manis

…from one of the stalls there and she said it was nice, her first time eating that fried with the vegetable.

Yes, I stuck faithfully to the bak kut teh, dry (RM11.00)…

Bak kut teh, dry

…and it came out steaming hot and yes, it was as nice as I remembered it to be, with a mild hint of belacan (dried prawn paste) and I even spotted some ikan bilis (dried anchovies)…

Ikan bilis

…in it.

Actually, one can specify what  kind of meat one wants but I did not do that and I got pork belly…

Bak kut teh, dry - pork belly

…which was fine by me, once in a while but I did think the price was a bit steep for that single serving, plus an extra RM1.30 for the rice, even though there was quite a lot and should be enough for two. With two rice, that would add up to RM13.60, RM6.80 per person which I would consider pretty reasonable but of course, you will have to find someone willing to have the same thing and share with you.

By the time we finished eating, all the dishes at the vegetarian stall were ready…like magic. They probably cooked everything at home and they only had to take everything out to display when the time came. It sure looked very nice, I must say – the slices of fish actually looked like fish! I guess that would have to wait till the next time we are in that part of town again…

(KLANG) CLAYPOT BAK KUT TEH (2.291174, 111.826318) is located along Causeway, now Jalan Sanyan, in the block of shops straight ahead if you are coming from the Sibu Town Square, along the road between the back of RH Hotel and Wisma Sanyan.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

16 thoughts on “Way too early…”

  1. I love BKT and I thought the BKT soup is the best in the world until one day I tried dry BKT and oh wow! It is even more amazing! I love how intense the flavour is compared to the soup version. These days, I’ll order both because I still like sipping the soup while eating 😀

    Same here, I like it dry. Not really a fan of bak kut teh before, will go for it once in a while but would not go out of my way for it but after trying the dry version, I do not mind enjoying it a lot more regularly.

  2. I like BKT, be it dry or soup. For soup, I prefer the broth to be of herbal taste. First time see pek koi fried with cangkuk manis & it looks nice. Yummsss!!!

    My missus said it was good, I did not try. You have bak kut teh without the herbal taste? Then it is over diluted, not quite the way it should be. Better go some place else with better quality control.

  3. I like bkt, dry and wet. Long time did not have the dry spicy version as hubby likes the soupy type. Not so crazy about the Klang bkt as their soup is stronger. I prefer milder herbal soup. ^^

    Oh? I thought bak kut teh is all about the strong herbal taste? My girl loves it with those instant noodle-like noodles but of course, she can’t eat that no more, gluten. I’m all for the dry version, bursting with flavours.

  4. I’ve only tried a handful of bak kut teh in my life. I need a guide to explain what makes a great bowl. 🙂

    I guess it must be strong on those herbs, otherwise if it is too diluted, it will be nothing more than just pork in soy sauce soup. Not for those who are not really into those Chinese herbal soups.

  5. Ikan Bilis instead of dried squid? That’s something new

    Oh? It’s supposed to be dried squid? Tasted like ikan bilis to me, crispy. Maybe the dried cuttlefish – we call it “meng ngee” in Foochow – is too expensive these days – one little piece, the good one is way over RM10.00. The ones from Sabah and maybe Langkawi and elsewhere too are not so nice, not sweet. We would not buy those to cook in our soups, hardly any taste or fragrance.

    1. Ahh yes, i meant dried cuttlefish

      The not-so-pleasant to look at ones from China, with all the white spots and everything, are the nicest – so fragrant and sweet in soups. Not the local ones, they will all pale in comparison but those are so so so expensive these days. Obviously, our local Foochow delight, the dianpianngu, switched to the local ones or worse, the fresh cuttlefish, those being cheaper, and everyone complains that it is not so nice anymore.

  6. Have not eaten BKT for quite sometimes, me cutting down on eating meat…

    Good girl! I would not look you up when I go over to Singapore then, no meat to eat! Hehehehehehe!!! But wait a minute! I saw you having dim sum that day leh? Hahhhh!!! Caught red-handed.

  7. better early than late.. the early bird catches the worm.. early to rise, early to shine. 🙂 ..

    my favourite bak kut teh style, the dry version. Yum!

    That’s how the sayings go but obviously, that is not always true.

    Yes, I only enjoy the dry version, will eat the soup ones but can’t say I am a fan and will go out of my way for it.

  8. I like the looks of the bak kut teh. Nice to have pork belly.

    The texture of the meat is different, nicer and not so hard. Of course, if the layers of fat are too thick, I would not go for it. Some roast pork can be all fat, very little meat.

  9. You and I are the opposite – I usually arrive really late for lunch, and I manage to order just before the kitchen closes for the afternoon.Heheh 🙂

    You may have a problem here looking for something to eat. There will be a few places still open but many close by noon, some even before…and even the western restaurants open at noon and close at 2 and they open again at 6 for dinner. Just two hours, they might as well stay closed.

  10. Wow.. both looks good to me.. Pek Koi and the BKT.. but I will surely take out the fats and just eat the lean.. 🙂

    If I would have to do that, I might as well not eat and would just order something else. Will save me all the trouble that will take away the enjoyment of eating, so tedious.

  11. LOL! I always do that too, arriving too early (to avoid the crowd) and end up with nothing. That dry bak kut teh looks good. I must try if I find one over here.

    I’m sure you can get that everywhere there. Here, we have to go to the true blue full-fledged bak kut teh places. If I am not wrong, there are stalls in coffee shops selling bak kut teh but only the soup ones.

  12. I wanted to see how the normal bkt would look like tho!

    You can click THIS LINK to get to the previous post – we had the “normal” one that time. I guess by that, you mean the soup ones?

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