Uptown girl…

No, Christie Brinkley wasn’t there. Neither was Claudia Schiffer, just Mandy who took us to Damansara Uptown. I quite like the place and for the uninitiated, it’s about the size of  the town centre in Sibu, maybe even a little bigger and there are more tall buildings plus all those popular outlets like Starbucks, Old Town, Baskin’ Robbins and others that cannot be found in Sibu. We went to this coffee shop there…

@ Damansara Uptown

Nope, despite the name, it has got nothing to do with the old man in Kelantan. LOL!!! We had the bak kut teh

Damansara Uptown bak kut teh

…which I found to be just right and not too strong for me. My missus loved the peppery pork intestine soup…

Damansara Uptown pork intestine soup

…but I thought it was at best, just ok. The pork soup with kway teow was very nice…

Damansara Uptown pork kway teow soup

…and according to Mandy, the way they cook it is different from that of the Penang kway teow th’ng in the island republic. We also tried the Penang char kway teow and found it to be very nice, definitely a lot nicer than what I had earlier at Jalan Alor

Damansara Uptown Penang char kway teow

There was this stall that claimed to sell “Sarawak hometown mee“…

Damansara Uptown Sarawak hometown mee stall

…so I just had to order a plate to give it a try…

Damansara Uptown Sarawak dry mee

It was very nice and a lot better than what I had at the Asia Cafe in Sunway. Though it did not taste exactly like the best kolo mee in Kuching, it came quite close and I would think that it was more like the kampua noodles in Sibu. For one thing, it never claimed to be either, so I would not have a bone to pick this time. So, if anybody is dying to know what kampua noodles taste like, just hop over and give it a try. I’m sure you’ll find it to your liking.

Unfortunately, I would not say the same about this bowl of mee sua that I had at a coffee shop along Jalan Alor though…

Jalan Alor mee sua 1

I saw some Chinese newspaper cuttings displayed at the stall, so I thought it must be quite nice. Well, firstly, it was totally different from the mee sua in Sibu served in chicken soup cooked with ginger and Foochow ang chiew (red wine) and secondly, it did not taste very nice at all. The wine was so strong that I felt intoxicated after eating it and it was VERY sweet. Besides, the soup was murky or cloudy as if the mee sua was cooked in it, not separately and drained.

Now comes the worst part! This miserable bowl of not-so-nice mee sua cost RM12.00, believe you me!!!

Jalan Alor mee sua 2

One thing’s for sure, you will never see me going there and having this ever again! Period.

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Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

24 thoughts on “Uptown girl…”

  1. wow,
    I feel hungry…
    how delicious it looks..

    Yup, the food here is pretty nice. Thanks for dropping by, jingle. Will link you in my blogroll…

  2. the bkt soup so clear like in republic and not nice at all as i like dark dark colour…hehe

    that mee sua look like instant mee sua in packet…lol

    u rich so rm12 nth for u.. 😛

    btw i dont tink i can stop by sibu later… 😦

    Oh! It’s ok…maybe I can hop over to S’pore sometime – stay with you, can save a fortune on hotel! 😀 What? RM12 for that was really not worth it! Wouldn’t mind so much if it had been delicious. Every the ingredients – tiny bits of chicken breast meat…and liver! Really disappointing! I guess it was those factory made mee sua in a packet/box…

  3. hahaha ders alot of stall that try to pass those noodles as kolo mee but end up tasting like kampua.. hehe i had a few b4… lucky me.. i prefer kampua over kolo mee anyway

    Hmmm…must be your Foochow gene! I’d rather have kolo mee anytime…but don’t mind kampua…if it’s good!

  4. where food is concerned, KL has a mixture of every state, food from penang char kway teow, JB bak kut teh, ipoh hor fun, sarawak kolok mee… and the list goes on.. whether it tastes the same or not, or better… it is up to individual.. 🙂 but kl has the best yong tau foo, i think.. the ampang one..

    I guess it has everything…but they’re all not as nice as in the places of origin. Maybe those who cannot survive…would move to KL and do their business there. My daughter and I loved the yong tau foo in Penang, never tried the Ampang one – just the one at Jalan Ipoh which was also quite nice.

  5. wah… you really jalan jalan for food. Neer heard of the shop before but since you gave the comment the food not so nice, so i won’t go there. I heard from my frien got 1 sibu kia open one shop in PJ selling kway teow tomato, fried pek kui and hun gan soup. Still searching for it but fail to locate.

    This one in Damansara Uptown is pretty good…and like kampua! You should give it a try. So far on this trip, I only went to two places outside the city…

  6. The mee suah looks terrible.. 😦 Nothing tastes better than homecooked.. LOL

    Those sold at the stalls in Sibu are also very nice – RM4.00 only. This one really sucks!!!

  7. Dearest STP,

    Thank you so much for visiting Jingle.
    I see she is here too.
    Bet she is enjoying the pictures!

    Wicked! Nice.
    You still in KUL?


    Nope. Came back on Sunday night, 1st day of Chinese New Year. Ya…jingle has been around. Hope she comes by often.

  8. How come the bak kut teh look so different…very soupy? :p

    Isn’t bak kut teh soupy? The only difference would be in the strength of the herbal ingredients – I don’t like it too strong. I hear they have dry ones at certain places but I’ve never tried those… The ones in Malacca dry kah?

  9. eii…those self -proclaimed sarawak mee is every where ehhhh….

    What i will miss the most about KL food will be something similar to that pork soup with Kuey teow. There was this stall at my ex-company which served the best pork mee. That is an obsession for me.

    OMG….that “Bee hoon” or “tang Hoon” for bloody RM12 ?????what is it inside just chicken ?…i guess the Cantonese version is synonym with “yellow” wine which is rather sweet…i still prefer our home grown foo chow red wine…lol

    It was mee sua all right but the wine was strong and intoxicating…and the worst part was it was sweet. Didn’t taste good at all. I liked the pork mee…but it’s not something that I would go out of my way to have. I think I can cook that myself…if only I had the nice kway teow that they have over that side.

  10. Oh boy, the peril of overpriced mee sua is really something to look out for in KL. I once paid the same for a bowl and trust me, whatever you ordered would taste way better than the one I got. It looked and tasted exactly like mee sua in clear hot water … bland and icky..

    This one’s not bland…very sweet and very strong with the wine! Very peculiar taste – and definitely not one that I would grow to like!

  11. Only bits of chicken breast and liver and cost RM12?! Must be mad leh! For RM12, they should use only local chicken. At least one BIG piece of chicken, one egg, mushroom and no liver! I better open one stall soon in KL. LOL.

    Ya…you should! You’ll be rich in no time at all. Here in Sibu, we get at least two huge chunks of chicken, one hardboiled egg and one shitake mushroom with the mee sua in delicious chicken soup with red wine – only RM4.00…and it tastes SOOOO good. This one is really yucky!!! Even at RM4.00, I would not want to go and eat a second time.

  12. I am a fan of the Pork Intestine soup…soooo yummy.But kinda hard to find good ones. 😦

    It’s peppery – that was why I was not crazy over it. I don’t like pepper – so no black pepper sauce or gravy for me in any dish.

  13. U sure like noodles type food~ Most of ur food post have noodles in it. Char Kway Teow is the food tat capture the hearts of many foreigners in SG too^^

    Well…here, it’s either noodles or rice especially when it’s hawker food – nice and cheap…most of the time!

  14. my goodness, more foodie pics..love them:-)

    You do? Many people overseas avoid my blog like a plague as they cannot stand the torture – looking at all the food. LOL!!!

  15. ok la since you say that the Sarawak Hometown mee is quite good, I can go give it a try.

    Ya…go ahead! Then you’ll have some idea as to what Sibu Foochow kampua noodles taste like!

  16. Oh, so that was the mee sua you were talking about this afternoon. Nay, if I were you I won’t bother to even order it lar. RM12 can order 3 bowls of authentic Foochow mee sua here, WITH poached egg summore. The one in the pic fried wan…eeeeeee….ngam meh the taste 😛 I so bad pandai criticized only 😀

    It would have been nice if they had used the right type of wine – Foochow red wine. My missus sometimes cook mee sua with fried egg plus ginger and red wine soup like that. I’m not crazy over it…but it isn’t too bad. Definitely not as bad as this…

  17. now in sinkapork i even slp on couch n whre u wana slp ler unless in toilet… 😛

    The couch big enough for me or not? Then I sleep there…and you can sleep in the toilet. I’m sure you enuf friend bah! Hahahahaha!!!! 😀

  18. Ok, will take note on that Sarawak noodles, must try out one day.

    You know what, the “chinese red wine” here in KL is sweet type? When i first try it i cannot accept it, that’s why during my confinement, my red wine is all “imported” from SIBU, all the way from SIBU. hahahahahahahahahaha, so you can imagine how many chinese red wines i imported.

    Ah! Must be similar to red wine from Kuching. My friend gave me a bottle- said good for cooking “kacang ma”. Very different from our Foochow red wine! But for “kacang ma”, I would prefer to have the original white wine…

  19. Mang Chuan Nik at Damansara Uptown… where exactly about har?! What’s the landmark of this coffee shops? Does it somewhere near 1 utama?! Will definitely go for a try whenever I drop by Damansara! Thank you so much!^-^

    Don’t ask me! I just know it’s an area by itself…bigger than Sibu town centre…with all the makan places. Mandy, my fried, took me there… I just followed.

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