Hey mama…

All this while, I was thinking that the name of this place here…

KONG Ma Ma cafe, Sibu

…has got something to do with grandpa (Ah Kong) and grandma (Ma Ma). Well, in my post the other day, I was asking around to see if anyone knew where the beef noodles people had moved to and I got a response from my friend, Julia, in Perth. She told me on Facebook that she heard from her cousin that they had moved to Jiang Ma Ma in the Delta Estate area. Oh? I do know that Jiang is Kong in Chinese/Mandarin so does the name of the place actually mean grandma surnamed Jiang or Kong? Anybody?

Yes, I did hear that somebody has taken over the place and all the people at the stalls are new except the Malay lady who has been there for as long as I could remember…and since this is on the way to my parents’ house, we stopped by the other morning to have a look.

Yes, the beef noodles stall is there, all the way at the back in a really obscure corner. If I remember correctly, that is right in front of the washrooms. I did not see anyone eating the noodles unlike at the previous location where it seemed to be so very popular. Well, it was a hot morning as usual – it has been hot here for a while now – so I did not feel like anything soupy and served steaming hot so I opted for something else. Maybe when my girl is home for the weekend, we may drop by again and perhaps she would want to have this as she likes it a lot.

They have moved the Malay lady’s stall to the section on the right and there is a roti canai stall right beside it. Both were enjoying really good business when we were there at around 9 something – the place was crowded and I heard the lady at the roti canai stall telling a customer that she had run out so there would not be anymore available for the day. Good grief! So early!!!

I ordered the Malay lady’s mee goreng (fried noodles) special (RM5.00)…

KONG Ma Ma mee goreng special, egg

…and it came with one very nicely-fried egg, just the way I would like it, and a generous serving of fried chicken, breast…

KONG Ma Ma mee goreng special, fried chicken

…and I spotted quite a lot of tiny prawns…

KONG Ma Ma mee goreng special, prawn

…in the noodles too. I wonder how they peel those, they are so very tiny – it must be so tedious and such a chore.

Well, I sure enjoyed it…

KONG Ma Ma mee goreng special

…very much and I would say that this is one of the better places in town if you’re thinking of having something fried, Malay-style – noodles, kway teow, bihun…or even fried rice…and parking here is usually not a problem and it is free! The only thing is that the coffee shop tends to be rather crowded most of the time.

My missus had their Foochow fried mee, wet (RM3.50)…

KONG Ma Ma Foochow fried mee, wet

…and I did go and have a look to see whether it was that same guy that I spotted smoking the last time we were here – he had a cigarette in his mouth – while cooking but no, there are some new people now and they are occupying the original chu char place, not where the guy was, right in front of the toilets (where the beef noodles stall is now).

It was a little cheaper than elsewhere (RM3.80 or RM4.00) and yes, I could see the meat and the green veg – usually, one would be hard-pressed to see those ingredients…

KONG Ma Ma Foochow fried noodles

…among the noodles but my missus said that it was just all right, the serving was huge – there were lots of noodles and there was no msg overload but it lacked the much coveted wok hei fragrance so she was not very impressed by it.

I saw one stall selling “creamy laksa” with lots of cans of evaporated milk on the counter. I wonder if that is any good. Well, I am pretty sure that we would be back soon enough, probably for the beef noodles or something else. We’ll see…

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

16 thoughts on “Hey mama…”

  1. The grandma’s surname is Kong. Haha. There is one shop in my area called “Grandpapa Mo”. I have not gone there to try; not many people eat there so not sure good or not.

    I love your fried noodle. So so good and generous.

    RM5.00 wor, not cheap but at least, it was nice. Interesting names, some of these places. If not many people, sure I would not want to go – most likely, not nice.

  2. The Malay lady is my youngest daughter’s classmate’s mother. We like her mee goreng, too.

    She’s very popular. Been around for a long time now, as laku as ever! Nice and friendly too!

  3. 江 is read as ‘jiang’ in Chinese, it’s a surname, which is ‘Kong’ in English. 妈妈means mum & that explains the ‘Ma Ma’ but who knows she might be as old as a granny 😂

    Ok, thanks. So it’s mum…ma ma and not granny ma ma, different intonation. Mandarin can be quite complicated, the high and the low and everything…like lao tze can be teacher or snake, right? Muahahahahaha!!!! 😀

  4. Laksa with evaporated milk? I’ve noticed in Singapore some modern variations to traditional dishes. Not sure if I like it, I guess I’m too much of an old fogey.

    I like evaporated milk in my curry – I like the taste and for one thing, it does not go bad so easily. Santan in our tropical heat may go bad by evening if we do not keep the curry in the fridge and reheat it for dinner. They have evaporated milk in fish head noodles in KL too, quite nice. I like it…but laksa, I really wonder what it will taste like if for real, the guy uses evaporated milk.

  5. Very wallet-friendly prices … Thumbs up to them for striking a nice balance in being able to keep prices reasonable and being able to serve customers a fair bit of goodies in each plate 😉

    It’s a coffee shop and for coffee shop prices, RM5 is a little on the high side. They should keep it at RM4.50 or RM4.80 and give less of the fried chicken. Somehow a round figure seems to make all the difference.

  6. Both plates of noodles looks equally good to me but one thing I don’t like chicken breast meat, kind of hard when deep fried.

    That is supposed to be healthy – the most expensive part of the chicken, if you live overseas. I don’t mind, deep fried, roast or cooked in sauce or stew…but in soup, it does not taste as nice as the other parts, not to mention the difference in texture.

  7. I prefer the mee goreng, hehe…

    This place no menu but there are pictures at the stall, you can point…and my guess is she can speak English, most of us, older ones, here do.

  8. The name of the shop reminds me of my Kong-Kong and Mah-Mah. Kind of sad that both of them are no longer around sobs… The Malay Mee Goreng sure looks delicious. Very nice fried egg too.

    She uses a wok, not a flat pan – just the way I like it, the traditional way!

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