My name is…

After all our discussion regarding the name of this place, the new owners have decided to change it to…

Happiness Cafe Sibu

…and now the question arises as to whether it is in any way connected to this one in the town centre. Well, I have not been to that part of town for a long time now so I am not sure whether the latter is still there or not.

Anyway, we decided to drop by here again on Sunday morning as that night, at our Thai fusion dinner, one of the ladies said that what she had at this stall…

Creamy laksa stall

…was very nice but unfortunately, when we got there, they had run out and were closing for the day even though it was just around noon. Ah well!!! I guess we would just have to try our luck again another day then.

In the meantime, my girl and the mum decided to order the beef noodles (RM6.00)…

Happiness Cafe beef noodles 1

…that we heard had moved from here and we did go a few times when the stall was there and we liked the noodles a lot. The people running the stall looked different so we asked the lady who served us and she said the stall that we used to patronise was a branch of theirs and they had some employees running the business  there but there were a lot of complaints regarding the quality control of what was served so they decided to terminate that one and stick to just this one that they are manning themselves.

Yes, the beef noodles…

Happiness Cafe beef noodles 2

…were as nice as ever and for sure, we would be coming back for more.

There were some new stalls that I did not think were there the previous time we were here. I ordered this (RM2.50)…

Happiness Cafe toast 1

…to try – I can’t remember exactly but I think they named it “Happiness Toast” and I sure was happy that the egg was perfectly done and the yolk, that seemed bigger than usual, was runny…

Happiness Toast 2

…and oozed out beautifully once poked. However, if we deduct RM1.00 for the egg, RM1.50 for that piece of toast with a square cut out in the middle and margarine all along the sides is, in my honest opinion, a little bit pricey and I sure would think twice about having it again. It probably wouldn’t be so bad if they had used real butter (not those so-called butter spreads or lepa susu) or if they had used French toast instead.

I also ordered these (6 for RM6.00)…

Happiness Cafe chive dumplings

…from that same stall and it turned out to be mostly chives and a little cabbage inside and it did not matter at all that there was hardly any meat inside, if at all, as the two ladies enjoyed them…

Happiness Cafe chive dumpling

…very much and at RM1.00 each, I thought that was pretty reasonable. I wanted to order their sio bee (meat dumplings), selling for 90 sen each, but they were all sold out.

Then, I noticed another stall that was probably new as well so I went to have a look. It turned out to be the couple who used to run a kampua noodles and Sarawak laksa stall at a coffee shop right across the road from the school where I was teaching before I retired. Some said theirs were the best in town and indeed, I would say I enjoyed what they dished out a lot even though theirs were a little more expensive than elsewhere. Eventually, they moved to another coffee shop in the town centre so I did not get to enjoy anything from them again after that until I met them again, this time at a coffee shop in Sungai Merah, and now, they’re here selling rojak and a whole lot of other stuff including this jiuhu eng chai/sotong kangkong (RM8.00, medium)…

Happiness Cafe jiuhu eng chai 1

Yes, it was very nice…and I enjoyed the yam and sweet potato fritters…

Sweet potato fritters

…that they had in it and I so loved the sweet and a little sourish (probably from the use of calamansi lime juice) sauce that was like what we used to have in my younger days except that at that time, it was served in a little bowl and we would have to dip everything in it one by one…and without fail, we would go back to ask for more as it would always run out before we had finished eating all that was in the plate. At most places here these days, they would usually have something like the regular rojak sauce for their sotong kangkong and of course, there is a world of difference between the two. I would love it a little spicy though so the next time I have this, I would surely ask them if they could add a bit of chili to it.

Well, I did go back the very next day to tapao the laksa home…and yes, it was quite nice, more or less like the regular laksa but a little creamier (lemak) than most perhaps, though I thought they could have sieved the broth a little bit more as I could feel the powdery remnants of the sambal in it…and I did not really like the belacan used – I did not think it was the very nice Bintulu ones. Personally, I still prefer the ones here or here.

All in all, considering its convenient location plus parking around there is free, we certainly would be dropping by again for some of the things we have enjoyed around here or hopefully, we will get to try something else the next time around.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

31 thoughts on “My name is…”

  1. Toast! And I like the yam and sweet potatoes they add in the rojak.

    My, this place has good food to offer

    Yes, some pretty good stuff now – not like before. The original owners had some good stalls…but they kept closing down, replaced by some not nice ones – dunno why…and even when some other people took over, nothing really nice, and now, they have new owners again, I heard. Strange. Only the Malay lady has been there right from the start, very popular, lots of people ordering from her stall.

  2. There is one cafe in Kuching called Double Happiness Cafe. I have not been there; always so packed in the morning!!

    Oh? Haven’t heard of that one. Double Happiness sounds like a Chinese wedding. 😀 Here, there’s Happy Hours at Rejang Park. You know that one!

  3. The beef noodles looks extremely good with the generous amount of beef. Happiness toast, too pricey. Love the rojak with yam & potato fritters too. Yummsss!!!!

    My sentiments exactly, regarding the toast – nothing special for that amount of money. I wouldn’t want to order that again.

  4. Beef noodles look great! We hardly find beef noodles here as most people (chinese) don’t eat due to religious problem

    Oh? But you have lots of beef satay, beef curry and steaks. Maybe it does not go down to well with the Chinese community or for that matter, the Indian as well, because of the religion – yes, com eto think of it, I never did see any beef noodles anywhere in Penang. More easily found in KL and they do have some nice ones at a few places there.

  5. Aiyakkk !! Creamy laksa stall closed? Sigh.. I really want to see how does the creamy laksa look like..

    Nothing to see, nothing like what is in the photo display at the stall. Looks like any other bowl of laksa, maybe not as nice as the broth is a little more pale, maybe with the extra santan added.

  6. Love the look of the beef noodles; but I guess I’ll have to wait for your review of the creamy laksa, which has aroused my interest.

    Yes, I did go and buy and try, 2nd last paragraph. Didn’t take any photo as it would not look nice but no, it wasn’t anything a lot special or different, probably just a little bit more santan than usual.

    1. Oh yes you did. Sorry, I must have skimmed over that paragraph towards the end.

      Actually that was a last minute addition – I went back the next day to buy and try at home before we sent my girl back into the jungle and since it was nothing really special or great, I decided to slip that paragraph in instead of blogging about it separately. Don’t think we’ll have it again the next time we go back there.

  7. The beef noodles sure look good, lots of meat. The creamy laksa is it Sarawak Laksa? I finally tried the paste you sent me. I enjoyed the laksa very much!

    You’ve tried? You liked it? Good, good!!!

    Yes, it’s Sarawak laksa…with a bit more santan so it is creamier than the regular ones, not really to my liking but it seems Sibu people love their laksa this way – something like a cross between Sarawak laksa and curry laksa.

    And yes, the beef noodles here were as good as what we enjoyed at that other place – glad that we managed to locate it – was wondering where that one had disappeared to.

  8. Although i have taken my lunch, the beef noodle makes me hungry…

    Go, go…eat something for afternoon tea. Hehehehehe!!!!

  9. That beef noodle looks like a great deal for that price

    Not cheap, RM6.00 but worth it…especially when beef is not easily available here and is very very expensive.

  10. I swear that the beef noodle is by far the most appealing one I have ever come across! Gotta try it out!

    The one at YummyKafe was very nice when it started but everyone is complaining that the quality has gone down. This one is nice.

  11. The rojak certainly has me drooling …. yam and sweet potatoes are my favourite!!

    It’s sotong kangkong or what we call in Hokkien jiuhu eng chai, not rojak.

  12. It’s been forever and a day since my last visit! So Sorry! I have some catching up to do! LOL 🙂 As for this specific place – gotta LOVE the name ‘Happiness’ in the name!

    Hello!!! It sure has been a while. Welcome back! Gotta hop over to your blog as well, and Opal’s as well. Haven’t been doing that too.

  13. At first glance, that Happiness Toast certainly looks like it lives up to its name! But ya, I’d prefer if they substituted the margarine too … Remember back in the 80s when we were all led to believe that margarine was a significantly healthier choice than butter? Times have changed! 😉

    Yes, we have been led to believe in a lot of things that do not seem all that true anymore. Everything in moderation, that is the way to go.

  14. It sounds a little like Good Happiness but then a lot of coffee shops and restaurant like to call themselves something Happiness or have happiness in their name anyway so it’s no big deal.

    I like the beef noodles here too. Awesome stuff.

    BTW, did you change your comment system? I notice I can’t comment unless I log in on Facebook. Weird, then the comments I made last time didn’t go through.

    Nope, dunno what wordpress is up to. Some people can’t even log in, even myself when using google chrome and the rest. Now I am using Avast SafeZone – a little slow but it’s the only one that works. 😦

    The beef noodles are good, can give it a try the next time you come back. Dunno why they had to change the name – any name will do as long as the food is good.

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