Be patient…

Yes, I do know for a fact that patience is indeed a virtue and if you are one cool individual, very patient no matter under  what circumstances, you are most likely to live a very long life, unlike me – impatient, temperamental and never one to be made to wait for anything for too long.

I just cannot understand why this place is always so crowded that it is hard to find a place to park the car and even harder to find a table. I don’t think there is anything that nice – yes, the beef noodles are pretty good and the stuff from the Malay stall is not too bad but then again, one can get something just as nice or maybe even nicer without having to join the rampage. Maybe it is the feng shui, I wouldn’t know.

The stall selling the nice jiuhu eng chai/sotong kangkong stall is no longer around – there is a FOR RENT sign on it and I did mention before that there was a roti canai stall that seemed to be doing very well so I went and ordered one (RM1.20)…

Happiness Cafe roti canai

…to try. Yes, it was nice, very thin and a bit crispy, served with curry gravy but no, I would not say this is THE one.

Thankfully, it was served very fast and my missus’ order – yes, you’re right, she wanted the Foochow fried noodles (RM3.50)…

Happiness Cafe Foochow fried noodles

…came soon after.

My patience was already wearing thin while waiting for our drinks and I badly needed one while eating the roti canai but they sure took a long long time before they finally came – our kopi-o-peng (iced black coffee) – after I had finished eating the roti canai and thankfully, they do it quite well here so it did not aggravate the burning of the short fuse, so to speak.

My missus had finished eating her noodles and still, there was no sign of mine. After what seemed like forever, I marched to the stall to ask and declared in no uncertain terms that I was leaving so they could just forget about my order. The lady said she was just going to get down to frying mine and I would be served very quickly.

FINALLY, it came – my mee goreng (fried noodles, Malay style) special (RM5.00)…and no, I am not going to say a thing about the fried egg…

Happiness Cafe mee goreng special, fried egg

…nor the fried chicken, breast…

Happiness Cafe mee goreng special, chciken

…but to give credit where it is due, the mee tasted all right. However, if they think I would want to endure the torture of sitting in the midst of the rowdy crowd in the hot and stuffy coffee shop, they’d better think again…for no, I do not have the patience of a saint to ever want to go through all that again…and if ever I have the displeasure of having to drop by here anytime in the future, for some reason or other, I certainly would not want to order anything from one stall in particular, that’s for sure..

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

9 thoughts on “Be patient…”

  1. My mum would not hesitate to walk out of the eatery without uttering a word to the vendor. I don’t do it too often because I would usually buried my head in the newspaper or these days, my phone. No, I am not on social media, heaven forbid!

    I would have walked out had I been alone…or waited quietly had my girl been with me – she does not like me kicking up a fuss. It would have been a lot worse had it not been for the roti canai as I spent half of the waiting time eating that, would have felt much longer if I did not have that.

  2. Patience???…that reminds me of Noodle Descendants in Kuching but still a lot of people are willing to queue up. No matter how patient one is, there is always a limit. Oh my, the fried egg????….Was wondering which particular stall for any reason is out of your list, hahaha…

    I went to Noodle Descendants, waited for around 30-45 minutes but I had a friend with me so we spent the time chatting, not so bad…and that place, you’re expected to wait. At least the place was not so crowded when I went and not so noisy and stuffy but still, I would not want to go again. After all, it is not that good and I can go to Kim Joo and have the same or something even nicer, with more pleasant people all around, minus the wait. Yes, the fried egg, indeed!

  3. Me too. I could not stand waiting patiently in stuffy coffee shop with my 3 hungry and restless kids. The kids make me more impatient than the late serving actually! Lol.

    The fried noodle looked fine to me but I would prefer other part of the chicken than breast.

    Yes, you sure have a handful. My head will start spinning if I had three kids in tow like that – you’re a saint! 😀 I don’t mind the chicken, breast is fine even though it was a bit too dry but the egg!!! I have this thing about any place where the egg is badly done. Tsk! Tsk!

  4. there’s also this one place in kch serving mee kolok. Really have to be patient if u want it. sometimes need to wait for 2 3 hours depends if its peak hour or not. half an hour the fastest. but i really don’t have that much time to spend waiting for 1 mee kolok. hahaha… now i miss the roti canai

    Yes, Noodle Descendants, now in Padungan, and they blatantly display a newspaper article headlined, “Worth its wait in gold!” I beg to disagree. Once, never again.

  5. It sounds as if there was no air conditioning? 😦

    Not at the regular coffee shops here – the franchise places and the more upscale cafes and restaurants here would have air conditioning but of course, you would need to fork out more to eat at those supposedly classier places.

  6. I dislike crowded and noisy places myself, no matter how good their reputation. And if parking’s going to be a problem, count me out!

    Maybe it is because we are old and cranky. The young and trendy seem perfectly ok with such things, even if they have to stand in long queues outside a shop or at a hawker stall…in the hot sun! Over my dead body! Ain’t so bad if it is where you are, nice cool weather but here!!! Absolutely ridiculous! I’d come down with heat stroke in the end.

  7. Hey, but despite your impatience, you do seem to be living a long and healthy and happy life. I’m pretty patient, cos I think it keeps me calm and sane 😉

    Happy, I guess so. Healthy, ummmmmm….and long, well, I’m not that old…yet! 😀 But sometimes I do think it is good to just let hell break loose, let off steam – it’s kind of therapeutic rather than keep everything bottled up inside like a walking time bomb.

  8. Me is depend on mood, if mood not so good, i will get grumpy…

    Scary. Hope I will not catch you in a bad mood. Hehehehehe!!!!

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