Eternal flame…

This place is very new – in fact, it does not seem to have a sign up yet, probably because it just has had its soft opening only, not quite in full swing, and if not for the name on the “opening soon” banner…

Eternal Dining Sibu

…one would not see it and know this is the place.

My friend, Julia, was back in Sibu from Perth, Australia and as always, every time she comes home, we would go out for dinner and since she said she did not mind western or whatever cuisine, we agreed to meet here and give this place a try.

While I was taking the above snapshot, a lady walked out of the place, heading towards the shopping complex next door. She smiled and asked if I was there for dinner and I said yes, and went on to ask her if the dining section was upstairs seeing that there was a bar on the ground floor. She said that I could go to the upper floor or go through the bar to the section on the left. Of course, going up the stairs is out of the question so I chose the latter.

Once we were seated, a nice Indian man approached our table and made some suggestions as to what we could order. I asked and he said he was originally from Taiping, Perak but spent most of his life in Ipoh, Penang or Kuala Lumpur and he had been recruited to “carry out the training” here at this point in time so he would not be around permanently.

He recommended the pork chop and sausage platter, small (RM45.00)…

Eternal Dining pork chop and sausage 1

…and I asked if they made the sausages themselves but he said no, they were imported German sausages…

Etarnal Dining pork chop and sausage 2

…and of course, I wanted that.

Now, that is what I would call a pork chop – very well-chopped or clobbered using the spiky meat tenderiser hammer unlike what I have had elsewhere where the chops are not pulverised and can be really tough at times. It was very nice especially with the very delightful gravy that came by the side (though I thought they could have wiped the side of that little bowl before serving). As for the sausage, it was very strong on the herbs but after the initial few bites and getting used to the fragrance, I would say I enjoyed it as well. The mashed potatoes underneath were very nicely done and I loved the broccoli and the corn on the cob but not the cauliflower – I never buy the ones here as they are bland, absolutely tasteless and do not have that very nice cauliflower fragrance, so nice that I could just eat it, boiled with just a pinch of salt, on its own.

They certainly were very generous with the serving and that dish alone would have been more than enough for the two of us. I think it is good for 3, or perhaps 4 even but the man suggested a pasta dish to go with it and said that we should try their specialty with fresh prawns and pork (RM32.00)…

Eternal Dining prawn & pork pasta

Again, the portion was big enough for 2 or 3 persons and yes, it was very good too. The pasta was very flavourful and a bit spicy, probably with the addition of chili flakes and the roast pork…

Eternal Dining roast pork

…was so good – not quite the same as the ones at the Chinese places and personally, I thought this one had an edge over all the rest that we can get here.

As for the grilled freshwater prawns…

Eternal Dining grilled prawns

…these huge ones would set one back by around RM55 a kilo at the wet market and one would not get all that many. They were all right but eating the head was out of the question as they did not remove the sac and the black stuff…

Not cleaned

…inside. I would always remove that when I de-vein the prawns as it has an unpleasant bitter taste but I guess you can’t remove it if you want to keep the heads whole for a more impressive presentation.

So based on our two orders, I would say that the food was really great and the service was prompt and efficient. Julia kept insisting that they probably knew that I was a blogger as she did not see the man going to talk to any of the customers at the other tables. Hmmm…I wonder if it was so. Iced water with two slices of lime in each glass was RM2.00 each…and poor Julia seemed to attract a lot of mosquitoes while we were there. I was left in peace all night though probably because my old skin is tough and hard and not to their liking. LOL!!! However, I was quite annoyed that there was a fly fluttering around and my guess was that these pesky insects could come over because of the open bar on the other side.

In-house music was all right, not too loud – mainly retro oldies like Chicago’s Hard to say I’m sorry for one, nothing that would create a pleasant ambiance and put me in a feel-good mood. The place was brightly-lit, great for photo-taking but I did wish they did not put the huge Γ  la 7-Eleven kind of fridge in the open at the back – the lines of beer bottles were fine but the not-so-nicely-arranged boxes of fruits, probably for the fresh juices, and whatever else inside…

Eternal dining

…were such an eyesore. There was a wooden staircase by the side, at the back as well, leading up to a platform and I could see all the carton boxes dumped on top like it was some kind of attic used as a storeroom and that too was not a welcome sight. Probably a couple of bamboo blinds up in front of the platform would do the trick and keep everything out of sight.

Other than the aforementioned, I was wishing at times that they would station their waiting staff at strategic places and not leave them to their own devices, walking around doing their own things and talking among themselves and what not…but at least, I did not see any fiddling with their smartphones like one that I saw at one place here. I also noticed that one of the plates were chipped – for a classy place, that is a no-no and considering that the plates are big and heavy, they should tell their workers to be a lot more careful when handling them.Β Well, they’ve only just begun so hopefully, they would manage things a little better and make sure that everything is of that same high standard as the delightful dishes served.

Thank you so much, Julia, for the scrumptious dinner treat and also for the goodies you brought home from Australia…

Goodies from Oz from Julia

…for me. That is so very sweet of you, as always and I sure look forward to the next time you come back to town. Take care there, God bless and all good wishes in your current undertakings. Cheers!!!

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

21 thoughts on “Eternal flame…”

  1. ooo, looks like this new restaurant has plenty of potential … don’t often see roast pork and prawns on the same platter … and based on their fb page, you’d be able to enjoy a nice glass of wine to pair with their sausages πŸ™‚

    It’s their own house pasta, I think that’s what they call it so I guess it’s probably their own creation. Very nice, different from the usual. Too bad I don’t drink anymore.

  2. Am not really into Western food but the german sausage look attempting, very juicy looking and boy, I the prawn too. Like Korean/Japanese cuisine, this Western food doesn’t come cheap too.

    Quite ok here, if sharing and most importantly, what they dish out is very nice and nothing like those run-off-the-mill kind of western joints.

    I just came back from the market – stocking up these prawns for Chinese New Year and roundabout this size, RM50 a kg…RM60 for those a little bigger.

  3. Haha. One of my favourite songs by Bangles. Or I could say, the only song I know from Bangles. ^^

    The food looked good. Pork is their specialty? Reminded me of a place here in Kuching serving such specialty. Big portion! Eat till I want to puke. Over-stuffed. Lol.

    There is “Manic Monday” too but no, I do not sing that at karaoke, just this one. Hehehehehe!!!!

    No, it’s not a pork place – you can have beef, lamb, chicken, whatever. Will certainly go back and try some of the others on their extensive menu.

  4. The food looks delicious .

    Very nice but not cheap but considering the huge portion, if you order and share, it isn’t too bad actually. 1 dish enough for 2 or 3, at least.

  5. I spy fig jam! My grandma used to make the best fig jam from figs from a tree just down the road from her house.

    According to my friend, she said that she went to the farm and got that there – Margaret River, in Western Australia. Yet to open and try.

  6. Everything looks good but the portion may be a little small for me, not too sure about you though πŸ˜›

    Wowwwww!!! You eat so much? We were actually struggling to finish and both of us agreed that we should have just ordered one of the two – would be just nice for the two of us. Anyway, you do not eat pork so this is not the place for you.

  7. So i checked the signage and yeah, there’s even none! the sausage actually crept me out but man! i love the meat and prawn there! i wanna try that one too! damn!

    I love German sausages – they’re so HUGE πŸ˜€ and very very nice! Not like our cheap frozen ones at our supermarkets, like rubber. And I love German trotters too – I think they have that on their menu – hope to try that one of these days but I will need a few people to tag along and share. Can’t possibly handle one on my own.

  8. It seems no new eateries can escape your sight now … Lol. I like the big grilled prawns and … Oooh… German sausages!! Order a nice cold beer and it’s heavenly !!

    You drink? Unfortunately, I’m off the bottle now…but yes, that would be a great combination.

    Not really, there are many new eateries popping up here, there and everywhere now – some do not seem all that appealling so I do not bother to go and check them out. Here, they never invite bloggers to go to their promo event. You want to come and try, you pay like everybody else. 😦

  9. All the foods looks good… If for me to eat, sure very filling after finishing it…

    Will have to share, portions are really huge here.

  10. Big portions? No problemo hee..hee… πŸ˜€ The pork chop and sausage would be my pick too.

    Big eater, are you? Not me, not anymore. Old age, I guess…so I would have to share. 😦

  11. Wow… congratulations on your new template!! Yes, nice to have a change after all these years using the old one.. I must start thinking of a new one too.. new look for 2016! And the food is so fantastic… I love all the food there…

    Yes, grown rather tired of the old one, picked this grey one for a change – 50 shades of grey…hehehehehehe!!!!!

    Yes, food’s great here, sure is worth dropping by.

  12. Food looks very good and tempting. However, I not only learn about new foods from you but also new songs! I listened to the two songs mentioned and found I know the tunes but have never learnt the titles or players’ names.

    I do know people like you – they know the songs but they do not know the titles or singers. I am all into songs, nice ones, so I would know. In my younger days, I would copy and even learn the lyrics by heart but ever since karaoke, I never bother anymore so I do not know the words to any song completely anymore…or maybe at my age, my memory bank isn’t all that good already. 😦

  13. Those sausages indeed look like authentic, I had several of those when I visited Germany last year and they look the same I bet they tasted the same too!

    Very strong on those herbs that they use in western cooking a lot, definitely a lot nicer than our cheap factory-produced ones sold at our supermarkets, rubbery and not much different from SPAM. I would never buy those. 😦

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