My friend, an ex-blogger, Victor, has ventured into a little business of his own, The Green House (2.292349,111.835173)…

The Green House, Sibu

…in the area of shops behind the Rejang Medical Centre in the same block as Kopitiam Fantasy, just a few doors away, facing the shops on the other side where this supermarket is located. He did invite me to his grand opening but that Friday, I had to go and get my girl from her school so I was not around at the time.

Well, if anyone is interested, these are his opening days and hours and his telephone contact as well…

Opening days & hours and telephone

That day, after our early lunch, we decided to drop by to have a look around and I must say we found it very interesting and we were indeed quite impressed by it all. There were many kinds of plants for sale…

Plants for sale

…and my missus bought one of those little Christmas trees (bottom right)…

More plants for sale

I don’t know what variety those are but it seems to follow the source of sunlight so when we place it on the table in the house, after some time, we will find it leaning towards the window. I heard my girl and the mum saying that it had a nice smell but you would have to break the leaf to detect that and I certainly would not want to do that. Victor said it had some kind of insect repellent smell and that made me wonder if it could do that, keep away insects.

We did not buy any of these air plants…

Air plants

– I think that is what they are called. You do not need to grow them in soil so that is why you may place them on some dry or dead wood like that. That sure looks very nice, don’t you think?

You will also see all kinds of nice, cute stuff…

Nice & cute 1

…at the shop…

Nice & cute 2

…and in conjunction with the school holidays right now, there is a special 10% discount for students…

School holidays promotion

…and they can drop by the shop to create their own terrarium…


They have the DIY kit for that…

DIY kit

…and of course, one would be able to purchase any of the stuff available at the shop to bring it to a whole new level.ย That sure is a great way to get one’s creative juices flowing and spend one’s time.

I bought this pot of sweet basil…

Sweet basil

…from Victor but at the time of writing, I have yet to try doing anything with it. He said he had other herbs too such as rosemary and thyme but they were all sold out and the next shipment would only come in around the middle of this month.

I love the nice decor of the shop and the quotations on the walls such as this one…

Quotation 1

…and this one…

Quotation 2

…and I like this one that I got from their Facebook page: “Research has shown that the presence of plants leads to reduced stress and anxiety, increased feelings of calm, a marked improvement in mood and self-esteem and increased feelings of optimism and control.

We enjoyed our brief visit very much, my girl especially, and we certainly are looking forward to dropping by again. Good luck, Victor, and all the best in your business venture! Cheers!!!

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

30 thoughts on “Greenhouse…”

  1. I like this! I used to have a cactus garden before I got married. Then I got married and have Ethan so I got rid of all my cactus as I do not have time to care for them. Only recently I started gardening again but they are all edible stuffs now. Need to kill two birds with one stone. Satisfy my green hobbies and feed my kids at the same time >_<

    So nice, you have green fingers. I am hopeless when it comes to planting anything – sure would need a lot of faith and hope for it to grow. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

  2. this place totally lives up to its name, ya! very pretty stuff here … all the best to victor! ๐Ÿ™‚

    Thanks on his behalf. Yes, it sure is a lovely place.

  3. Wow, lovely cactus & plants. How I wish I have green fingers. Maybe I should try on those air plants which are more easy to plant.

    I wouldn’t dare try. They say cangkuk manis is easy to plant, just stick the sticks in the soil. Mine came to nothing. Sighhhhhh!!!!!

  4. I want airplants…kihkih. …hint hint wink wink

    With your horrible international roaming poslaju service there, they will never survive the long journey. You have to come over, buy and take them home yourself. ๐Ÿ˜€

      1. Aaaaah. tempting. I’m afraid I will borong all of the cactis & succulents. lol!

        Victor would roll out the red carpet to welcome you, I’m sure. Bet he loves lots of customers like you. ๐Ÿ˜€

  5. I can only admire, me no green fingers, all the plants that comes to me, sure goes heaven…

    Same here, we’re all in that same boat.

  6. That’s nice of having a green shop in the city. Love to see herbs as always. It will be nice if there is a little corner for a cuppa.

    No, not a coffee place but you can bring your own. There is a worktable for anyone keen on making their own terrarium in the shop itself.

  7. Yes, I think someone is very interested in this shop.. wink wink somemore… hahahaha… Hope your friend’s business will flourish!

    Yes, I do know there are a number of people who are so into these things. Hope the hobby or interest catches on and everyone will flock to the shop. Great to create something to give to friends as gifts, has that personal touch – more meaningful than anything off the shelves, bought from shops.

  8. Very nice shop! If I visited your friend’s shop, I will not be able to resist buying many plants and garden ornaments. I have such a weakness for plants…..and food LOL! ๐Ÿ˜€

    Must KIV this place then, gotta take you here if ever you hop over…and of course, I’d make sure that you get to eat to your heart’s content. Any plans? ๐Ÿ˜‰

  9. I love cactus! It’s about the only thing I can nurse w/o it dying on me! hahahaha

    At least, you’re one ahead of me. I could not even grow cactus, maybe I always drown all my plants to death, too much watering.

  10. An interesting shop. There are a few such garden shops which sell beautiful ornaments for the garden, but none near me. I haven’t been to one for ages. Best wishes to your friend on his business venture.

    Thank you. I guess here, the ornaments are more of decorative indoor plants – not quite the thing for our tropical weather, outdoors.

  11. such a nice store, well decorated with lots of cute plants. Good luck to your friend and may his business flourish.

    Yes, very nice. Thank you for your good wishes.

  12. I love this kind of shop. My kind of shop now as I am into gardening and look for alternatives to beautify and keeping green in my house. I like last quote. I agreed as it does bring some vibes to the indoor.

    You can drop by on your way back before you head for Kuching. Better still, come back to Sibu a day earlier, we can go for dinner. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  13. I like their signboard! I actually fancy those cute little cactuses. Since I am a very bad gardener, I guess cactus can actually stay alive longer than normal plants! Hehehe

    Same here, “can stay alive longer”…and in my case, not that much longer. I am hopeless at planting anything. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

  14. i don’t have green fingers…i really wish to grow some herbs but they die within days. sigh.

    Sighhhhhhhh!!!! My pot of sweet basil does not look like it will last much longer either. I think it attracts birds…destructive!

  15. This post made me smile. I do love plants. We have about an acre of garden on our property. Surrounding our home we have flowers and herbs growing and a few fruit trees. It sure brings a lot of insects and other wildlife such as birds, deer and squirrels.

    I grew up in a house like that. A house on a big piece of land with fruit trees, flowers, everything all around. My girl’s school is something like that, away from the hustle and bustle, the beauty of nature all around. Too bad she’s sharing her teachers’ quarters with her lady colleagues or I would love to move there, stay there and spend time communing with nature.

  16. This place looks AWESOME! Wish I was closer I would totally stop by and check it out! LOVE their sign, too! That tree on their sign is artsy-cool!

    We sure enjoyed ourselves there, very nice and very interesting.

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