I have not seen nor heard from my friend, Victor probably since that time in 2009 so it sure was a pleasant surprise when he contacted me via Facebook one fine day. It turned out that he had stumbled upon my blog on this product that he is now representing here in Sibu and to show his appreciation, the nice guy would like to give me some samples  to try.

He dropped by my house and gave me these…

Dollee crispy prawn chilli & sambal with prawns

…and one morning, I had some leftover rice in the fridge so I decided to use one of them – the crispy prawn chili to fry it.

Wow!!! It certainly was very nice…

Fried rice with Dollee crispy prawn chili

…but be forewarned that it can be rather spicy which of course, would be one of the reasons why I enjoyed it very much, other than the fact that it tasted great with its very nice sambal fragrance. It is something like one of the two sambals they give at this place here – and I have always loved that a lot!

Other than those, Victor also gave me these…

Dollee instant pastes

…and so far, I have only tried one – the prawn noodle paste.

It was really nice…

Prawn noodles with Dollee instant paste 1

– like the Penang har mee I had had at that island gourmet paradise or here and with the added crispy prawn chili…

Prawn noodles with Dollee instant paste 2

…that certainly brought it to a whole new level! I absolutely loved it!!!

My girl is not really into anything that spicy so I prepared a special bowl for her with sotong (squid)…

With sotong

…and yes, she enjoyed it too though she did suggest that she probably would love it more if I had mixed the yellow noodles with a bit of bihun.

Other than the aforementioned, Victor also gave me these…

Uncle James bak kut teh & char siew sauce

I remember getting the vegetarian version of the same from my KL ex-blogger friend and though we thought the soup was nice, we did not like the vegetarian “meat”.

Well, I will try the rest soonest and get back to all of you once I’ve done that. Stick around!!! In the meantime, thank you so much, Victor, for all the goodies. It sure is very sweet of you to do that!

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

21 thoughts on “Victor…”

  1. your fried rice and prawn mee both look like they’re ready to be sold to eager customers! i’d gladly order a plate and a bowl … i’ve already had a complete dinner but your pictures are making me hungry all again, seriously … really appetising stuff! 🙂

    You’re such a sweet talker, Sean…and I love it! More! More! LOL!!!

  2. I am getting hungry looking at your fried rice! 🙂 And isn’t nice to reestablish an old friendship!

    It sure is! Has been a few years since we last met.

  3. Not bad. Got so many free sample to taste. More cooking from you now. ^^

    The fried rice looks good other than it was slightly red from the chilli. Maybe I would not add too much.

    It wasn’t that red actually – probably the angle and the lighting but I like it looking that way so I deleted all the others that I took. But yes, it is VERY spicy (for me – my missus said ok leh) straight from the bottle, great with bread, kompia, chu nu miang…all nice! I only used a spoonful for the fried nice – amount for two or three servings, enough – not too hot.

    Indeed, so many kind and generous friends and the best thing is I never asked – they just wanted to give on their own accord. May they too be blessed abundantly, all these wonderful people.

  4. You really are quite the cook. Have you ever considered opening a business of your own?

    Thanks, now that’s a real compliment, coming from you. 😉 I would have if I had known when I was younger that I could cook. Too old now to bother venturing into anything new, just wanna relax and enjoy my golden years, cook for the fun and love of it.

  5. Both I like, fried rice & prawn noodles, but not too spicy for me. With the ready packed sauces in hand, hope to see your rendang & curry soon.

    The prawn noodles would be excellent for you then – it stated MODERATE on the packet but when I tried after cooking, it was not spicy at all, not even a bit. That was what made me think of adding a scoop of the crispy prawn chili. Sure brought the taste to a whole new level – very very nice!

  6. I knew you would fry rice with that.. Your fried rice looks exactly like the Thai fried rice I had yesterday for lunch.. Same colour, same “liew” (but yours more “liew” of course), sedapppp…

    You know me so well! 😀 But actually, when I looked at the label, the serving suggestions do include frying with rice. Great for ulam too! Had it with blanched kangkong yesterday – very nice.

  7. There’s a place here that sells hae mee with mantis prawn! I shall you bring you there next time 😀

    Not a fan of mantis prawns, not much inside and not all that nice plus the shell is so hard and has spiky edges. I’d go for the regular sea prawns or tiger prawns…or our giant freshwater prawns would be nice too, I’m sure.

  8. Yum yum.. You really good at food presentation. 😄

    Just arrange on top nicely…for photos mah!!! We have our photos taken also must comb the hair, wear some nice clothes. Hehehehehe!!!!!

  9. I loves your prawn mee so much that i wish that i am now in Sibu to try the prawns mee…

    Well, you will never get the chance to sample my cooking if you never bother to come over… Period!

  10. Wow, not only cook, but good presentation as well! I cook but never bother with presentation; must look into that now. Thanks for the inspiration.

    With nice presentation, a dish will seem more appetising – like a lady all dolled up and dressed to the nines for photographs. 😀

    Normally, I would put the condiments on top and pour the soup all over everything but it may not look as nice owing to the “stains” of the soup on everything so I put the noodles, poured the soup first and then arranged everything else on top – snapped the shots and quickly sat down to eat before it got cold.

  11. Your friend Victor really sent you a lot to try on… the Sambal prawns blends in very well with fried rice, no doubt about that… you added in more fresh prawns… yumsss… must be very sedap!! I cannot cook nowadays… my house is under repair after being absent for two months…super messy!!

    I boiled the prawns and used the stock for the broth. Just empty the contents of the prawn noodle paste into it, bring it to boil and it’s done. So very easy and of course, the best part…it is very nice!

  12. Yum! Yum! I like this type of fried rice. I’ve seen bottles of crispy prawn chilli (don’t know if it is this brand) but never thought to try it. I must say that your prawn mee looks gorgeous, so beautifully styled 🙂

    Thank you, thank you. I’m so flattered. *blush blush* 😀 I love the crispy prawn chili – will definitely buy once it runs out – great with bread too!

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