Gotta try it…

I had a glimpse of it once when I was having dinner here and it sure looked good so I made up my mind there and then that I gotta try it sooner or later. In the meantime, I heard reviews from people who had had it and they were praising it to the skies so that afternoon, we made our way there for lunch and I ordered it. Probably people do not usually have that for lunch and the girl seemed kind of surprised that I wanted it. She even went to confirm that it would be available and yes, it was.

Of course I just had to order their very special ngor bee th’ng (five-flavour soup)…

Tung Seng ngor bee th'ng

…which is actually a Chinese cooling dessert, not a soup, and yes, it was as refreshing as ever and I did enjoy it a lot.

In the meantime, this was served – the fried rice…

Tung Seng fried rice

…which we did not order but we said that we did not mind having that so it was not really a problem. It was all right but I think we had something nicer a long time ago.

We also asked for the midin fried with sambal belacan

Tung Seng midin belacan

…and this too was just all right, probably because of the quality of the belacan used. I would go for the ching chao (plain fried) the next time around.

Now, if you are wondering what it was that I wanted to try so badly, well, it was their crispy pata…

Tung Seng Philippine pork leg

…or what we call the Philippine pork leg here. I really wonder how they did it for the skin was very nice and crispy…and there was hardly any fat inside – they probably managed to melt all of it away. If I were to do it myself, the meat inside would definitely be hard and dry but no, it was still quite moist and succulent.

The ladies liked it…

Tung Seng crispy pata

…very much but given a choice, I think when it comes to pork leg, I would prefer our stewed/braised version with soy sauce and five-spice powder with  hard-boiled eggs added…served with sambal belacan.

Of course that did not come cheap! The pork leg alone was RM60.00 each but it was big, VERY big. We barely ate half and we took the rest home and heated it up and had it for dinner. However, I thought the prices of the fried rice – RM12.00, mind you…and the midin- RM10.00 were a little on the high side. I don’t know if it was the sambal belacan but elsewhere, I think it is only RM8.00, the standard price for a vegetable dish…unless they have all jacked up the price now, I wouldn’t know.

Now that I’ve got to try what I wanted to try, I think the next time around I would just stick to their very nice sliced pork served with cincaluk dip…and also their lovely prawns with young coconut flesh served in a coconut. Personally, I do think those two specialties of theirs are a lot nicer.

After our lunch, my girl insisted on stopping by here so she could treat us to the cakes for dessert. It has been years since we last dropped by. We shared the tiramisu (RM8.80)…

Secret Recipe tiramisu

…which was all right, very strong on the coffee taste to the extent of being slightly bitter but we liked it more than their chocolate banana (RM8.80)…

Secret Recipe chocolate banana

…which was not bad but the slightly cheaper and very nice one here comes with ice cream and we sure enjoy that more.

I loved their durian cake (RM8.80)…

Secret Recipe durian durian 1

when I tried it the first time a long time ago and I enjoyed it everytime I had the chance to have it but this time around, I kind of found it…

Secret Recipe durian durian 2

…a little disappointing – the durian fragrance seemed a little off which made me wonder whether they used fresh durian or durian essence and the texture of the cake was a little dry, only slightly, but I do recall it being much nicer…and I was thinking I should have ordered the white chocolate macadamian instead.

It has been a while since I discovered that their drinks here were RM1.00 more expensive than at their outlets in the peninsula/Penang. I don’t know if it is still so but I was kind of pissed off by it. I would understand if the food and the cakes were more expensive but I could not understand why everything was priced the same, just the drinks…and for that reason, I have never been all that keen to drop by the outlets here…especially when we have places here that serve very much nicer cakes and desserts.