She’s got the looks…

Well, it sure looks good to me…right down to the char siew oil used to toss the noodles (RM3.20)…


…and I would say that it looks nicer and tastes better too than some of the kolo mee that I had here…




…and everywhere in Kuching…


…and they even give the chili in vinegar dip that usually comes with it when one has kolo mee in  the state capital…


Well, if you’re wondering which one in particular I’m taking about, it’s from the stall here…

KC KM stall

…at this coffee shop…


…further in where the Sunday market is every weekend with the Fortune Commercial Centre to the right (the shops behind the Rejang Medical Centre)…


…and the new supermarket right in front…


…with its main entrance a little to the left.

Maybe I was just recovering from my flu and cough but I did not think I was all that impressed…


Sure, it  was nice enough but at that price, I would much sooner go for the kolo-mee-like kampua noodles here for RM2.50 only and needless to say, it came nowhere near some of the best in Kuching


I guess it is something like having kampua mee elsewhere. One of my cousins, back here from KL, said, “Never mind where, which shop or stall, the kampua in Sibu is still better than any in Kuching or anywhere else!” So if it’s kolo mee that you want, hop over to Kuching – chances are you’d find the best there…not here.

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29 thoughts on “She’s got the looks…”

  1. i still think kampua is better than kolo mee… ma eng nik…

    Kampua good, kolo mee also good…anything that’s Sarawak is good! Hehehehehehe!!!!!

  2. I love kolo mee, can’t remember how many bowls of kolo mee that I had when I was at Kuching lo!!!

    Yes, the good ones are really good…but like kampua in Sibu, one would need to know where to go.

  3. But if I am craving for it here then I don’t mind hopping over and eat. Haha. But RM3.20?? Hmm. I dont know how much is Kuching kolo mee now but not mistaken the price is around RM3 – 3.50 when I went back last Dec.

    And kampua is only RM2.50 here, or less at some places…

  4. Oohh, kolo mee is something like hakka mee over here? Don’t know if you have tried hakka mee, but it looks exactly the same.. Light-coloured noodles with just minced meat a few pieces of char-siew.. Very nice and “ching ching dei”, I like..

    I think they’re cousins – lots of Hakkas in Kuching at one time, and Hokkiens (but now, infested with Foochows, like Sibu). I’ve tried the Seremban Hakka Mee – nice also…but I still think Kuching kolo mee, the best ones, are still better.
    The one I had at the Seremban market wasn’t quite the same though…
    …and not so nice. That is why when going some place, best to know people there who can take you to enjoy the best in town. You will not end up eating at all the wrong places and jumping to the wrong conclusions.

  5. How do they get the meat that pink colour around the edges?

    Same as how they get the colour with char siew…but I think they boil the meat in char siew sauce instead of barbecuing the meat after marinating it in the sauce. That is why some are darker, others are lighter…depending on how much water is added in the boiling process.

  6. wow!! kampua noodles!! i wonder how many places are there in Sibu that sell kampua and how many of them that you have not been to?? should do a list and rate them separately (taste, look, service, environment, price etc), then see which one is the best in Sibu~~ 😀

    Excuse me!!! They’re ALL Kuching kolo mee, not kampua noodles…and all featured are from Kuching except one (pale) imitation available here which personally I felt was not all that great or maybe I was not feeling too well and my tastebuds were adversely affected.

    P.S. I think this was written by a Singaporean:

    1. OOOPSSSS!!! :p

      you should have shown me this article much earlier~~

      I’ve shared the link before, maybe even more than once. You probably missed it.

  7. Cheap la rm3.20. Here dunno nice or not, minimum rm5 gone.

    So expensive? Thought it used to be around RM4.50? Gee!!! Sure am glad I live here, not there.

  8. The best of the best is still Kuching kolo mee but one must know where to eat the really nice one. Over in Kuching, kolo mee prices ranges from RM3.50- 4.00 per bowl and yet shrink in size but there are some who still maintain their normal price, RM3.00

    I only like a few places in Kuching – in fact, of all the photos I have featured in this post, I feel that only one is really very good – a must-eat when in Kuching. The rest were just so-so…edible, not bad – this much I can say.

  9. Oh kolo mee! reminds me how long i haven’t been eating, shall check out the local ones soon hehe

    Neither have I. Went for this one as somebody told me it was good… Still struggling to finish the CNY cakes & cookies…and was not too well – cough & flu so did not really go out to eat.

  10. I’ve tried Kampua Noodles here made by malay… the taste is so lousy. Oh no… I think there is Halal Kampua Noodles in Sibu, and they said it was the best in town(for Halal version). Around Bako Road if I’m not mistaken.

    Never mind Malay, Chinese, Iban…or Indon – there are good ones and there are the not-so-good ones. Firstly, they must use the oil that has been used to fry thinly sliced shallots so it has the nice fragrance and then, they cannot just throw in the noodles and let it boil in the water – it may get overcooked and become soft and soggy – timing must be just right to get it perfectly done. Of course, the Chinese stalls MAY use lard – some don’t now as it is too costly.

    I don’t know of any at Jalan Bako but I would say the halal kampua at Sunny Cafe (at Sg Antu, opposite RTM, Sibu) can be as good and even better than some of the Chinese stalls.

    At Jalan Bako, maybe this is the stall:
    I had the fried rice – very nice!

  11. Yes I agree that the noodles in Sibu are nice! I love the Kolo Mee, Kampua Mee and even Sarawak Laksa are my favourites be it from Sibu or Kuching lah. They taste same-same to me.

    Where got same same? Kolo mee and kampua mee can be as different as night and day – like wanton mee & Seremban Hakka mee, so different.

  12. remember the sarawak laksa photo i posted on facebook? the bossie gave me a packet of laksa paste one..

    he’s selling kolo mee too! i had a spoon (or fork), and it’s pretty decent. it’s less oily compared to the real thing cos he said has to localised la, kl people don’t like it too oily.

    Here also, if too oily, I will not like.

  13. All looks good above and that includes the lady cook too!! 🙂 Are you meaning that she got the looks or….. the noodles??? LOL…

    The noodles lah. Me so kwai, where got roving eye, mata keranjang like that… 😉

  14. Sure looks very good and how I wish I could taste!

    Can always plan a trip over. 1st May is a Thursday, fly in the morning, take Friday off…and can stay till Sunday.

  15. The kolo mee looks yummeh!!! Better than KL!

    BTW the title of your post reminded me of a song by Roxette!

    Wow!!! You’re that old? You know Roxette? 😀 Hmmmm….anything is better than KL, if you ask me. 😉

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