I dropped by here

Green House, Sibu

…again the other morning and it was gaily decorated…

Green House CNY decor

…to welcome and usher in the forthcoming Chinese New Year. They even have the auspicious plants for sale…

Green House CNY plants

…but no, I was not there to buy any of those.

I made my way there because I saw on their Facebook page that they are now selling these pies…

John's Pies at the Green House 1

…that I had before here…and also here

John's Pies at the Green House 2

…but their outlet here in Sibu did not last very long then. The one that I went to in Kuching is no longer there as well but they are still around at their newer outlet here, outside of the city centre. You can browse through their Facebook page if you are keen on finding out more.

Now, how are these pies and the shop selling plants connected, you may ask? Well, it seems that they sell those herbs…


…that are used…


…in the making of the pies…


…and that is why they are selling them there.

So what did I think of these pies this time around? Well, the truth is I did not get to eat any as I went there for the sole purpose of buying a few, frozen, to heat up for my girl to enjoy when she comes home this weekend. She is so into these western pies and with all those herbs and everything in them, I am very sure she is going to love them!

I had left the place and was about to get into the car when the boy at the shop came running after me to pass me these cookies…

Dollee CNY cookies

…from Victor for Chinese New Year. Oh my!!! Isn’t that sweet of him? Thank you so much, Victor – do drop by my place come Chinese New Year, friends and family all welcome.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

16 thoughts on “Connected…”

  1. Very nice of Victor. 🙂

    Telling you the truth, I have never been to their outlets in Kuching. Wahaha. Maybe pie is not my thing. The nearest outlet to my place is in Emart, Batu Kawa. Not sure it is still there or not.

    Lovely herbs. Growing so well.

    Yes, Victor’s a nice boy.

    You are into all those “western” herbs, you would love these pies – if I remember correctly, they are quite strong on those. Otherwise, you can go for the six n’ twenty ones, imported – nice. Used to be available at Choice. Don’t buy Mrs Macs, very salty.

    Sadly, I wish I could say the same about mine – desperately trying to keep my sweet basil alive. 😦

    1. Trim or pinch the tip of your sweet basil. They grow better if you trim the stem or pinch the tip. Once a while bring it to sun-bath in morning sun. Afternoon you bring it in and put under shady place.

      Mine also grow yellowish lately, maybe too hot. So now I bring them into my porch.

      Hope my tips help your sweet basil. I am also in learning process.

      Mine is under the shade all day outside the house, no direct sunlight and the leaves do turn yellow and drop off very frequently. Will try trimming and see what happens, thanks.

  2. Is the pie craze happening over there too? It seemed to start to gain momentum here, but has quietened down a little.

    Not really. I only know of one or two of those coffee places selling quiches and maybe pies too, have not gone to try any. Of course, there are those at our local bakeries but except for one with very nice chicken pies, the rest are not really worth the calories.

  3. The herbs plant are growing healthy. I only have basil & mint in my garden. I make good use of my basil leaves when I fried rice or cook “sanbeiji” ( literally translated as 3 cups chicken). I even blend them, mixed with honey & lemon to make refreshing drink. The pies looks good.

    Those are the ones at the shop, not my sweet basil. 😥

    We had a lot of Thai basil once, flourishing, growing out of control and one fine day, for some unknown reason, they just all died. Sigh!!!! Now all I have are some very very skinny serai…and kunyit with hardly anything underneath. I guess I will just have to go out and buy anytime I need anything.

  4. Don’t feel like Chinese New Year yet… market is still quiet don’t you think so? Times are bad i guess 😦

    Not here, the roads are jammed, everywhere you see lots of people and the horrendous ear-splitting Chinese New Year songs blasting away everywhere – I can’t wait to get out of those places.

  5. Very fast, CNY coming soon…

    Yes, and thank you for the very lovely Chinese New Year card. So sweet and thoughtful of you to send me one – wish you had written your address so I could send one back to you. Just received it minutes ago.

  6. Herbs! I wish I can grow my herb garden properly. Sadly no green fingers and I end up having to buy the herbs rather than pluck from my garden.

    Same here, looks like we’re in the same boat. 😦

  7. I love pies, but don’t have them too often. Some bakeries are better than others and quite a few of the good ones are run by Vietnamese bakers.

    So far I’ve tried the frozen ones – in New Zealand and also here, imported. Nice but generally similar, as long as they are not too salty, I am ok with them. No really good local ones.

  8. Nice new layout! Got CNY feel! :p
    Nice friend of yours, given you CNY cookies~

    Yes, so blessed to have such wonderful friends.

    Chinese New Year coming, so must get in the mood.

  9. Yes, I can remember you posting up your friend’s shop before… so he is Victor… very thoughtful of him. The chicken pies looks good… anything and everything for your girl, right? Well, I can understand too well… I always seem to be doing that too! hahaha…

    Paternal love, natural instinct. We always think of them, buy things for them to eat, things that we would not eat ourselves, even pricey stuff…as long as they’re happy.

    Yes, Victor is indeed very thoughtful, such a sweet boy.

  10. Those pies sure look so good! I seem to see cookies being sold everywhere. Not cheap, I guess it’s due to the labor costs. Quite a lot of work to bake cookies in large numbers.

    These Dollee ones are quite cheap, prices RM8 something upwards but of course, at such prices, don’t expect the same quality as own homemade ones.

  11. with all those herbs growing here, this place has got to smell quite fragrant and fresh! do you have a favourite herb? 🙂

    Not really, but more into Asian ones like lemon grass, turmeric and stuff.

  12. It’s so thoughtful of him drop by your place just to pass you the gift. And two with different flavor some more..

    No, he did not drop by my place. I went to his shop – it was a surprise because he was not there and while we were in the shop, the boy did not pass the cookies to me. He went after us after we had left the place after buying the pies and we were about to get into the car parked outside.

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