Dear John…

My very dear friend, Vivien, met us, Melissa and I, upon arrival in Kuching and took us to the hotel where we checked in and dumped our bags in the room before dropping by here…


…for tea. Actually, it is located in the same building as the hotel and a cousin of mine was already there, waiting at the lobby for us so that she could join us as well.

I don’t know who this group of people are but it seems that they have given their thumbs up to the place…


Hmmm…the food should be pretty good then…hopefully!!!

Inside, this notice caught my interest…


I don’t know if that is really necessary though – I mean I always see people putting their hands in plastic bags or gloves before handling food even at roadside stalls but then again, we’ll never know.

At the counter, I could not decide what to have. I thought of ordering their Portuguese egg tarts to try but they looked quite sunken and miserable…

JP counter

In the end, Vivien had the lamb pie (RM7.50)…

Lamb pie

…while my daughter had the beef & cheese (RM4.80).

I wanted the beef & steak but they were out of those so in the end, I settled for the smoked chicken (RM4.80)…

JP pie 1

The filling of all our pies were very nicely done…

JP pie 2

– tasted just like those meat pies overseas but even with those abroad, I am never a fan of puff pastry…especially when it is heated up using a microwave oven. I wouldn’t mind it so much if it had been a conventional oven in which case, the layers of the puff pastry would turn nice and flaky and one would be able to smell the rich butter fragrance in the case of good puff pastry but with a microwave oven, you will get nothing of the sort – other than a hot pie, the texture of which will turn horrible once it has cooled down. ..and as far as pies are concerned, I would go for shortcrust pastry anytime.

My cousin had the chicken quiche…


…which did not look very appealing but she said it was nice.

Incidentally, she did not come empty-handed, not at all – she had brought along these yummy treats from this place for me…

Cake & tarts

…and while we were there, another cousin dropped by and she gave me this…

Pork ribs

These juicy smoked barbecued pork ribs are from here…


It is featured in the travel magazine – Borneo Talk, it seems.

Good grief!!! Imagine after eating all that, we still had to go out for dinner that night…and we’ve only just arrived in town! Oh me oh my!!!!

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Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

43 thoughts on “Dear John…”

  1. Hey, what a nice pie place in Kuching! πŸ™‚

    It certainly has changed a lot since I’ve last been there.

    Ridiculously delicious, nice wording.

    I like the generous pie fillings with only a thin layer of crust!

    I like shortcrust pastry – like the ones I got for you in Sibu. That’s the type of skin that I love!!!!

  2. The pies are cheap! Saying that, the only thing that caught my eyes is the BBQ ribs.. meleleh!!!

    Yup! After conversion, even cheaper than those frozen ones in NZ. They’re more or less like those too – you would not see me buying a whole lot to bring home and eat slowly one by one.

    The pork? It’s the trend in Kuching, it seems – so many of this kind of places. This one’s Howdy…and there’s Porky…and Oinks…and there’s another place called Gourmet Sausages too, I think. Here, you have one very nice pork dish at Noodle House…or you can buy a rack of ribs at one char siew pork place here – VERY nice…maybe even nicer than these more classy ones.

  3. All the pies looks so good. Would not know which to choose. I want all of them. Drooling over the smoked barbecue pork ribs.

    You haven’t been to Howdy? They say this one’s the best of the lot… Come, come…take out some of your money from the MILO tin under your bed and go and indulge, pamper yourself a bit sometimes. Hehehehehehe!!!!! πŸ˜€

    1. What MILO tin, hehehe? Problem with my tangki, small/medium size only. Porkies is good too.

      Oh? Next time I go Kuching, you bring me – I let you have one bone…and I eat the rest! Muahahahahahaha!!!!!

  4. Yummy! The pies look good and even better the BBQ pork ribs! Those ribs look so juicy, sure cannot resist finishing the whole lot πŸ™‚

    Ya, really very nice… And so much!!! Slurps!!!!

  5. wow, yummy pies and i think i will go for the chicken ones.. and better still you have those sweet treats and BBQ pork ribs to feast on!! how lucky this Food Mayor of Sibu is~~ πŸ™‚

    Ya, so blessed indeed. Everywhere I go, everybody wants to feed me…so nice of them all!!!! πŸ˜€

  6. Feel like having a pie right now, lol

    Kuching and your place, how long is the distance?

    About 300 miles, and 6 hours by our so-called “highway” – nothing like those nice multi-laned ones in West Malaysia…and 40-45 minutes by air.

  7. i’d like my quiche to be served with some light salad (balsamic vinegar particularly), taste better for some reasons πŸ˜›

    As long as there’s ham or bacon in it, that’s fine by me. Balsamic vinegar – well, we had that…see post coming soon on the 28th.

  8. Fuhhh…how nice if there is one piping hot pie out from the oven now for

    Lots where you are… Get “somebody” to deliver to your doorstep! Best time to make good use of them… Hehehehehehehe!!!!

  9. I always think it’s funny to see people put on the plastic gloves “for hygiene” but then touch everything along with the food and claim their food prep is clean.

    Provided they do not touch anything else other than the food they’re preparing – same as using tongs.

  10. Sadly most places resort to microwave ovens. Its faster…but it sure ruins the puff pastry.

    I, for one, is not a fan of microwave…never mind for what, with out! No, thank you.

  11. Those pastry pies looked like the ones we get here, although the price here would be in AUD! They heated the pies with microwave?? That’s not nice! I tried both methods of oven and microwave before and with microwave, they really don’t turn out nice and flaky. So usually to get the best of both worlds, if my pies are from the fridge, I’d heat up for 1 min using the microwave and another 10 mins of so using the oven. So I get both nice pastry and hot filling! πŸ™‚

    That’s what a cousin of mine does, not me. I’ll just pop into the oven and turn on the heat – forget about the microwave…heat till it is hot enough right through – the whole kitchen would be filled with the fragrance of the pastry and the filling – then, it is hot enough.

  12. The pies certainly looks good by looking at their generous portion of feelings. But it was the barbecued pork that really makes me drool.

    Ya, the pork was really good… Slurpsssss!!!!!

  13. the food offering does look delicious. didn’t you offer some free advice on their english based on the “hygiene” notice that they put up?

    No, only that guy at the counter…and he did not seem very friendly. 😦

  14. Indeed pies would taste better if they’re reheated in a conventional oven rather than microwave oven. The pies look good with generous portion wrapped in thin pastry.

    They were good…just that I was not crazy over the puff pastry – especially the way it was reheated and served.

  15. Very worth going to Kuching for you… I remember you were given abundant food when you drop by to visit….. very nice of your cousins and friends!

    I know where the good places are – so if you go over, I go over, the kucing’s go over…we will have a great time enjoying the best in town!!!! Will be really worth going, I tell you…and a lot cheaper than in Singapore or anywhere overseas.

  16. It’s nice that the owner takes effort to ensure proper handling of the food. You dont get that many around here who makes such an effort…

    what shame to nuke the pies… the pastry would be so soggy and mushy, I rather eat the pies cold than to eat them soggy…. looking forward to more Kuching posts….

    Sure, lots more coming up…

  17. Those pies look so good. I love chicken pies. I must bake it again one of these days.

    I can get very good chicken pies from a bakery here so I never bother to make – just go and buy.

  18. Very safe, won’t get diarrhoea here!

    That never worries me – my steel-lined tummy, no problem…and I could do with a little bit of slimming down. Hehehehehe!!!!

  19. ooo, it will be interesting to investigate exactly who these “Kuching food critics” are! πŸ˜€

    Ya, perhaps, can google…but I’m not bothered. Not reliable – all these. We’ll just have to try to find out whether a place is good or not.

  20. Is that cheese tart in the picture? I want!!!

    I think that’s what it was. I’m sure you’ve got lots where you are – all the nice bakeries around. πŸ˜‰

    1. Yes but I am not sure if the price here and there are the same?

      The ones here – not bad, eh? Only RM4.80 mostly….but there’s a bakery here in Sibu – very nice chicken pies and only around RM3.00. Even cheaper! Hehehehehehe!!!!

  21. Lamb pie seems pretty interesting
    i bet the bread crust would definitely suits
    the lamb

    The pastry, you mean? I’ve had better ones and this did not come near any of them.

  22. that juicy smoke barbecue sure is juicy!
    i’ll be having a lot of extra rice for that haha

    Too bad the ribs came served with fries…no rice.

  23. So much to makan!

    I’ve been hankering for some egg tarts. Seeing some in your photos sure made me hungrier! LOL

    Well, I didn’t have any either in the end – they did not look nice. 😦

  24. Its good that they treat hygiene seriously. Now the HMFD is back again. Just before school hols, j kiddie give notice to parents not to send kids to kiddie of they are not well

    Oh? It’s back, is it? Oh dear!!!

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