Take it or leave it…

If anyone is wondering what I was doing in the vicinity of this café that morning, actually, I went with the intention of dropping by this place there to buy their very nice beef pies that I had before there here and here and yes, I remember I did buy some before to enjoy at home too.

Yes, they…

Outright beef pie

…were still nice.

The pastry reminded me of my favourite Kai Joo Lane meat pastries in Kuching but the filling…

Outright beef pie, filling

…this time around was kind of dry, not as moist and as nice as before – this is quite obvious if you compare with the ones in the photos in my earlier posts – but generally, I would say they were still good even for RM1 more. Yes, the price had gone up to RM10.00 since that last time I had it, only RM9.00 then.

The chicken is RM8.00 but no, if it is chicken that I want, I would much sooner go here for the very nice ones at half the price, only RM4.00 each…

Aroma Bakery chicken pies

Many years ago, we had this outlet of the Kuching pie franchise here but it closed down after a while and at one time, they were selling their pies at this place here but that too didn’t last too long. No, it wasn’t because the pies were not good – yes, I would say  that I like these present ones more but those were pretty decent. I know a guy here, formerly PR Australia but home for good – he would go time and time again to buy those pies to enjoy. I guess he missed those frozen ones that one could easily buy at any supermarket there – I’ve tried a few and yes, some of those were pretty good.

Too bad we can’t get those here now – there’s an outlet of that pie shop at the Kuching International Airport, that much I know and we used to buy frozen beef pies at one supermarket in Kuching though I have not heard of the folks there doing that anymore these days. Unfortunately, for us here in Sibu, we do not have much of a choice – when it comes to beef pies, we’ll just have to take it or leave it.

OUTRIGHT COFFEE (2.290978, 111.820996) is located at 24B , Jalan Lau King Howe, at the end of the first block of shops immediately behind the Lau King Howe Memorial Museum and AROMA BAKERY (2.311151, 111.831515) is located at No. 36 (G/F), Taman Damai along Jalan Dewan Suarah, the second shop in the block on your right as you enter from Jalan Melur, after the Maju Tyre shop.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

7 thoughts on “Take it or leave it…”

  1. Has been donkey years didn’t venture to Kai Joo Lane for their very nice sio pao and everything. Besides John Pie’s, another place to have nice pies is at Aloha Bakery, same row as Upwell Supermarket, Jln. Song.

    My girl loves the quiche from Aloha – I did not think much of their beef pies…
    …but I did buy them myself once…
    …or twice…

    …and I would rate theirs nicer than John’s.

  2. i’ll take it! a beef pie with some steaming-hot gravy and maybe mashed potatoes on the side would be a welcome lunch 🙂

    Too bad, not much gravy in the filling – if at all, so dry. I would love that too! Light lunch, not too heavy as to make one feel sleepy for the rest of the day.

  3. John’s beef pie was good. But I rarely buy, or rather seldom go to John’s pie. Out of the way.

    I dont like dry filling too. Not nice.

    I wonder where it is now. Saw the stall at Kuching Airport…and last I heard, he had a stall at Swineburne. I thought his was just so so – like the frozen ones from overseas but being freshly-made, I would expect it to be nicer.

  4. Ohh, this does look pretty good, I do agree that chicken pie usually plays second fiddle to beef.

    Its lighter taste pales in comparison. Cheaper though.

  5. That looks nice and buttery unlike the ones here

    Oh? I had some when I was in NZ – they were o.k. but then again, I only had the frozen supermarket ones, couldn’t expect too much from those.

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