Tighten up…

With the escalating prices of virtually everything these days, it would be best if we could tighten our belts in whichever way possible. The Malay expression for that is ikat perut or tie up your tummy. I guess that means eating less and thus save some of the money spent on food. Well, it sure would help a lot if one goes to those classy upscale places less and save them for special occasions and another way would be to know where things are relatively cheaper.

There is this lady who runs a little stall at Bandong here at the corner of the street right in front of the primary school…

Primary school at Bandong
*Archive photo*

…but she closes very early, maybe around 7 or 8.00 a.m. so I never had the chance to go and see what she has in store.

I think I did blog about it once though I cannot seem to locate which post it was now but she sells her very nice nasi lemak sambal

Bandong nasi lemak sambal

…at only RM5.00 for one big tub unlike elsewhere where they sell theirs in those little ones they use for homemade kaya at that same price or more…and once, I was talking about how some people would go and buy from her and sell at double the price, RM10.00, at the nearby market.

My sister bought one for me to try and that morning, when I was in the vicinity myself at around 8.00 a.m., I saw that she was still around. Of course, I stopped to check out her stall but she did not have much left – four tubs of the sambal, two in a plastic bag so my guess was that those were reserved by someone who had yet to go and collect.

There were a few pieces of vadai

Bandong vadai

…left and she was selling them at 4 for RM1.00. Elsewhere, it is always 3 for RM1.oo and hers were much bigger than most. My girl thought that they lacked the fragrance of the spices used in making those and I would agree with her but despite that, I would say that they tasted pretty good. Some can be very hard but these were just right.

There were a few of the RM1.00 packets of fried bihun

Bandong RM1 bihun

…left and I bought that so I could heat it up the following morning for breakfast.

The packet was double the size of the usual that one would find at such stalls here, also selling for RM1.00 each – theirs are always very small and the mee or bihun inside looks really oily, so much so that I would never want to buy at all.

This one was very good and I fried an egg…

RM1.00 bihun plus egg

…to go with it. I really wonder how they can cook this no-ingredient bihun and still get it to taste so nice. I am very sure they use chili sauce and I could detect a hint of kunyit (turmeric) and perhaps a bit of serai (lemon grass) too…but for just RM1.00, I would much sooner go and buy instead of trying to fry my own.

Incidentally, I received this…

CNY card from Sharon, Singapore

…from somewhereinsingapore yesterday afternoon. Thank you so much, Sharon – it certainly is so sweet and thoughtful of you. Too bad you didn’t write your address so I can’t send one back to you. As a matter of fact, I did not send any at all, not even one…unlike what I did for Christmas – and I did extend my New Year greetings then. I have the cards – the ones for Chinese New Year from the Mouth and Foot Artists, lots of them and honestly, I’ve been wanting to sit down and write and mail them all this while but somehow or other, I never got down to it. I guess as they say, the spirit is willing but the flesh is weak so it looks like I will just have to save them for Chinese New Year next year. Hehehehehe!!!!

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

17 thoughts on “Tighten up…”

  1. Nothing comes cheap these days. Sighhh!!!!….This no-ingredients bihun sometimes taste great & with the make up of your fried egg, it looks even better. I also eat & cook simple during weekdays. Come weekends, when my son & his friend (from Perak) are at home, will cook more or sometimes eat outside with them.

    Yes, the bihun was nice but of course, that was my first time. Maybe after a few times, not so anymore. That’s the way it goes. 😦

    Oh? From Perak, eh? When is the big day? Don’t forget to send me an invitation, ya? Would love to go…provided it is not on a weekend.

  2. A very gold pastel card from Sharon. Love its simplicity!

    Hmm. Sambal. Haha. I have a big container of home-made sambal in freezer from my mil. Will blog about it soon. ^^

    I love Malay fried noodle/mihun/rice. They are tastier than Chinese. Hehe. Maybe the spices they used unlike the Chinese prefer it bland but with more “liew”.

    Some Chinese ones also nothing much other than soy sauce and a lot of msg…and an egg. 😦

    I love sambal hay bee more than sambal nasi lemak but at the current price, I guess I would just have to do without. Last we bought – already RM120 a kg, up from RM80 a kg. Shocking!!!

  3. Egg on top of anything seems to be very popular amongst Malaysians. I like my eggs too, so quite like the addition.

    Makes up for the lack of ingredients in the fried bihun. Would love to add a bit of greens too but none in the fridge.

  4. If ikat perut works… there would be less obese around… much lesser 😛

    Like ancient Chinese foot-binding. I would have to tie real tightly for any visible effect, I’m sure. 😀

  5. I loves this kind of fried bihun…

    Good to hear you have receive it, was worry when post it, worry might lost in the mail…

    Thankfully, it got to me safely. Yes, the bihun’s nice…and so cheap!

  6. Economy’s very bad everywhere. We’re having government services cut back and taxes and charges to be raised.

    I hear there are people getting retrenched everywhere, even in Singapore but there, mainly those from Malaysia and elsewhere.

    1. Lots of retrenchment here. Some companies have collapsed and people are thrown out of work.

      Oh? That bad there? Here, they make it sound like it’s only happening in Malaysia. 😦

  7. Hello hello!! I iz back! Hehehe
    Is it me or have you changed the outlook of this blog?It looks easier to maneuver =)
    So did u finally get to buy the lady’s RM 5 sambal?

    Yes, I did. Can fry with prawns and petai – nice!

    Yup, new template – at the moment, all red…to usher in the Year of the Monkey! LOL!!!

  8. You are right. We have to source for cheaper food and save where we can. These are very challenging times.

    Indeed. See 182much’s comments, bad Down Under too…and I mentioned Brunei in my reply to zmun2…and that is just two. More of a global phenomenon, affecting all countries in a big way or small.

  9. the only greeting cards i receive these days are from insurance agents, restaurant chains, and stuff like that. i must admit, i guess i have no real attachment to greeting cards … some of my friends feel differently, and i know that cards convey a personal gesture of caring, but i guess they don’t touch me as much as they should. i wonder if someday, physical greeting cards will come back in fashion in a big way 🙂

    Yes, greeting cards are making a comeback but no, with everyone glued to their gadgets these days, I don’t think it will be coming back in a big way…just as a hobby, among a few thus inclined.

  10. Yes, now with less than half month pay *housing loan deduction* I also have to ikat perut la… Instead of three meals, I take two cos I tend to wake up later than the usual 7am… hahahaa.. Ok, I will cut down on my traveling too.. now with my weakened leg, I will stay home and be a good girl this year.. hahahaa…

    Hah!!! The way you’ve been going round and round, all over here, there and everywhere, that is quite hard to believe. 😀 😀 😀 Oh? You have not finished paying off your housing loan. Never mind, can ask your sons to sambung… 😉

  11. Yeah, I also trying to control my spending now and that requires a lot of discipline! hahaha..
    Was that mee siam? We called it mee siam here in JB and SG. I think it looks like one, a bit sourish and slightly spicy. And, not the other type of wet mee siam found in other places.

    No, it’s just fried bihun. Mee siam is nicer…or at least, the one I had at Nyonya Colours was.

  12. The vadai looks good and it’s cheap!

    I just had it in a mamak, it cost RM 2.40 per piece. Granted they had all-you-can-eat chutneys and curries but still it’s a huge difference, especially since they don’t make those from scratch too, just heat them up.

    RM2.40? They must be really huge ones! Eat with curries and chutneys? You mean thosai or naan or what?

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