The ballad of John and Yoko…

Unfortunately, there is no Yoko, just Toto…so this post is not going to be about John and Yoko but about John…


…and Toto…


…instead. Muahahahahaha!!!!

They’ve set up a branch of this pie place in Kuching here recently…


– not a very big place, just half a shoplot (but it’s bigger than the one I went to in the state capital) with nothing too elaborate…


…as far as the decor is concerned but I would say it  is pleasant enough though I felt they could turn up the air-conditioning a little as it was a little bit too warm for comfort…or to me, at least.

I dropped by one afternoon with Melissa and the mum and like in the case of the one in Kuching, I can’t help wondering why they are using the singular form of the noun in the name too as it gives me the impression that they only have one pie there, take it or leave it….but as a matter of fact, even though they did have more than one, when we went that day, it seemed that most of those listed on their menu were not available.

We ordered the vegan pie (RM5.50)…


…to try but it was all pumpkin inside…


…and I thought I saw a slice of smoked cheese as well so that would not be suitable for vegetarians who are not into dairy products, I’m afraid. It was somewhat too strong on the spices and herbs so I can’t say that we liked it a lot.

We also ordered the signature steak beef pie (RM5.50)…


…and from the name, I was expected chunks of beef like the ones I had in New Zealand but let’s just say that I was kind of disappointed…


…as the filling was somewhat mushy and at best, all I could detect were some bits of meat that were so small that I would not even know they were there…


We all loved the chicken & mushroom quiche (RM7.50)…


…though but I thought it was rather thin for a quiche and more like a pizza instead.

I noticed that they had an oven that they used for heating up the pies though…so that got my double thumbs up. I, for one, am not a fan of the microwave and as far as I know, there are places that use that to heat up pies and stuff which is a no-no for me.

The so-called John’s special coffee (RM3.80)…


…was good and all in all, I would say it is a jolly nice place for a cuppa to sit and chat and catch up with friends and maybe, grab a bite of something light as well. For one thing, it is definitely more comfortable than sweating it out at a coffee shop although the iced coffee aka kopi-o-peng (RM1.20)…


…would be a whole lot cheaper and perhaps, nicer as well.

Well, talking about coffee shops, actually, I’ve been to this one a couple of times before here and here…and lately, I’ve been hearing a lot of talk about the place about how crowded it would get and how one would have to stand by a table to wait for the people to finish and grab it as soon as they stand up so one morning, I was out pretty early and the crowd had yet to show up so I decided to stop by and see what the attraction was.

It turned out to be more or less the same – the way it was and I did not feel like having the bitter gourd bihun that everyone has been praising to the skies and settled for the mee sua in traditional Foochow red wine chicken soup (RM5.50)…


…instead. If I’m not mistaken, this is Annie-Q‘s favourite in town and it is 50 sen cheaper than what I had here but I think I prefer the latter as the ginger taste in this one is a little too strong for me and I would not say that it was quite to my liking, not at all. Perhaps I should have gone for the bitter gourd bihun, after all.

So there you have it, the ballad of John and Toto! LOL!!!

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

32 thoughts on “The ballad of John and Yoko…”

  1. LOL! Vegan pie with all pumpkin inside, no thank you. I would agree to you that the quiche is slightly too thin and more like a pizza instead.

    Wait till you try my daughter’s pumpkin pie, you’ll be coming back for more. Minus the smell of all those herbs plus a few add-ons, hers certainly got everyone’s approval. Incidentally, do you cook or are you like Simon Cowell? Can’t sing but can be a great critic at singing contests? But I guess you do; most young people who have lived and studied overseas do – just wondering since you’ve never shared in your blog, anything you’ve cooked.

    1. Haha, very kind of you to ask. yes i do, but i rarely share it on blog right now, too busy with all those food hunting and reviews, in fact, i do have a cook/recipe blog here which i rarely share it out haha, haven’t been updating for ages, those were the times where i was at Aus.

      Ahhhhh!!!! Wahhhh!!!! Masterchef in the making eh? Will check it out, see any nice things I can cook. 😉

  2. hahaha, what a nice contrast!! expensive coffee in a cafe vs the local’s all time favorite kopi-ping in kopitiam.. expensive pies in a cafe vs the local’s all time favorite bowl of noodles in kopitiam~~ :p

    As much of a contrast as John…and Yoko, you reckon?

  3. The pastries look good… in this type of places, better try their pastries and stuff and go to the normal coffeeshops for the misua, kampua noodles… but at least you tried, otherwise, you wont know, right? 🙂

    Yup! Frankly, for RM5.50, I can jolly well buy one whole pumpkin and eat till kingdom come! Soooo expensive and it’s just the size of a drink coaster. Fork out a bit more for some flour and butter and one would be able to make nicer ones and enough to feed the whole family too. These classy joints are really overrated, I feel.

  4. Mrs Wee mee sua is better than the mee sua you had ya… 🙂

    Anything home cooked is better than anything outside – unless one cannot cook the stuff or for convenience sake, no need to go through the trouble or no point cooking a bit and not wanting to cook a lot.

    1. I ate in John’s Pie Kuching. Havent tried Aroma yet.

      See, if I’m out and about, I’ll get some and leave at your SIL’s shop for you to try. Will text you to let you know. Hard to get though – always sold out.

  5. Vegan or vegetarian? will be interesting for a vegan pie coz no eggs, butter or animal products.

    May be vegan…but I thought I saw a bit of cheese inside, or maybe I imagined it.

  6. Hi, Arthur. May I know the location of John’s Pie in Sibu? Is it nearby Sibu’s bus terminal? I thought I saw it when u drove past the bus terminal area a couple of weeks ago. Would like to drop by and try some of the pies. You certainly do take good photos and manage to make the food look so enticing in your blog. Thanks for introducing all these gorgeous Sibu food. 🙂

    Nope. In the town centre, next to AmBank, Tunku Osman (lane in between the two) – same block as Ruby Restaurant. You’re probably confused with Secret Recipe – that’s near the bus terminal. You were in my car and we drove past a couple of weeks ago?

    1. Haha. It’s a typo. I meant I drove past a couple of weeks ago, not you and definitely not with me in your car. 😛 I’m not from Sibu so sometimes I get confused with the road names and directions. It’s good though that I found your blog, otherwise I wouldn’t know that there are so many nice places to enjoy local food. Thanks for the direction, Arthur.

      Phewwwww!!!! I was wondering when I had a stowaway on board and I did not even know. Muahahahahaha!!!! Most welcome, glad you think my blog’s useful. 😉

  7. Agree with you, chicken & mushroom quiche looks more like pizza. Special coffee & mee sua looks good.

    Not cheap, that special coffee…

  8. When my auntie went to NZ she was raving about the pies over there. Lots of meat and very tasty and I hope to get a taste of that someday. There was some pie franchise over here not too long ago but I think they didn’t survive. Food business is tough.

    The pies there are all right, very meaty…but I was not all that fond of the pastry…especially those frozen (cheaper) ones at the supermarts. You can get them in Kuching anytime of year, dunno if you can get them where you are too.

  9. toto cafe.. reminds me of the 4d toto, how i wish i could strike it rich, and never have to work for the rest of my life. 😀

    Let’s hope our wishes will come true…someday.

  10. pies and quiches! i must admit i’m not a fan of either (just a personal preference), but i do enjoy biting into them a bit if they’re fresh and warm! 😀

    It depends on how good they are – these, I think I can live without…and the imported ones from the supermarkets as well. I don’t mind my own, just that I’m basically VERY lazy… Hehehehehe!!!!

  11. Hmmm..i am not a pie person, give me my mee suah or kampua anytime. hahahhahaha
    I have yet to try the one near my mum place, i should try and tell you which one is good.
    I love the pek ting yoke at Toto cafe too, yum!!!

    Lots of places selling mee sua & pek ting eyok now. Yet to find one that’s nicer than what we cook ourselves at home… 😦

    1. Oh and vegan pie yay

      My daughter made one with pumpkin & mushroom – should have stopped there but she added cheese and bits of leftover roast chicken. I thought it would be nice enough without the last two.

  12. Dear Friend,
    Good day, greeting from John’s Pie.
    My name is John Sim, founder of John’s Pie. Recently I found out your blog about JP. Personally feel great, there a review about John’s Pie, at the same time I feel sad over myself and our pie couldn’t satify our customer.

    The outlet that you visited is John’s Pie@360 express during your stay in Kuching, 2nd Visit is John’s Pie @ Sibu (run by Galilee Eatery with the license right from John’s Pie).

    We really appreciate your review and critics over the foods serve in our outlet. That not only giving us the idea of improving which we can figure out from your critics but also help myself to understand the real problem happening in these outlet. Constructive critism is very much welcome in JP. That make us growth, that is how JP constant improving our recipe and changing the standard operating procedure in outlet or kiosk to serve our customer better.

    From the pie that you having based on your photo is not allow to be sold to customer with such pie condition which is poorly handle by the kiosk assistant. We understand this 2 outlet problem. Our assistant pie boy and pie gals mainly student who still study in college or university who work as part time with us thus complication in staff training is the main issue to the such situation. For sibu outlet, I wish not to elaborate more, after few month of test run, I decide to terminate the business with licensee to secure the brand name which is hardwork of 4 year, even there is a market for us. These incident making myself understand the reason for a well known pie maker in Kiwi n Oz why their do not franchaise their biz.

    We are not a big coporation or from a wealthy family. John’s pie started by husband n wife from a kitchen by size of 100m2. We not a greedy business person. We enjoy building a dream and person who love to eat. We love to share our dream, passion and opportunity that we have with others. The greatest achievement we achieve is not about money but with our strenght, passion and platform I able to contribute to society in many way that we are currently doing. We are not suprise on certain product of us which yet accept by customer. I had ever spend 2 year to fine tune one of the pie, we believe what we are doing is right just we might havent got the best way making it yet.

    Please accept my sincere appologies to your bad experience. We wish to host you meet up to try up our product, we will compliment your flight ticket (budget airline) to Kuching for the food hunt n friendship. What we are expecting is your honest feedback on our products n suggestion to help us local Sarawakian food enterprenur growth.

    Please you may contact myself @ 0168891693. or

    Pardon me for the poor english hope that you can understand the overall chinglish that I am try to explain.

    Looking forward to meet you in person. Thank you.

    Best regards
    John Sim.S.J
    Founder of John’s Pie

    Thanks for commenting and for the clarification. I am sure you have your loyal following and yes, as with all other franchises, quality control is indeed a problem even with the outlets of those international ones here. In the wrong hands, it certainly would tarnish the good name of the establishment. I gather from your FB page that you’ve terminated your Wisma Phoenix outlet as well, the one that I went to. Thank you very much for your offer but no, thank you. I will definitely try to drop by your place at Jalan Song should I be in the capital anytime soon. I am always most supportive of our own Sarawak franchises and enterprises as in the case of the Sugar Bun and the rest. Do keep up your effort, all the best in your venture.

  13. Thank you, do let me know when you in Kuching. Be our guest at John’s Pie. Btw, I am SMB Sacred Heart student too. My principal is Judy Sim, & Peter Wong. Nice to meet you here. Looking forward to see you in person.

    Oh? I would be teaching there at the time then, when Peter was the principal? You mean Judy Wong.

  14. Judy is afternoon session. Oh..totally forgot, I left Sibu after SPM and almost didn’t return back there since then travelling around doing seafood trading with middle east, south america and South east asia country stay in Brunei for 5years and Miri. Before lastly decide to venture into pastry biz. But who I know is Samuel Tan, Judy Wong and Peter Wong. EN.Ngu is the discipline teacher. ;). Hope to see all of you one day soon. Thank you

    I see. Well, I was there when Judy was the Afternoon Supervisor. We’ve all retired now…but she’s principal of Pilley at the present moment.

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