Been around…

Yes, they’ve been around a lot of places. A long long time ago, the couple used to be here and my girl enjoyed what they dished out so we would go there quite frequently and then one fine day, for reasons unknown, they moved away and we did not like the one who took over the stall so we never went back there again. In the meantime, I did hear of them moving here, there and everywhere and maybe, I did catch up with them and got to eat what they dished out once or twice but I cannot remember exactly where or when.

Anyway, we were here for the beef noodles that day when I noticed a lot of people having char kway teow so I walked over to the stall…

Bateras Food Court kway teow stall

…to have a look and lo and behold! It was that same couple. So they were presently at this food court but we had had our brunch already that day so we did not order anything from them. The next time we went there, they were closed so we adjourned some place else instead. I saw on Facebook that my friend, Annie, had the kway teow when she was back in Sibu that day and she said it was nice.

We did manage to get to eat the sambal kway teow (RM5.00)…

Bateras Food Court sambal kway teow

…finally when we went there the third time.

Yes, it was nice with quite a lot of prawns and egg and lap cheong (Chinese sausage)…

Bateras Food Court sambal kway teow 2

…too but I think I like the one here better despite there being less ingredients in it for RM4.00. However, that one’s a different recipe and for me, if it is sambal kway teow, my favourite in town would be the one here, right next door to this shop…but everything would be sold out before 10.00 a.m. and that lady would just call it a day. I think she’s still around doing what she does best but I have not gone there for a while now as I do not usually venture out that early.

I also ordered something to try from this stall…

Bateras Food Court mee sua stall

…at that food court – their chicken soup mee sua (RM6.00)…

Bateras Food Court chicken soup mee sua

It was all right, quite nice but no, it wasn’t what I would enjoy a lot – the one with our traditional Foochow red wine. I may want to try some of the other things the guy has to offer the next time I drop by here like his tom yam selections, perhaps but if it is mee sua that I want, I would much sooner go elsewhere.

Unlike when this food court first opened, there are some fairly good stuff here now…and I do mean fairly. Personally, I have yet to come across something here that would keep me coming back again and again for more.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

19 thoughts on “Been around…”

  1. Sometimes less is more and too many ingredients can spoil things.

    I would agree with you on this – there is beauty in simplicity, enjoy the taste of the fresh ingredients without it being drowned out.

  2. I know what’s missing in that mee sua… hard boiled egg!

    There was one, a badly-peeled one…but my missus said that was because the egg was very fresh, hard to peel.

  3. Both looks equally good but still I vote for sambal char kway teow. Mee sua soup doesn’t look very red, my guess is not enough red wine.

    No red wine, different recipe – got red dates – not something I would like a lot. I think if wolfberries are added instead, the soup would be sweeter and nicer. Maybe some people like it this way but not me.

    1. If i boil it at home, i also add red dates and wolfberries and wine.

      I’m ok with red dates, with or without but I prefer wolfberries and lots of our Foochow red wine and ginger. Use special kind of chicken, the meat is very firm and like a little sticky or slippery like that, so very nice! I hear it is very expensive! 😦

  4. Planned to have fried kway tiaw this morning but the stall was not open. So endes up with kolo mee. Haha.

    Yours look good enough.

    Good, but there are others that I like more.

  5. I wonder how many people share this personal preference with me: I don’t like having lap Cheong in my char kuey teow – i feel it causes the ckt to taste too sweet, and it overpowers the other flavours in the ckt … So I usually give all the lap cheong away to someone else 🙂

    I guess you do not like those Taiwan sausages either. They seem quite popular. I think they steam them…and they’re eaten just like that. More or less the same thing. Tried once, and no, it did not really tickle my fancy.

    For char kway teow or fried rice, there should not be too many slices, a few will do. But since there are prawns already, there really is no need for the lap cheong. The regular ones have an overpowering smell, thank goodness the lady did not add a lot, just a couple of thin slices.

    The ones I get from my friend, Annie, in KL are own-made, wine-infused and the smell is not as strong plus they are not so hard. Still, I would not add a lot and I only use them for fried rice once in a long while, or I may use and fry omelette. Precious commodity – will use very sparingly so stocks can last longer.

  6. The Kway teow looks very good to me! Sambal ? Err.. I love Kway Yeow without chili ! Hahhaha

    You’re the opposite of my missus then. Already requests for extra chili, will go and ask some more and add. She will only enjoy anything if it is especially hot and spicy.

  7. I just commented on mun’s blog about mee sua and now, I see mee sua again in your post, haha!
    Family and I used to eat mee sua during first day of CNY, it’s a tradition in our family 😉

    The tradition that we practise too. In my younger days, we would cook our own but it seems quite popular these days – stalls selling it all around town.

  8. What a great coincidence! We often meet people again that we’ve known from different restaurants and hotels in our travels. We always enjoy the connection.

    Indeed. Couldn’t wait to enjoy what we used to enjoy and loved so well. Some have moved to other towns and cities and I do get to meet them sometimes too.

  9. My mum does said the lady looks familiar, but cannot remember where she was before. Hmmm..if i remember my keow teow do not have any lap cheong, but doesn’t matter, it taste good.

    She has been everywhere! 😀 😀 😀 Used to enjoy her fried stuff long ago when my girl was younger…before they started moving here and there. The kway teow was ok, there are nicer ones in town.

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