No, this place isn’t new – the Dragon Restaurant & Cafe (2.28502,111.831491) at Jalan Maju here…

Dragon Restuarant & Cafe, Sibu

…in Sibu. You may not see the shop sign from the road as it is blocked by some other sign up in front but it is somewhere in the block of shops across the road from the Ark, two doors away from this restaurant.

I had people telling me at least a couple of years ago that the food here was very nice and very cheap. Somehow or other, I had never got down to dropping by. For one thing, parking here can be such a pain…but this being the “Las Vegas” of Sibu – there is a whole row of those betting shops in the next block, if you come on a day when there is a draw, never mind that there is no parking space. Just wait a little while and you can be sure that there will be a punter or two vacating their spots and leaving, having bought their tickets for the day. That night at the dinner with my ex-classmates, one of them strongly recommended that I should drop by and try…and I did!

Well, it’s just a coffee shop kind of place – no frills and no thrills but the people are very nice and they will suggest what is good if you can’t read everything on the wall, all in Mandarin. We decided to go there for brunch and as we were early, a little before noon, there was no problem getting a table and we promptly ordered what we wanted and sat there waiting. In the meantime, quite a lot of other people came but I do not think it would be that full till you would need to stand around and wait for a table. Perhaps there would be more people at night, I wouldn’t know.

The drinks came pretty fast and the coffee…

Dragon Restauarnt kopi-o-peng

…sure looked good but no, it was just o.k. – not the best I have had in town.

The sea cucumber soup (RM8.00)…

Dragon Restuarant sea cucumber soup

…was great and we all liked it very much. I did add a little bit of black vinegar to it later but no, I thought it was nicer on its own.

The sweet potato leaves (RM6.00)…

Dragon Restaurant sweet potato leaves

ching chao (fried plain…I think) were good but we have had the same elsewhere and theirs were good as well but I think it is much cheaper here by at least RM2.00…or did I get the prices of the soup and this vegetable dish mixed up? Sigh!!! At my age, my memory sure isn’t what it used to be anymore. Sobssss!!!!!!!

This braised pork belly with preserved vegetables (mui chai)…

Dragon Restaurant braised pork belly with preserved vegetables

…would send shudders down the spine of the die-hard health fanatics despite the fact that one can google to read up on the more recent articles on pork fat and lard and find out that it is not so bad after all. Still, never mind that at the other end of the spectrum, there would be some who would go weak in the knees and drool profusely at the sight of such beauty, I really don’t think that one should go all out and feast on it like there is no tomorrow. Fat is fat, never mind what fat it may be and even with anything that is good, I do believe that moderation is the key, no need to go overboard over it.

I did ask for a cut that had more lean and less fat and that was what we got (RM15.00) and though it did not look like there was all that much, the slices were thick and big so I would think this was enough for some 6-8 people, half a slice each would be good…or 4, at least. There were only three of us so it was quite a struggle to finish everything especially when that was not all that we ordered.

We just had to try their signature dish – their pork satay, RM9.00 for 3 sticks…

Dragon Restaurant pork satay

…so that worked out to RM3.00 each and there was so much of those huge chunks of meat on each stick. Both my girl and the mum said they were very full so they just shared a stick and no prize for guessing who had to finish it all. Tsk! Tsk! It was very nice, the peanut sauce was great…but if you’re small eaters, that serving of 3 sticks would be good for 6 people, at least.

Obviously, from all that I have said, the servings here are huge and it is indeed, very cheap. The total for all the above plus rice for three came up to only RM41.00. These days, one would be hard pressed to find a place where one can have just one meat dish and a vegetable dish plus a soup and rice for three for anything less than RM50.00…and considering that everything tasted very good, no overdose of msg, I certainly would not mind coming back here again…and again.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

27 thoughts on “Dragon…”

  1. Their signboard is a little deceiving. With all of those fresh fruits in the picture I was expecting to see juices and dishes with fruit. πŸ˜‰

    I guess you can order fresh fruit juices here too. We do get those at a number of coffee shops here and they most certainly are cheaper than at those classier places. Some are not as concentrated though compared to those at the special juice places – I know one where a glass of carrot juice is over RM10.00. 😦

  2. Wow! Food overloaded and it was only cost that much?? Cheap cheap. Yummy too especially that pork belly and satay.

    Can drop by to try on your way back. I hear the cook comes at around 10 a.m., not too early Only around 100 metres to the left, can walk from the express boat jetty… We saw the fried mee, fried kway teow…all looked very nice too.

  3. Your kopi looks so so creamy, foamy and thick and “kao”.. Looks good.. Oooo I love that bowl of sea cucumber soup.. But if I finish that bowl on my own, bet my head will be full of sweat after that, haha..

    Nope, the coffee was just ok, not the best in town. Why sweat? It’s not one of those heaty, ginger-packed soups. Something like sharks’ fins soup…minus the offensive stuff.

  4. Bookmarked this place, the food makes me drooling…

    Bookmarked but you never bother to come, what for? All a little over SGD10.00, less than 15, cheap or not?

  5. Food looks so good & so cheap. The satay is to die for. So juicy looking.

    So hard to find these days. Everywhere the prices keep shooting up and up. Just went for nice chicken rice lunch, the best in town – that day, half chicken RM19…today already RM20. 😦

  6. Wah….pork!Pork! Pork satay I love! But they have already dipped the sauce for you when is served?

    Yes, it came like that. Was ok, very nice – served piping hot so no problem with it.

  7. I absolutely love their sign with the fruits! How gorgeous!

    Ok, simple sign – very plain…but I guess it would be worse without that. πŸ˜€

  8. Satay sure looks good but i’ll try if and only if… its chicken

    Perhaps you can ask for that, very nice people. Breast for you. πŸ˜€

  9. Sea cucumber soup RM8 only? Got typo error ka? so cheap. Can see that big piece of sea cucumber there

    Cannot possibly be RM6.00, right? That would be the price of the sweet potato leaves. Unbelievable! So very cheap, will surely be dropping by again and again.

  10. I wonder if the pork satay (which looks excellent) is like the ones I used to have in the old days, with pineapple in the sauce.

    No idea what went into the peanut sauce. It did taste a little different from the Malay ones but it was very nice. Loved it!

  11. The satays certainly looked really huge and good! And prices are reasonable too.. Great find!

    Very big stick. Missus and my girl could only manage one between the two of them so I had to eat two. Cannot order another meat dish next time if ordering that, more than enough!

  12. Please bookmark this!! The satay looks so ravishing… yes, must share…hahahaha… sure cannot finish by myself too if there are other tempting dishes besides that!

    Right here waiting for youuuuuuu….!!!!

  13. Oh yes, that pork belly sure had me drooling LOL! And oohhh!!! Pork satay! yums!

    You will certainly get to see more of this place in the days to come, so nice and so cheap – will definitely go back and try what else they have on their menu.

  14. Rm41 is really cheap, that’s about $13+ here! Muahhahah… Love pork braised though I’m health conscious. Ok la, just don’t overdo it!

    Yes, once in a long while is fine. I love the stewed ones too, the ones without the preserved veg and you sandwich the slices in mantao to eat. Heavenly!!! But no, no…I just have to resist the temptation, not so soon. πŸ˜€

  15. The name of dragon makes me think of the real dragon, hahaha! Was thinking you want to talk about a dish that has decorated like a dragon shape.

    We have dragons carved out of carrot…or dishes served in a wooden dragon boat.

  16. reasonably priced and dang that pork belly had my tummy croaking at 230am as i blog hop.

    Good grief! You’re still up and about at this time of the…morning? πŸ˜€

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