Go away…

I missed their Christmas sale – by the time I went to their shop, everything was sold out but I did manage to catch their end-of-year sale with selected items going for RM5.00 only and I grabbed this mother-in-law tongue…

From The Green House mother-in-law tongue

…at that price, nice pot not included though. I have read posts shared by people on Facebook on how it is good to have this plant in the house to improve the indoor air quality so I wouldn’t mind having one in mine too.

My friend, Victor, was there and I did get quite a bit of discount for my purchases and on top of that, he gave me this natural pesticide…

From the Green House natural pesticide

…free of charge to try.

I think it is organic, not harmful to the environment…

Non-pollution pesticide

…so it is safe for use.

I guess everyone knows by now that something has been feasting on the leaves of my ladies’ fingers plants…

All that is left of the leaves

…leaving behind just the skeleton. All this while, I have not bothered about it as despite the absence of those big whole leaves, the ladies’ fingers continue to appear…

Ladies fingers

…so as long as there is enough for me to harvest and enjoy, I have no objection to whatever it is that has been eating the leaves.

Nonetheless, since I have this pesticide to try, I sprayed all the leaves especially the new ones…

Ladies' fingers new leaves

…that have not been as severely destroyed yet and it has been a few days now and yes, it sure looks like those pests have kept their distance.

Thank you so much, Victor, for the pesticide, and for the special discounts and everything. Here’s hoping that you will enjoy continued success in your business undertakings in the year ahead, cheers!!!

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

10 thoughts on “Go away…”

  1. I laughed when I saw the mother-in-law tongue, first I have heard of this! It is very nice! 🙂

    Yes, I laughed too when a friend told me its name, sometime ago. What a name! 😀

  2. MIL tongue? Really? Or you’re just joking? Haha… anyway, I am bad at gardening but luckily my cactus at home are growing bigger. All my pandan leaves died 😦

    Pandan? Died? That’s impossible to kill, it goes on a rampage, grows out of control! Cactus, the ethnic people believe it is good to have in the house to ward off evil, protects you against black magic or something.

  3. I have a pot of these MIL tongue too. I think there are quite a few different species of this plant.

    Yes, I like the ones with the yellow edges but this was the only one they had. No choice.

  4. Aren’t the lady finger tough to eat? They like it tiny in Turkey.

    No, not unless they are way too old. This is the small variety. I would harvest at around four inches. Anything more than six may be a bit harder to chew, not so nice and crunchy.

  5. Apparently those mother-in-law tongue plants are great for the bedroom as they give more oxygen at night. When the haze was at its peak, I googled natural ways to tackle it, and the use of plants was one way.

    That was why I bought it and RM5 was a steal – just saw the ones with the yellow edges at a shop near my house selling for RM29.00 a pot, so expensive. No, thank you. If I remember correctly, sometime ago, I did read an article online about these pointed plants being dangerous for pets but that is ok by me, I do not have any.

  6. The leaf of your mother-in-law tongue plant is so green. Mine is yellowish green, not as nice.

    I like the ones with the yellow edges but the one I saw at a shop was too expensive.

  7. I must get tips from you, i no green finger, dare not buy plants for CNY, can only admire, if not, i will only harm the plants…

    Then you must not buy. Buy money plant and it dies, finish lor like that…no fatt chai whole year!

  8. You definitely have more knowledge than I do when it comes to gardening… lots to learn from others… your garden is big enough to plant more vegetables… go for them, man!

    I bought some seeds, may plant some more, other vegetables but must not be too ambitious. Still learning, go slow.

  9. I got a pot of MIL from IKEA for the same purpose but I think it takes more than just one tiny pot to improve the air quality in my room… haha

    Hopefully it does what everyone says it will do! You have a really big room…or the air is that bad? 😉

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