Little something…

Many, kids especially, look forward to Chinese New Year in anticipation of those little something they would receive from their elders and next of kin – the ang pow or hong pao or red packets containing money. There was a time when the minimum one should give was RM1.10, the 10 sen coin being a polite indication of having given a little bit more than just RM1.00 but I do not think people bother about that so much these days and they just give whatever they feel like giving.

I do know for a fact that these days, many are into this hobby of collecting ang pow packets and they would go round asking for any that anyone could spare to add to their collection. I always get a lot from the bank round the corner from my house and this year, they have even given me an exclusive box set…

AMBB ang pows

…in addition to the regular ones but I do not need that many since I am not making those lanterns like the ones last year…

Own-made lantern
*Archive photo*

…to decorate my house. I would need a minimum of 24 ang pows to make one lantern like that.

My friend, Victor, also gave me some…

The Green House ang pow

…from his shop but unfortunately, he only gave me the packets, no money inside. Hehehehehe!!!!

Then there were others from here and there…


…but I have bought a lot from the Foot & Mouth Artists people

Foot & Mouth Artists ang pow

…so I actually have more than enough already. Talk about starting the brand New Year on the right foot, I was thinking that it would be a nice gesture in the right direction on this very auspicious occasion to do a little bit for charity to help the less fortunate.

However, one thing that is getting more and more scarce as the years roll by would be these Chinese New Year greeting cards…

Chinese New Year cards

Thank you, Somewhere in Singapore – yours is one of the three that I received this year and I got the other one from a very old friend of mine in Kuching and this one…

CNY card from Hayley

…made it just in time, from Hayley In Taiping, Perak. Thank you so much to you too, Hayley – so sweet of you to send one my way.

Author: suituapui

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16 thoughts on “Little something…”

  1. I think the foot and mouth artists are amazing, and I love all the things in your photos! 🙂

    Yes, the vibrant colours and designs sure help add to the festive cheer!

  2. Wishing you a Happy Chinese New Year. Hope all is well with your mum.

    There was a time when sending a card eg thank you card was a common feature. I still send thank you card/note.

    Thank you and the same to you.

    My mum’s much better now, alert but still not eating and drinking so everything has to go in intravenously, bodily functions have resumed after having shut down that day so I guess over the next few days, the medical centre would be where we would be most of the time.

    I have some Thank You cards and blank ones from the Foot and Mouth Artists. May send sometimes but very rarely.

  3. I used to collect ang pao packets as a hobby but over the years it gradually dies out. Beautiful ang pao packets from Foot & Mouth artists. Sportstoto also give you lucky numbers,eh….and not forgetting to wish you & your family a Sparkling CNY with loads of Happiness, Good Health, Prosperity & abundant blessings………

    Yes, I love the ones from the Foot & Mouth Artists. I thought they would make very pretty lanterns but I just could not find the time plus I have not been well over the last few weeks. Thank you for your wishes and wishing you and all your loved ones the same too.

  4. Take two weeks from Singapore to reach Sibu…

    That’s quite usual these days. The world is getting smaller but snail mail is getting slower and slower. How ironic.

  5. Happy Lunar New Year to you and family as i won’t be online in blog tomorrow…

    Thanks and the same to you and yours. I dunno if I will be around myself or not either though I am not all that busy, no real celebration with my mum still in the medical centre.

  6. Some angpow designs and colors are not that nice but some are very beautiful. I like the rooster design on the angpow (right hand side) in your first photo.

    That’s the exclusive set for priviledged priority banking customers, not given to anybody and everybody.

  7. I don’t collect Ang Paos, only the filling inside 😀 But ever since i started to work, no longer looking forward to that… in fact, i give more to my parents than the other way round. But it was alright… just a blessing after all.

    What? You’re single!!! You can’t give yet!!! No wonder you are STILL single!!! I know people as old as the hills, still single…and still (demanding and) receiving ang paos but once one has started work, giving to parents is all right but not to others. I would not mind being an exception though – sure I will bless you abundantly!!! 😀

    1. No. I don’t give to others. Even to my parents, not in the form of ang pao… more like an appreciation and to cover the expenses about to incur for the family over this festive season

      Ahhhhhh!!! That’s good! What a thoughtful son!

  8. I don’t know how much kids get in ang pows these days. I remember getting mostly 20 cents or 40 cents. Paper money was rarer and always a big thrill to get. And I must say, I remember your ang pow lanterns well!

    We never got less than RM1.10…thankfully. Hehehehehe!!!! But those days, RM2 was the norm, RM5 was a treat…and a red note, RM10, was like heaven on earth!!! Money used to be so big then.

  9. Happy new year uncle Arthur and all your family

    Thanks and wishing you and yours the same too. God bless, all. Cheers!!!

  10. ging xi fatt choi arthur!
    wish you happy and healthy forever,huat ah!!
    your angpow packet n cards are so nice….i got collected some red packet too….hehe

    Thank you and the same to you!

    Which one you want – I’ll save for you…with money inside, of course. 😉

  11. I used to collect ang pows, love the cute or rare ones. I also like the ones from Mouth & Foot painting association and their calendars are nice too. However so no longer collect them.
    Wishing you and your family a joyous reunion gathering today!

    Thank you and the same to you and all your loved ones as well. My sister collects ang paos so I would give her whatever I can lay my hands on.

  12. Hope you had a good reunion dinner – I’m feeling very full right now, like my tummy could explode (had too much soup and rice) 😉 I like your Ang pows – very bright and vibrant! 😉

    We just had a small and quiet affair at home, and then we had to rush back to the medical centre to be with my mum.

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