I always complained that I had no shoes until I met a man who had no feet.” I’m not sure of the origin of this quotation so I googled and some say it’s Indian while others say it’s Persian but whatever it may be, it certainly drives the message home – that people always complain so much that they neglect to appreciate what they may be blessed with.

I wonder if anybody else gets these but I do get them in the mail quite regularly…


…and it seems that they’re in aid of those less fortunate people with no arms. All the illustrations are reproductions of the works of artists painting with their mouths or feet and other than greeting cards, they also have ang pao packets, desk calendars…


…gift wrappers, jigsaw puzzles, note books and so on. They do not come cheap, of course, but it’s for charity…to help the needy. Well, with my measly pension, I can’t afford to contribute much but I would make an effort to issue a cheque to pay for everything that they send me and mail it to their office in Ampang Park in Kuala Lumpur.

Well, there I was at the Rejang Park Post Office that morning to post the cheque and while I was there, I decided to stop byΒ the bakery cum coffee shop and restaurant in the vicinity for a bite to eat. I love the butter biscuits and the ham and sour cream rolls from that place but I had yet to try the food at the stall there…

MB, Rejang Park

I have seen somebody sharing a photograph on Facebook of what she was eating there and it looked quite good…but I did not know exactly what she had. Anyway, when I got there that morning, I saw an ex-student of mine with some friends of his so I just asked him what was good and he suggested the Sarawak laksa (RM3.80)…

MB laksa 1

…which I thought was very nice but there were no prawns/shrimps and it was more in the style that seems to be the preference of the people in Sibu – rich with santan (coconut milk)…

MB - laksa 2

…but I know that some people in its place of origin, Kuching, are not quite in favour of that as they feel it will come across more like curry mee and Sarawak/Kuching laksa is not supposed to be like that.

I loved the belacan (dried prawn paste) dip a lot…

MB laksa - belacan

I could smell the fragrance the moment it was placed on the table and I knew there and then that it was going to be really great…and they were quite generous with the calamansi lime too – they’d probably just give one half of it elsewhere.

On the whole, I would say that it was nicer than what I had had at some other places in town and I sure wouldn’t mind having it again sometime but perhaps, the next time around, I would try some of the other things available at the stall to see if they’re any good.

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33 thoughts on “Arms…”

  1. I always thought the best laksa is our own homemade ones. Can put all the nice ingredients and lots of belachan can makan puas puas πŸ™‚

    Of course! But the sheer thought of all that hassle and all that work put me off, even the mere idea of having to go marketing to buy the ingredients. I’m soooooo lazy and besides, for just the two of us/sometimes three, we would have so much to eat we’d end up overeating – or me, at least. I would consider cooking our own if I’m having a laksa party perhaps…not on ordinary days.

    This one is good, though no prawns…and I do like it lemak. Loved the one at the old Kuching airport cafe a long long time ago. Sibu people mah! πŸ˜‰

  2. My dad used to receive those postcards and I have to admit that those paintings are very nice.

    Oh when you drop by Rejang Park do buzz me. I always hang out at the Cosway shop there.

    I always buy hot dog buns and tapau its economy rice there. Never try the kampau and laksa there but your laksa sure look tempting. I also dont really like too much coconut milk in my laksa. Maybe like you said, Kuching people dont like it too flavourish. lol.

    I guess people don’t get those anymore as many do not have landline phones = I am quite sure they get the names and addresses from the Yellow Pages. Oh? So that’s your SIL’s shop! Will drop by one of these days. Lots of nice things to eat in that area.

    1. Just let me know a day earlier. πŸ˜‰

      K, I usually go there to pay my telephone & water bills…and at the same time, grab a bite to eat.

  3. It has been a long while since I received those… but only cards, not calendars or puzzles…
    So even on the way to post office, you can manage to find good food around there, eh… it is 7.55am now… time to go for a breakie!! πŸ™‚

    Yalor…must eat mah! And can kill two birds with one stone, even better. Hehehehehe!!!

  4. β€œI always complained that I had no shoes until I met a man who had no feet.” yes, i totally love this quote, it is so inspiring and teaches us to appreciate with what we have.. so STP please do not always complain “nobody gives me this and that” anymore, wokay?? haha..

    oooooh!!! that sarawak laksa looks so nice, and especially with that chili dip (the calamansi adds to the umph of the chili).. makes me hungry early morning lah, so evil~~ :p

    No, no…will not complain….and will not complain either if I can get to receive more and more and more. In fact, I’ve more in a blogpost coming up real soon. Stay tuned! Hehehehehehe!!!! Yup, this one was good, worth dropping by to savour once in a while.

  5. Oh ya, my hubby received those cards & calender few days ago. Very nice indeed. Laksa with too much santan is not my type. Hmmm..tauhu pok in laksa. Never come across tauhu pok in laksa but in bak kut teh, yes there is.

    I would add too when I cook my own. My girl loves it in laksa…or fish curry.

  6. That stall is popular, always crowded in the mornings. Went there a few times but since I discovered the Kawan place haven’t been back.

    Yup, the coffee isn’t anything to shout about…but I do wonder what else is nice there, seeing that there are always a lot of customers.

  7. ya, that’s quite a profound quotation, and it’s always a good reminder to so many of us. i remember those cards used to be sent to my family home in malacca, and i haven’t seen or thought about them in a very long time! now you’ve made me feel contemplative and nostalgic =)

    Yes, we need to appreciate what little we have, be thankful for whatever crumbs that fall our way and be happy – then our lives would be a lot more meaningful and rewarding.

    I know a lot of people received those cards and they sent to family and friends – I thought they were free samples until they started sending to me…and they state quite clearly that I could return everything to sender or pay for those that I have received. I would always pay…but I would not order anymore, can’t afford them – they do not come cheap…much as I would like to contribute. Well, at least, I paid for what I got – it’s the thought that counts!

  8. The Sarawak laksa looks very good, just the way i like it, simple, i don’t like it with prawns. Maybe next round when i eat it here, i ask them don’t give me prawns, not sure will it be cheaper? hahahah

    This coffee shop at Rejang Park? How come i never know this place?

    I’m sure it will be cheaper without the prawns – I saw a picture of laksa RM5.00 at the stall and actually, I paid RM5.00 but got RM1.20 change. Maybe that one would have prawns.

  9. So fast got 2014 calendar already!

    Christmas is round the corner and soon it will a brand new year, what do you mean fast? Time flies!

  10. Ohh….before we moved to current place…my mom used to receive those mails with beautiful paintings. Now that you mentioned… its been quite sometimes I’ve not seen them edi.

    Maybe no response, so they stop sending?

  11. Greeting ang pao? so fast? not even christmas!!! =]

    Just 1 – sample…so if anyone wants to buy and contribute to their worthy cause, they can place their orders…

  12. I like the less-santan way of cooking laksa that Kuching subscribes to. Maybe that’s coz a part of my adult life was spent working there but there’s a few places that has really good laksa, like my favorite Golden Arches (with prawns too) which used to be close to my second office!

    Yup, that’s the favourite of many in Kuching, among a few others. They tell me MAS Corner here is more like Kuching’s, not so santan-y but I have not gone there since those days when it was soooo popular as I did not like the guy – most unfriendly – no, thank you! I hear his is still good and since there are not so many people these days, perhaps he would be a little nicer. May just drop by to check him out one of these days.

  13. You just reminded me that I have a packet of Sarawak laksa paste and I should probably use it soon πŸ™‚ That looks good.

    I wonder what brand – some are good, not all. Good luck! Bon appetit! πŸ˜‰

  14. The HFM artists! I received mine over the weekend too. Amazing work by the artists and makes us realise that we often take things for granted.

    oooo that bowl of laksa! mouthwatering!

    We are most certainly blessed, just that some do not seem to realise it and see it fit to complain all the time.

    Yup, the laksa was good but I would have loved having a few prawns in it.

  15. I receive those cards too and I love their calenders. I too support them and buy extra calenders to give away as gifts. We should count our blessings! That last pic of the sambal with lime on top is enough to make me hungry πŸ™‚

    Indeed. Why moan and groan over things we have no control of? Just work our way around those, we’ll get by…and will not have to be miserable, spoiling our own mood and everybody else’s. Ya…the sambal was very nice.

  16. Those cards are so lovely, and you are correct some folks spend way too much time complaining. We must be thankful for what God has given us and work with that. πŸ™‚

    Oh they were quite generous with the eggs in those two pictures. It’s eggs, right? My daughter only likes eggs if I add it to noodles or rice, then she eats it quickly. What did you use with the belacan dip?

    We dip the condiments in it and dab it onto the noodles as well. Some may just mix it altogether but then the taste of the dip would not stand out anymore – I would not do that as I prefer to savour and enjoy the taste and not have it drowned out by the soup/gravy. Yes, that’s thinly-sliced omelette – my daughter loves that so when I cook this myself, I would make extra just for her. She’s not into the strips of shredded chicken so sometimes I would just leave it out.

    Yes, I love those cards – very nice indeed…and yes, we must be thankful and give praise to God for everything. Nobody likes anyone who complains and moans and groans all the time, I’m sure. I find such people so depressing…and would rather steer clear of the likes of those.

  17. Ah! I receive those every year and have been their customer for some time. In the beginning, they used to send me a set of greeting cards and calendar. But I wrote to them not to send me the greeting cards any more since I do not have much use of them nowadays. Instead I order a few calendars from them every year to be given as gifts.
    The laksa looks good. Drooling…

    That’s very nice of you. Ya, the laksa’s quite good, something worth having when in that area.

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