With these hands…

I had to drop by here again last Saturday morning as I wanted to place some advance orders for these

Instant Sibu kampua

…for my friends who will be in town around the end of the month. Indeed, word has gone round about it, spreading like wild fire, and everyone would like to get hold of some to try or they want more of what they have had and liked a lot…and the last I saw on Facebook was that someone in Africa has received his consignment of the stuff – one whole big box of it…and another very happy individual would be my friend, Annie-Q, in KL, of course – her mum dropped by KL and passed her 15 packs of the instant kampua and needless to say, she has been enjoying that since!

They make the noodles by hand…

Making 1
*The Kitchen’s photo from their Facebook page*

…and dry them in the sun…

Drying kampua
*The Kitchen’s photo from their Facebook page*

…with no preservatives added so they should not be kept too long – I hear that they’re good for around three months only. The production is not on a very big scale and is somewhat labour intensive…

Making  2

…done manually, step by step…

Making 3

…all the way…

Making 4

…and that is why if you intend to get hold of any especially when you want a lot, it would be best to go a few days earlier and place your order.

Well, since we were already there, we thought that we might as well have brunch and since Melissa had not been there before, I suggested that she had their very nice fish noodles…


…with the ordinary bihun and not the big variety, the hung ngang that my missus had previously and she enjoyed it very much…unlike what she had at Taiping, Perak when a coursemate took her and her friends out to eat and she had the same there.

It is quite obvious that my missus likes their fish tom yum hung ngang


…that she had on our previous visit – she had that again and she was wondering whether everybody else would get so much fish as well as she thought that was really quite a lot.

I decided to try their kampua noodles…with stewed pork…

KM with stewed pork

…but it did not really tickle my fancy. The stewed pork was very nice – nicer than what they serve here or here but the gravy drowned out whatever kampua noodle taste there might be. It tasted fine, this much I would admit, but I’m afraid it did not taste like kampua mee as we know it. I should have ordered the usual kampua mee that is also on their menu and I could have made a more valid comparison. Incidentally, I did ask the girl and she said that they do not use the noodles that they make themselves for these – I guess they do not make them fast enough for sale and would be hard-pressed for any to use themselves.

While we were there. the lady boss gave us this Chinese green bean dessert…


…to try, on the house. I think it is believed to be cooling and we found it very refreshing though I thought it could do with a little bit more sugar – it wasn’t sweet…but I guess that is supposed to be good, health-wise. I can’t remember what the white things in it are – can anybody help?

So having placed the orders and after having had our fill, we left to loiter around some places in the town and spend some quality time together on that Saturday morning before we sent Melissa back to her school the following day.

Oh dear! Oh dear!!! Breaking news! The Kitchen has closed shop – or perhaps, it will be taken over by some other people (I think I saw someone there once, negotiating!) Hopefully, the new folks will have some nice things on their menu as well…and hopefully, I can find the place to collect the instant kampua noodles that I have ordered – obviously, they’ve set up their base some place else and will focus solely on making these.