Just as I am…

My friend, Yan, was home in Sibu for Chinese New Year and she posted this photograph on Facebook of the kampua mee

Photo credit: Phyllis Wong

…that she had at a shop at Rejang Park here.

Yes, she’s different from me – she likes her kampua mee black/dark, tossed in dark soy sauce. I prefer chio cheng/light soy sauce because I find that the taste and smell is not so overpowering so I would get to detect the faint fragrances of the lard and the shallot oil.

It sure looked good in the snapshot and yes, she said it was good but what got me to sit up and pay attention was what she said about this being ONLY RM3.00 a plate when everywhere else, it has shot up to RM3.50, RM3.80 or more at some other places.

Unfortunately, she could not remember the name of the shop and all she said was that the name was something like “masterchef” and it was the second shop in the block. I knew right away that it was this shop

…when I saw the name even though it isn’t the second shop. There is a sparkling new pharmacy on the extreme left, a vet and a mobile phone shop plus a car wash that sells a lot of Chinese New Year lanterns every year (formerly Guan Soon, the hardware shop) before this coffee shop.

Other than the steamed paos that I bought that last time I was here, there is only this stall…

…that is left, still standing and yes, it is stated very clearly at the stall that kampua mee is only RM3.00 a plate…

I saw that they had those noodles, plain (no meat) with meatballs soup (RM4.00)…

…and I felt like giving that a try so that was what I ordered.

Yes, I liked the noodles…

…not my favourite in town but it was decent enough – no complaint especially when it is cheaper than most of the rest.

The soup was great, very thick and rich unlike some of those very diluted ones at some places and I loved how they used fresh minced meat to make the meatballs…

I cannot stand those frozen factory -made ones with the QQ fish ball texture and some have a horrible smell that puts me off right away.

I saw at the stall that they also have kampua mee with stewed pork belly slices for RM4.00 and Sarawak laksa at only RM5.00, at least RM6.00 elsewhere, if they still have those prices! I had it…

…once a long time ago in 2013, RM3.80 a bowl only then, and I thought it wasn’t too bad.

Of course, at those prices, I sure wouldn’t mind coming back here again.

MASTER BAKERY CAFE (2.306820, 111.836234is located in the main block of shops facing the main road at No. 26, Jalan Teruntum among the shops at the Rejang Park Commercial Centre here.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

10 thoughts on “Just as I am…”

  1. Wow, your friend mentioned that area only and even without proper shop name given by your friend you still manage to guess and find the shop. This show how familiar you are with all the shop in that area. Really salute you. I am like you, I like my kampua mee white instead of black. RM 3 only for that huge portion of kampua mee.

    Sibu is a small place and yes, Rejang Park is next to the housing area where I am staying so I am quite familiar with it. There are some places that I have never been to, wouldn’t know anything about those areas.
    RM3 is cheap. Imagine if you have a family with three children, one round would be RM2.50-4.00 more than when you eat here, not that those expensive ones elsewhere are so much nicer, more or less the same.

  2. Your friend took a very nice photo of the kampua mee. Based on the two I tried years ago at SRK Noodle House, I liked the dark one better. Too bad the shop at my area closed but there is another branch at Section 14, PJ. Maybe I’ll go with my brother one day.

    Yes, I thought the photo was really very good too. She probably has an iPhone or one of those canggih ones. She’s in the newspaper business, lots of practice taking good snapshots. LOL!!! Hope you’ll get to enjoy the noodles soon.

  3. Nice photo of your friend’s kampua mee. I don’t mind the dark sauce but if too much then the taste will be different. The noodles are so cheap at your place. Over here, most of the noodles will be selling for at least RM6 and above. With the recent price hike, not easy to get a bowl of noodle less than RM5.

    Oh gosh! So expensive, worse in places like KL and Penang, I suppose. Ipoh used to be known for really cheap food.
    Yes, with dark soy sauce, the taste is not the same – either you like it or you don’t. I wouldn’t say I do not like it
    but I have dark soy sauce at home so I can cook it myself…for less than RM3.00, no need to go out to eat.
    My missus will drown hers with chili sauce but I do prefer the original taste.

  4. Like hers, our mee pok in Johore is always dark.
    But they use light soya sauce in Singapore.

    Actually, your light kampua is very much like our Hakka mee.
    You can choose to have pork mince or char siu for topping.
    For soup, you can choose to have yong tahu or fried meat balls or goh hiang.
    That’s what Hakka mee looks like.

    1. I know your Hakka mee – I loved the one I had in Seremban. It is more like Kuching kolo mee, not quite the same as our Sibu kampua mee though they may look similar. Yes, I do know of a place here where the mee is darker, but just a bit, (not black) even though they use light soy sauce.

  5. Always nice to hear about new shops/restaurants – especially with the current state of affairs

    This one’s not new – everything else in that shop has called it a day except this noodles stall and it is a lot cheaper than at a lot of places here.

  6. Oh wow, you can still get noodles for RM3. I used to be able to get pork noodles for RM7 but it’s all gone up to RM10 now. 😦

    Good grief!!! I can have three plates and still have change! Gosh!!! Not easy to survive in the city.

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