Scrambled eggs…

Somebody asked me a while ago how to cook scrambled eggs…so I asked her to look at this post in my blog quite sometime ago, at the beginning of last year. I did not have any photographs in that one, just a lengthy description of what I did and as I was going to cook a scrambled egg the other morning, I decided to snap some pictures of the steps and blog about it again.

Well, firstly, put an egg in some water in a saucepan, uncovered, and bring it to boil…


Once the water has started boiling, cover it and leave it to simmer for around one minute.

In the meantime, you can get a cheddar cheese slice and cut it into tiny bits like this…

Cheese & milk

…and add a bit of milk, fresh or evaporated.

When the minute is up, take the egg out of the water and break it into the bowl with the cheese and milk…

Egg added

As you can see, the egg white is not all cooked yet but it does not matter as you will be cooking it again later.

Beat up the egg and mix it with everything else like this…


Grease a non-stick pan lightly with a bit of butter for added fragrance and lower the heat before pouring in the egg mixture. Keep stirring until the cheese has melted and you get the consistency just the way you want it. This will only take a short while and get it out of the pan quickly as the heat may keep on cooking your scrambled egg and it may not turn out as nice as you would want it to.

You may eat it like that, or on toast, maybe with sausages or whatever but that morning, I served it on our Foochow muffin, the chu nu miang (the very mildly sweet version of the kompia), oven-toasted with a slice of cheese on it and a bit of SPAM and slices of tomato…

Done 1

…and some crispy lettuce by the side.

So, there you have it – scrambled egg, nice and creamy – the way I would want it…

Done 2

…unlike those that I’ve seen at hotel restaurants and breakfast cafes where the scrambled eggs are like some badly messed-up omelette. Well, perhaps some people love it like that Β – I most certainly don’t, thank you very much!

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23 thoughts on “Scrambled eggs…”

  1. I’ve tried your recipe. It turns good! Thank you for sharing the link, by the way. πŸ˜‰

    Ahhhhhh!!!! You’ve tried? Nice, eh? I love it like this – rich and creamy and not like those miserable broken bits they serve at some places and they call it scrambled eggs. If I had wanted it like that, I would have ordered an omelette.

  2. I’ve neve seen your style of cooking scrambled eggs, very interesting!

    I cannot recall how I came to cook it this way but since it works and the scrambled egg turns out the way I like it – rich, soft and creamy, there has been no looking back since. I would do it this way every time.

  3. Now I know that I need to boil the egg first. What I did was just mix the cheese, fresh milk and egg and throw into the hot pan. Thanks for the tip, Arthur.

    …and it turns out like omelette. Maybe some people like it like that but I prefer it nice and creamy. Otherwise, I’d rather fry and omelette with fillings of my choice…

  4. Oh, that’s the way to do the scrambled eggs. I would have just dumped the eggs in and mix well. The Foochow muffin looks good after all the toppings. Nom!!!…Nom!!!…

    I tried before, turned out like omelette, broken up into tiny bits…not the way I want. This way, it will be nice and creamy – I only want it this way or else I might as well fry a nice omelette instead.

  5. I never try your way…

    I ever do is beat the egg, add in milk and fried it…

    Give it a try. I find it always turns out the way I want when I do it this way…but not when I used to do it like in your way in the past.

  6. hmm gonna try this someday

    Good luck! And thanks for dropping by and commenting. Welcome & do come again. Will link you in my blogroll.

  7. Hmmm… interesting way of adding cheese to scrambled eggs, all the while i was thinking only butter and milk, well… at least something different and unique.

    Nice! Try adding that bit of cheese to your mashed potatoes – will bring it up to a whole new level too!

  8. Scrambled eggs is quite easy to cook, I like it! Hehe =)

    It is! Have you blogged about it before? Come, let me see…and see whether yours will get my stamp of approval or not. πŸ˜‰ Hehehehehe!!!!

  9. My dad would love these, I never liked soft and creamy eggs though but I do make them soft and creamy for him. I’m still a daddy’s girl, even now at 43!, hehe.

    So sweet of you. In my case, I would be the one cooking for my girl and she’s definitely not young anymore…but of course, I do enjoy doing it, really. She’s learning though. Can’t blame her – her over-protective mum would not let her get anywhere near the stove and at times, when she tried, the mum would keep warning her not to do this or that…and eventually, take over altogether. Perhaps that is quite typical of most Asian mums, I dunno.

    My mum wasn’t like that though – she would make me help her in all the cooking and baking in the kitchen ever since i was small though she never actually let me do it all by myself. That came later – self-taught, with the help of bits and pieces that I could remember from the experience.

  10. Wow… I still dont know how to enjoy eating scrambled eggs… mine will be the asian way… beaten eggs with salt and pepper only! hahaha…

    The basic omelette. Try adding sliced Bombay onion or/and chopped spring onions – will taste a whole lot nicer…and there are people who like to add fried shallots to the batter before frying – for that extra fragrance. You can also add sliced Chinese sausage…or bits of SPAM, will be so nice too. I love mushrooms in my omelette as well, sliced buttons.

  11. looks really good! this reminds me that i don’t eat scrambled eggs often enough … i guess my preference is for eggs where i get runny, flavorsome yolks, but it’s nice to enjoy eggs scrambled once in awhile πŸ˜€

    Great on toast and in sandwiches or in nice, buttery croissants…but I would insist on it being rich and creamy.

  12. Eggs are so versatile. Steam, fried, hard boiled, soft boiled, poached, scrambled, omlette…and a good source of protein too. Love eggs!

    Me too! Love eggs but have to control, must not eat too often. Everything in moderation. πŸ˜‰

  13. I usually make my scrambled eggs by breaking egg into bowl then add milk…pour them into the frying pan….quick stir then serve. Eat together with toast bread and sausages πŸ˜‰
    I takut gemuk if add cheese :-p
    But I know for sure it taste better rite πŸ˜‰

    …mine fried in butter some more. Not eating it all the time mah, so it isn’t so bad. πŸ˜‰

  14. I love scrambled egg, but guess what, i never try to cook it myself before! If i cook, i think will be use the short cut way, melt butter in pan then add in egg, then add milk, stir it till it almost cooked. I think ok also? hmmmmm

    Tried that, turned out like bits of omelette, not the way I would like it.

  15. Why have to boil the egg first when later u going fry it also? Make any difference?

    You will have those chewable cooked bits of the egg white among the creamy and rich yellow, not all creamy with nothing to bite into. This one’s a bit underdone – I would like to have more egg white already cooked…and then use that for my scrambled egg.

  16. Thank you for sharing this! I have never seen this way before and I will have to try it.

    Good luck. Sure seems easier, less of a hassle, than Ramsey’s.

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