The same…

These days, whenever I feel like frying bihun, I would go and get the made-in-Thailand ones…

Thai bihun

…as I find they they’re nicer than those from China which seems to have a rather unpleasant smell when soaked and I would have to rinse it many times before use.

My cousin told me once that she would use these…

A1 bihun

…and she seemed quite happy with this brand. I bought the kway teow once and I did not like that very much as I thought it was more or less the same as bihun, just bigger and flat…and my missus, quite oblivious to the fact that I had bought it before and wasn’t too impressed by it, went and bought it again…and my opinion of it was the still same the second time around. Well, my cousin liked the fact that they came in small handy pieces so she could just take out according to the number of servings she would want to cook.

Well, both are Thai products and looking at the prices, the one I usually buy costs RM3.80 for 400 gm and this A1 one is tagged at over RM5.00 for 500 gm. I guess they would work out to more or less the same then…and the other day, I bought a packet to try. The instructions said that I should boil some water and cook the bihun for 3 minutes but I did not bother to do that. Instead, I just went about it the usual way and soaked it in hot water till it turned soft.

There weren’t any prawns in the freezer so I fried some ikan bilis (dried anchovies) and 1 sliced shallot and 2 cloves of garlic, sliced as well in a bit of oil before adding a bit of belacan (dried prawn paste) – about a teaspoon of it, followed by some pounded chili and the bihun. Then I added some fish sauce according to taste and lastly, I added two eggs and mixed everything thoroughly and lastly, I threw in a handful of taugeh (bean sprouts). Once they were cooked enough, the bihun was ready so I dished it out and served…

Belacan bihun 1

So, was it any good? I would say it was very nice but personally, I think it could do with a bit more belacan

Belacan bihun 2

…so that it would be a lot more fragrant.

As for the bihun, I do think that they’re both more or less the same so it would not matter which brand I would buy and cook in future. Does anybody happen to know of any that they feel is nicer?