I wonder if they remember me or not but I sure do remember them – the lady whose food stall I used to frequent almost every day when I was still teaching at the school right across the road…and her husband.

Well, somebody else used to run this particular coffee shop but he has moved elsewhere…and I had not been here…

5 sen

…since. Obviously, they have taken down the shop sign…and no, it is not called 5 sen! That’s the cost of a copy at the photostating shop next door. LOL!!! It seems that the town council is going to charge people for their shop signs – the bigger it is, the more they will have to pay so perhaps, they have decided not to have one – it’s as simple as that. After all, who cares what the name is – as long as the food is good, that’s all that matters!

Well, somebody mentioned to me that the food there was good but he did not specifically say what…and I’d been wanting to drop by to have a look all this time but I never got down to it until that morning when Melissa said she wanted some pian sip (RM2.40)…


…for breakfast. She said it was good but we did not get to try the kampua noodles so perhaps, we would drop by there again sometime for that.

I walked into the shop to see what they had at the other stalls and there they were – the couple that I used to know! I remember how my colleagues and I used to go for their Foochow-style fried noodles and they would make sure that I would be given a really huge serving…and in comparison, what the others got were rather miserably small. Once, somebody voiced his discontent out loud and the lady heard it and felt bad about it so she quickly fried a bit more to give to him. So, who says that size does not matter? Hehehehehehe!!!!!

Anyway, that was what I had (RM3.00)…


…and my missus too and I would say that it still tasted as good as I remember it to be.

I noticed a stall right next to theirs and they seemed to be getting a lot of orders so I went to check it out…and ended up ordering their beef noodles (RM5.00)…


…to share and try. It was nice, the same as what I had here…and likewise, it seemed to lack the beef taste that I would expect when having beef noodles. This one was a lot cheaper, of course…but then again, I don’t think there was as much meat as at that other place. I loved the chili dip that came with the noodles – I thought that was really nice.

There is another stall at this shop selling pan mien


…but we did not order that. That certainly looked good and it seemed quite popular too…but I was kind of put off by how she used her hand to add all the condiments to the noodles. Perhaps they do that everywhere else too but it isn’t so bad when one does not get to see it – as they say, what you don’t know will not hurt you or along these same lines, the old folks would tell you – lasap ciak, lasap pui (dirty eat, dirty fat) – you’d probably have better immunity if you’re not that clean. Hehehehehe!!!!

Well, I wouldn’t mind dropping by again but this shop does get very crowded, it seems, spilling all over the five-foot way – it certainly is very popular among the folks around here.