12 days of Christmas…

The postal service here is absolutely atrocious, so much so that many have resorted to sending ordinary letters and cards via courier service, not that it is any better plus it is so very expensive even though it is just within our own country. Of course, it is even worse these days as it has been raining quite a lot here and on rainy days, the postman will not be going round at all. Obviously, he will melt! Tsk! Tsk!

My cousin, Yvette, in Perth, Australia who, without fail, will send me a card every year, was saying that hers must have got lost along the way seeing that I did not say anything about receiving it. Well, thankfully, at long last, the beautiful Christmas card…

…finally arrived on Tuesday, the 11th Day of Christmas. In her own words, it made it just in time, still within the 12 days of Christmas.

This is what it looks like, inside looking out…

…through the very intricate festive paper cutting and just like the one she sent me in 2017

…this one is also in aid of a good cause…

I love buying and sending cards that are in aid of some charity like the ones by the Mouth and Foot Artists. – I do get those from them regularly and of course, I would send them a cheque or pay them online.

Thank you so much, cousin Yvette, hubby Steven and all loved ones in Perth, Australia. I hope you all had a Blessed and Joyful Christmas and a Wonderful New Year and here’s wishing you all Kong Hee Fatt Choy/Qong Xi Fa Cai, a very Happy and Prosperous Chinese New Year in advance.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

3 thoughts on “12 days of Christmas…”

  1. Lovely Christmas card you received. It is the thoughts that counts.

    Indeed! Glad that there are still a few who care enough to send me a card. I am not sending any at this point in time as I do not fancy going into our small crowded (slow as a snail) post office to buy the stamps and post them. #staysafe #staywell

  2. stay safe arthur. Belated merry christmas, Happy new year.. and Gong Xi Fa Cai!!!

    Yes, at least one is way ahead of time! LOL!!! The postal service sucks big time these days! Same to you, and you too – stay safe!

  3. Beautiful card. Used to support such charity cause by buying their cards but now no more.

    I still get those from the Mouth & Foot Artists – they send to me regularly and I will pay them promptly. Mostly birthday and blank cards though, so I just keep, never send.

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