Long way 2 go…

It’s still a long way to go…till Christmas, way over a month but knowing how time flies these days, it will be here in no time at all…and on my part, I’ve received those greeting cards for the festive seasons…

Greeting cards

in aid of the less fortunate and I’ve mailed them the cheque already in payment of those that they had sent me.

I have read somewhere also that the decorations are up in some towns and cities in the world and even right here in Sibu and they are starting to release the Christmas albums for the year too. One of them would be this one…

…by the a cappella group which includes that song from “Frozen”. If you’re not sick of it yet, I bet you would be if you have to put up with the neighbours’ kids singing it day in and day out…slightly out of tune. LOL!!!.

It is still too early to name my No. 1 Christmas song for the year but I quite like this one…

…by the winner of The Voice Australia 2013 though I was never all that fond of the Malaya Curry original with or without that Just-in kid. nor the one by the cast of Glee. Unfortunately, I don’t think the album will be available here though – you will have to get it at the departmental store in Australia that is producing it and releasing it for Christmas.

And talking about departmental stores, John Lewis in the UK has released their Christmas commercial for the year…

…and it is so meaningful, so touching that I would unashamedly admit that it took quite a bit of effort on my part to hold back the tears in my eyes. This has got to be my favourite for the year, anytime better than this one or this one, for instance…or this one featuring David & Victoria’s boy – I don’t think there will be any other that will be as nice. Do click the link and watch the video clip…and tell me whether it moves you as much or not.

Their commercial last year was very good too, very meaningful as well. It touched on the joy of friendship and in giving and receiving…while this year, the theme is love. After all, Christmas IS love and what is Christmas if not shared with one’s loved ones…or when one does not have a loved one to share it with? I don’t know how many times I’ve clicked the link to watch the video clip and each time, I love it all the more. I read somewhere that the ad cost £7 million to produce and in fact, Monty the Penguin was animated. Holy cow! I could have sworn it was a real penguin!!!

Going back to the topic of songs, they are saying that the song featured in the commercial – Tom Odell’s cover of John Lennon’s “Real Love” (revived by The Beatles for their 1995 Anthology collection) may just end up as this year’s Christmas No. 1 in the UK. Well, I do think it is very nice though not quite a Christmas song…and actually, I don’t recall any that I liked last year – the last one that I thought was very nice was this one by Christina Perri, two years ago in 2012. Hopefully, there will be something as sweet and beautiful coming out in the days to come…

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

17 thoughts on “Long way 2 go…”

  1. omigosh, ya, before we know it, it’ll be christmas. there are a few cafes in kl that have also begun decorating themselves for the season 🙂

    Yes, and in the wink of an eye, another years is over. So fast!

  2. Ahh Christmas! Yay, everyone loves Christmas! The decorations, music, all the good food, yummehhh.. Oohh I remember you have a rum fruit cake in your freezer, to be eaten on this special occasion 😀

    Yes, counting the days till when I can take it out and feast on it. Hehehehehe!!!!

  3. How time flies. Received greetings cards from Mouth & Foot painting 2 days ago & payment has yet to be made. My 2nd year receiving them and wonder where they got our names & address in the first place. Our Church has already put up a tree of love for Christmas in aid for the less fortunate to join in the Christmas party. Yeah, I do enjoy most of the Christmas songs.

    I dunno where they got mine too – I just guessed it must be in the Yellow Pages (telephone directory). They say if you write RETURN TO SENDER and post it back, they will not send to you anymore but I feel it’s no big deal as it’s not a lot of money – just chip in a bit to help. After all, Christmas is the time for giving and sharing. Faith, hope…and charity.

  4. Beautiful cards! Monty is adorable. I am definitely in the Christmas spirit and I love this post. 🙂

    Thanks. LOL!!! Still early, but it will come pretty soon, I know. 😉

  5. Auwwww…..that was so touching. I love that cute penguin and it did look very real! The wonders of technology today. Time flies and before we know it, it is Chinese New Year again 😀

    Yes, very impressed by the commercial, really well done.

  6. Ah yes christmas, looking forward to more food reviews 😛

    Withdrawal symptom already? I’m thinking that perhaps I should shift away from food and move into stuff of general interest? 😉

  7. It was not too bad. When you mention holding back tears, I thought maybe Monty died. I feel less sad with this ending though..
    John Lewis is like a higher end departmental store in England. I have only entered their Liverpool store once and dared not go back 😀

    Yes, lovely ending. It was touching in the emotional build-up as the plot develops rather than in being sad. Watch the parody – Monty and the girlfriend, Mabel, ended up becoming roast penguins for Christmas dinner. So so so so horrible, some people. Why do they have to do that to spoil this lovely commercial? Sad!

    Ya! There is an uproar right now about the large-sized Monty the Penguin going for £95…but even so, it was all sold out since they released the commercial a couple of days ago!!! Awesome!

  8. you got me with this post m friend…
    i hope for a meaningfull christmast, not just a cliche celebration!

    Yup, it’s so over-commercialised. That is why I am not fond of the other commercials – they go all out to promote their stuff. You do not feel it with this John Lewis one and will tend to focus on the meaningful message – even though as a result of it, the penguins are all sold out!

  9. Yes, Christmas is joy, peace and romantic. I like this festive season a lot. I hope I have time to bake something this Christmas.

    I already have one Christmas pudding in the freezer…waiting for the day. 😉

  10. Wow that’s very soon! Which reminds me I need to get Christmas cards soon to send to my overseas relatives. 🙂

    I wonder what the postage is like now. Sent a book, distributed free here, to Oz and NZ the other day – stamps amounting to over RM20 each. 😦

  11. Oh, I received those too, just on Friday…… I didn’t open them yet… will send them a cheque next week.. can use them too next month… so you and i.. do we need to send to each other? hahaha…

    Why not? And see if we end up sending each other the same one of not. 😀

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