Good to see you…

It certainly was good to see Julia again – she’s one of the twins who were in my English tuition class way back then – the other one’s Judy, and at this point in time, she has completed her studies and is presently working in England now. Well, she was home for a while and we got to meet for tea here on Saturday afternoon.

I got to try the new mille crepe there – the coffee one…

Coffee mille crepe

…and we all thought it was good but I do prefer their tiramisu or the rum and raisin one though. Julia wanted the matcha green tea one…


…which I never liked and her friend who came with her did not think much of it either. I guess if one is not into the green taste of green tea, one would not enjoy that very much.

Of course, we had the deep fried pork belly kompia

PB kompia

…and they loved it! It seemed that they had kompia elsewhere earlier but they weren’t too impressed but this one, to them, was a different story altogether.

Julia’s friend had the sizzling beef kampua noodles…


…and he thought it was really good.

It was great seeing you again and catching up with each other, Julia, since the last time we met and it was nice meeting you too, Alistair, and I sure am looking forward to seeing you two again sometime. Cheers!!!