Wants for dinner…

Melissa came home on Friday last week for the weekend and she wanted the Indonesian pecel lele (RM5.50)…

Pecel lele

…for dinner so when the sun went down…

Sunset at Bandong

…there we were at this place again…

Penyet Bandong

…so she could have what she was craving for.

I also had the same as I also love the deep-fried keli (catfish) and the sambal (chili dip) is really nice and goes absolutely well with the fish and the raw vegetables and we all love the rice, wrapped in banana leaf…

Rice in  banana leaf

…which has that special fragrance of its own.

My missus had their ayam penyet (RM6.50)…

Ayam penyet

…as she is not fond of the fish (nor duck and a lot of other things).

I also ordered the ikan bakar (grilled fish) from a stall nearby…

Ikan bakar

…to share as I have heard some people raving about how nice the grilled fish from the stalls at Bandong is. Well, it Β was good – a big slice of ikan parek (stingray) and the sambal was good too but I wouldn’t say it is the best that I have had. I had something much better in Penang and I miss the Portuguese grilled fish at the food court at Mid Valley in KL. That one was absolutely awesome! This did not come cheap either – RM17.00 for that…and since it did not get us jumping up and down with delight, I guess I would not order that the next time around.

Of course we would be back here again…

Umbrellas at Bandong

…for the pecel lele and the ayam penyet and the very nice satay that we did not order that night and perhaps, we could also try some more of the many things available here.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

31 thoughts on “Wants for dinner…”

  1. I like how they serve the rice instead of the conventional ways

    Yes, very nice…nicer than those so “atas” places with their fake melamine banana leaf plate. 😦

  2. Saw this shop when went there for steamboat in nearby shop last year. The ayam penyet looks good to me. Haven’t give this place a try.

    Somebody says the one at Aloha is nicer – never tried as I went once and the stall was closed. My missus enjoys this one though…but Melissa and I would always go for the fish. We love it! For one thing, I don’t think they wrap the rice in banana leaf like this elsewhere – gives it a special fragrance.

    1. That Indonesian stall in Aloha. Yup. Not bad. I always tapau its nasi lemak and ayam penyet. The sambal is nice. Now I am thinking of tapau ayam penyet for lunch today. Haha.

      Yet to go and try, maybe will drop by today…since everyone says it’s so good. I hope it’s open. Then we can compare…

  3. Lots of sauce on those meats. I bet the rice is great for soaking them up.

    Fish…and chicken, no sauce, just the sambal cili…but it was good – and everything was not overfried till so dry. The sambal on the grilled fish was great too, just that I’ve had better and I thought it was a bit pricey. 😦

  4. Food looks good. Over all, I like the cripsy ikan keli and grilled fish.

    Ahhhh!!!! You like fish! Me too!

  5. I like grilled fish too, here we call “siew yue”.. Normally with asam gravy, they call it the nyonya style.. I like Mel’s pecel lele, but portion looks small.. Enuff ahh?

    It’s about a foot long, fleshy…good enough for her – she does not eat as much as the father…plus I also ordered the ikan bakar to share.

  6. Hehe!!! Spot that the one you mentioned you miss the KL one, when do plan to visit KL back again?

    No plans at the moment. Old pensioner, enough to get by so must be careful with the little that I have. Too bad, no luck at TOTO lately… Sobssss!!!!

  7. The Ayam Penyet, was it good? I really have to write down a list where to eat in Sibu when I come around. πŸ™‚

    Yes, we have had that elsewhere…but we always come back here. Just drop by in the evening – lots and lots of things, you’ll be so spoilt for choice.

  8. oohh, penyet penyet!! I love that ayam penyet, the chicken looks so nice and flavorful and I also love those crumbs they sprinkle on top.. love the chili too but a bit too hot for me, yet still want to makan :p

    Not hot enough for us – we love everything extra spicy…but it was good, very tasty and that’s why we keep coming back.

  9. The sambal looks very red. Must be spicy. We do have ayam penyet here too but the taste was not good. Too dry.

    Not spicy…unfortunately. We would want it to be really very spicy – it’s more like chili dip, not really sambal – sweet and sour, something like Thai chili sauce but very nice =- went well with everything. I guess it’s the same as everywhere else – you need to know exactly where to go for the really good ones. Just tried another place for lunch minutes ago – let’s just say for the time being that I was somewhat disappointed. Will blog about that soon.

  10. Very authentic local food, Arthur.. rice wrapped with banana leaves when served? You get good choices in East Malaysia because of the different cultures, so blessed.. πŸ™‚

    This place is smack right in the middle of the Malay/Melanau kampungs – all kinds of nice food available…even Chinese chu-char stuff but halal, of course. I would go elsewhere if I wanted that – so many other nice things to enjoy here.

  11. Looks a nice place for some ikan bakar and stingray. Very malaysian !!

    It was good but it did not sweep me off my feet. I’d want to try other places next time…or maybe another stall at this same place.

  12. I love Indonesian food but have yet to try the ayam penyet. The food looks good and I also love crispy fried fish with extra sambal!

    Me too. Personally, I love such exotic stuff a lot more than Japanese/Korean/Chinese…or western though I don’t mind those once in a while for a change.

  13. The dishes you shared here looks yummy, that rice especially, haha!!

    All good. Otherwise, why else would we keep going back again and again?

  14. the ayam penyet looks better than the one we had at King’s centre just now..

    I tried one for lunch today – not nice. Will blog about it. This one is definitely nicer…or to me, at least.

  15. Ayam penyet and pecel lele, nice!! I think I am like Lucy, prefer ayam than the fish.

    You order that ikan.bakar from that chinese stall? I find the taste quite bland and expensive, even the balitong that I like a lot also not nice. Muhibbah one a lot nicer!!

    There are two stalls in the narrow alleyway between the blocks of shops facing each other – one had a lot of slabs of fish on the grill, another one did not seem ready for a lot of business but since I was talking to the guy from the 2nd one, I just ordered from him. Ok, not bad…nice…but didn’t get me all excited and I was put off by the price. So expensive! Used to pay RM10…but that was a long long time ago – maybe, not so cheap anymore. Muhibbah…no ayam penyet and pecel lele, if I’m not wrong. We wanted those.

  16. really nice photo of the sunset with the landscape! i really like it … nicely taken πŸ˜€

    Ya, thought so too. That’s why I included them in the post. Wink! Wink! Hehehehehehe!!!

  17. Looks ok la. But the grill fish at belitung island nicer looking leh. Fresh

    That one near Singapore? Authentic Indonesian, sure nicer one… Where got chance to go there and eat? Beggars can’t be choosers. 😦

  18. Beautiful sky photo! I love the pic with the umbrellas, too! Are they lit underneath or is it glowing in someway or is it just the street lighting bouncing off the umbrellas? Neat either way!!!

  19. Never tried pecel lele before but I know I will like it! Absolutely love a good crispy fried fish and accompanying good sambal. The ayam penyet looks good too, but not the grilled fish..

    Yup, I’ve had better ikan bakar elsewhere.

  20. That is expensive for the ikan bakar. Almost the price in KL!

    Used to be cheap. Ikan parek, not very popular here in the past. That has changed perhaps… 😦

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