What you’re thinking…

If you’re thinking what I’m thinking you’re thinking…

Rasa Segar 1

…I’m afraid you’re not on the right track because despite that foot there and the name of the place (direct translation: an appetite for feeling fresh), that certainly was not what I was up to that second night when I was in Miri.

No, I did not go for a body massage or foot reflexology. In fact, my missus and I were not planning on going anywhere but my Miri cousin called and wanted to take us out for a bite to eat and would not take no for an answer. I insisted on some place simple so he took us here…

Rasa Segar 2

…for the nasi lemak

Rasa Segar 3

…which is supposed to be very popular in the city and would draw customers by the droves. If I remember correctly, my cousin had the basic combo with fried chicken and his missus had some tofu with hers. My missus did not want anything extra while I had the daging masak hitam.

Nasi lemak

The masak hitam was really good and a whole lot nicer than what I had here but even though the rice was lemak (rich with santan/coconut milk), it paled in comparison to my favourite in Sibu. Incidentally, that guy has moved and the roti canai guy at the next stall told me that he had shifted to some place in Sungai Merah. I have been searching high and low but have yet to locate that elusive fella to this very day.

I wanted the ox-tail soup to share but they had run out of that so I ordered the beef soup instead…

Beef soup

…and it turned out to be really very nice. All of us certainly enjoyed it a lot.

After we had had our fill, my cousin took us for a drive and we went up Canada Hill again to see the night view of the city…

Miri by night

…from the top.

After that, we headed back to the hotel