Meet me at the corner…

This place is sparkling new – N°2 Casual Dining

N°2 Casual Dining 1

…just opened a week or two ago. Don’t ask me what the name stands for – I really do not know…and I do not know the reason behind the “casual dining” phrase either for it certainly has the makings of a great place…

N°2 Casual Dining 2

…for fine dining (…and considering what they serve and the prices as well, if you catch the drift). It has an open kitchen concept…

N°2 Casual Dining, kitchen

…and thankfully, they were all working very quietly when I was there – quite unlike those closed kitchens I saw on TV or in the movies with all the shouting going on and every phrase or sentence peppered with four-letter and swear words. LOL!!!

I sure was glad to see fresh flowers, one on each table…

N°2 Casual Dining, fresh flower

…unlike at some places. Honestly, I do feel that if you are going to use those artificial flowers, it would be better not to have any at all…especially if they’re those tacky cheap-looking plastic ones.

My girl had her favourite, salmon – their Salmon Steak with Wasabi Mayonnaise (RM39.90)…

N°2 Casual Dining, salmon steak with wasbi mayonnaise

…and needless to say, she loved it very much. Initially, we were not too sure about that wasabi bit as we are not really into that but the waitress assured us that it wasn’t wasabi, it was mayonnaise. I guess it was something they created, with just a little bit of wasabi in it, too little to really taste it but anyway, there was so little of it, just a little dot, to make much of a difference. I would think it was not too expensive, considering that it was salmon and a huge thick slab of it as well…and the fact that it was a whole lot nicer than what we had here at almost that same price.

My missus had their fish in garlic chives pesto and capsicum salsa (RM22.90)…

N°2 Casual Dining, fish in pesto & salsa

…and it was very good too! I am not too sure what fish it was but it looked and tasted like what people call snowfish or Alaska fish, very popular at Chinese restaurants here, steamed or deep fried.

I decided to try their pollo ala brasa or Peruvian (RM25.90)…

N°2 Casual Dining polio ala brasa

…and of course, I did not know what that was but I guessed from the name that it would be something South American. I asked the waitress and she said it was chicken, so chicken it would be then. It was very nicely done too, with whatever spices that they used to marinate the meat and I would say I enjoyed it but come to think of it, I would enjoy the slab of chicken that I would get in my ayam penyet platter at my favourite place in town as well..and I can get 4 plates of that with that kind of money. I probably would save this for some special occasion but then again, if and when I come back, I would want to try something else on the menu so I would have something different to blog about.

I ordered this Loukanika Greek sausage (RM9.90)…

N°2 Casual Dining Greek sausage 1

…to share and yes, it was fine – very nice…

N°2 Casual Dining Greek sausage 2

…though there was really too little of it to sweep me off my feet. Hehehehehe!!!!

We also shared their soup of the day, green pea (RM4.90)…

N°2 Casual Dining green pea soup

…and yes, we enjoyed that as well.

Then it was time to order dessert. I could not decide what to have and was pondering over the items on their menu when the sweet waitress suggested ordering all of them. Clever girl! That was a brilliant idea…and so I did. After all, they only had three. Hehehehehehe!!!!

The French crème brûlée (RM5.90)…

N°2 Casual Dining creme brulee

…was the best I’ve had anywhere – even my missus who is not into this, or anything custard for that matter, liked it very much.

The chocolava (RM4.90)…

N°2 Casual Dining chocolava 1

…was excellent too! I thought it had a richer and creamier chocolaty taste…

N°2 Casual Dining chocolava 2

…than the ones at that other place in town but I did wish they had served ice cream with it as well as the combination would help reduce the level of sweetness of the chocolate.

Last but not least, their apple crumble (RM6.90)…

N°2 apple crumble

…was good as well and again, I was wishing they had served ice cream with it. As it was and at that price, I would much sooner go for the other two.

We went early – before 6.00 p.m. and there were already two tables besides ours. The place began to fill up in a bit gradually…

Casual Dining
*That pretty young girl seemed mighty familiar and she did smile to acknowledge me as I was going out – maybe she was one of my students…or maybe she knows who I was – the STP! One thing’s for sure, I do know the father…by sight. Sibu is a very small town, you see. Hehehehe!!!!*

…and I was glad that despite there being so many people, it was not noisy at all, unlike some places…and they played very pleasant soft jazz music in the background, so soft that my girl did not even notice – thankfully, they did not have Taylor Swift, full blast, going on and on and on about her love story, each song sounding not too different from the rest.

I asked around and found out that this place is co-owned by four people…and one told me I was his English teacher and the chef is his brother, trained in Taiwan twinning with France so he was in Europe for a couple of years and upon graduating, he worked in Singapore for over a year before coming home. Another partner was my ex-student too – in my English tuition class…and there was another one, the fourth, who was at the payment counter and I did get to speak to him as well.

The bill came up to RM121.20 and I guess that was more because we ordered a lot more than we should but then again, I just had to try to see what was good here. If anyone is interested, their opening hours are…

Casual Dining opening hours

…and it is located right beside Medan Mall, Jalan Wong King Huo, at the corner of one of the blocks of shops to the right of the mall (rough estimate: 2.294298,111.841933).

I took my old camera along since I did not seem to be able to take nice photographs using my new one under dim conditions/at night…so if you can guess correctly which photograph(s) was/were taken using the new one, I may just send a little something down your way. Come, give it a shot!

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Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

28 thoughts on “Meet me at the corner…”

  1. I love the ambience and the food. They all looks so good. Frankly, I like to dine in these type of environment. Very relax with nice ambience and good presentation of food. And…pretty girls too. 😛

    Gatal! You’re married with kids….and old. 40-year itch? Tsk! Tsk! Yes, all nice – the prices too.

  2. The ambiance looks pleasant and mellow and the salmon looks divine! 🙂

    Yes, lovely place and yes, the salmon was good. The one we had at a similar place was rather burnt, the skin. This one’s definitely done better.

  3. Very canggih name and doesn’t sound like a casual restaurant.. Food looks very high class, and very very delicious.. I like wasabi mayo, love them on my fries, if any.. Ooohh the last photo, the sweet girl was smiling at you, guess they were observing and peeping at your table the whole time 😉

    No lah, they just arrived and they saw me. Obviously, they knew me, just that I can’t place my finger on how or where. Old man, memory fading fast. Great place for a great dinner but will save for special occasions…for obvious reasons.

  4. All looks very nice. I would not know you were using different cameras at all!!

    The food were good. Nice presentation. And place looks very cosy too. Nice place indeed.

    Hmmmm….that means I am improving – using the new camera. Lots deleted though… 😦

    Yes, it sure is a nice place, nice food…nice prices too. 😉

  5. Creme Brulee for Rm 5.90 ?! That’s a steal!

    Inexpensive, eh? Nicer than the other places here (and elsewhere that I’ve tried) where they serve this and theirs are more expensive too – but I think their servings are bigger. This one is not so big, quite small, I would say but just nice for dessert…after one heavy meal.

  6. Nice ambience, nice food & price. Can’t really differentiate the photos taken with the new camera, getting use to it now…but anyway, I still want to make a wild guess just for fun, ermm….pollo ala brasa & apple crumble.

    Ok, that’s one guess. Let’s see if there are anymore. Hehehehehehe!!!!

  7. Oh, if I was to frequent a restaurant, I’d choose something like this intimate and inviting. We rarely go out to eat, I much prefer cooking. Perhaps in later years, that will change. We’ll see! 😉

    We do go out quite frequently and KIV the good ones, for special occasions. Much cheaper to cook one’s own and nicer too sometimes. But some things, one can’t, depending on the cuisine, especially when the ingredients are hard to come by here plus somebody has to do all the work… 😉

  8. RM121.20 for the three of you in a nice restaurant like that is a steal! The food looks pretty good. I would say the best photo here is the one of your girl’s Salmon Steak with Wasabi Mayonnaise. Was that one take with your new camera? Am I getting a present 🙂 hee..hee…

    Are you? You’ll just have to wait and see. Hehehehehehehe!!!!
    Yes, the food’s good…though I would not say it’s a steal…but then again, I guess we ordered more than we should, not that it’s all that expensive.

  9. Ah.. served on a chopping board! Now I know why you said it is a norm 😉
    It’s about the same kind of prices that you pay in Penang, I would say, which is slightly cheaper than in KL..

    At those prices, I think it would be some nice cafe or restaurant over there, not quite fine dining category. Would have to pay a lot more for a place that’s truly formal and classy…where one would need to dress up to the nines and watch one’s etiquette all the time. I would feel quite uncomfortable at such places, I know…and will end up with a heart attack when I see the bill. 😀 😀 😀

  10. Looks and sounds like a pleasant place. All the food your family ordered look delicious. I particularly like the salmon, salsa and French creme brûlée.
    And total bill of RM121.20 not really expensive, and the food actually tasted good.

    Err, no idea which photo is taken with which camera…but I’ll give it a long shot. The desserts photos taken with your new camera??

    Anyway, Happy Winter Solstice to you and your family😀

    Same to you! Not eating any balls though – so hard to chew, so rubbery…can choke on it if one is not careful.

    Not expensive, eh? I’m ok with the prices as long as the food’s great – don’t want it to be too cheap and then, all those rowdy fellas will come and spoil the whole place.

    Ok, the desserts eh? Hang on! Will see whether you’re right or not. Hehehehehehe!!!!

  11. I was about to ask you about the shop name in the first place. Since you mentioned don’t ask, ok I won’t ask. Ahaha. What a cozy place to dine around. I love open kitchen style. We get to see what they’re doing behind us. Lol. Ok let me guess. The first picture is what you taken using the new camera? Hehe.

    Ok, 1st one. Let us wait and see. Hehehehehe!!!! Yes, it is a nice place, food’s nice too.

  12. The name sounds cool.hehhe. Everything looks so good. Me want to have the creme brulee and chocolate lava.

    KIV…for the next time you come to town! Sure is worth checking this place out.

  13. The food looks so delish… and the prices are reasonable! Worth coming by here again if I were you.. hehehee… Nice… nice!

    Yes, sure will go again…but maybe will try other things on the menu.

  14. To whom it may concern:
    If you’re waiting for the answer, the photograph taken using my new camera is the second one of the Loukanika Greek sausage – the close-up one of the individual serving, just one.

    Sorry, folks – no winner(s) this time around. Hehehehehehe!!!!!

  15. It looks very promising! 🙂

    What I like about this place is that it’s serving different food compared to the established European cuisines e.g. French, Italian. I saw “tapas” being mentioned on the chalk blackboard, that’s great! This seems to be the first outlet to offer Spanish, Greek and other Mediterranean cuisines (e.g. the less popular/established European cuisines) in Sibu.

    Yes, they have a page of tapas to choose from. Will try that next time.

  16. HA! My mum was saying this new restaurant she went two days ago. She went around 2pm or 3pm something, said there was nothing much, so she came out again. Should tell her to read here what they serve.

    Opens at 3, dunno why the very odd hour.

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