This is the Sibu Bus Terminal…

Sibu Bus Terminal

…and right across the road is this coffee shop

Bus Terminal Food Court, Sibu

…located below this very cheap and nice hotel. We dropped by there on Wednesday last week because my girl felt like having pecel lele for dinner but it was still a bit early and the place that we would always go to had not started their business for the day yet. I remembered having had the ayam penyet at a stall here

Food stall, Sibu Bus Terminal

…and it  was quite good as well so we decided to drop by here instead.

It looked like they had different types of fish to choose from…

Choose your fish

…but my girl insisted on sticking to the ikan keli (cat fish)…

Ikan keli

…which, unfortunately, turned out to be a bit overdone – it was ok, just slightly crustier than the way we would like it.

I had the tilapia…

Tilapia 1

…which was all right…

Tilapia 2

…and I would say that we did enjoy it.

My missus wanted to order something else but it seemed that most of the other stalls were closed. Perhaps they do not open on Wednesdays, I’m not too sure.  In the end, she also asked for something from this same stall – the ikan duai, we call it here…or the bawal hitam (black pomfret) as it is usually known as elsewhere…

Black pomfret

My girl saw that and commented that she would want to have that next time. We did not see it when we went to check out the stall.

All of them were RM8.00 each – I recall it being much cheaper at our regular place…and very much nicer too especially their banana-leaf wrapped rice and their sambal dip.

I also ordered this bowl of sup tulang (bone soup)…

Sup tulang

…for RM6.00. It would be a ringgit more had it come with a plate of rice. It was nice but if the little that I had with the halal kampua noodles at this place was  a sample of their sup tulang, that one would win hands down.

I did not want any coffee as it was already evening so I asked for the iced teh-c special…

Teh-c special picture

…instead and it was pretty good…

Teh-c special

…though it did not look like what was on their display.

All in all, even though I would not say we had the best in town, it was a pretty good dinner.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

16 thoughts on “Terminal…”

  1. Somehow I also prefer fish ‘penyet’ than ayam penyet. The fried fish are much more delicious and fragrant than the chicken. The skin also crunchy too, if it’s fresh!

    Yup, the chicken is just…chicken.

  2. Some great food can be found at bus and train terminals…lots to choose from here, it seems.

    Yes, and they do get a lot of business from those travellers stopping by in transit – sort of a captured audience kind of thing…like those at airports as well but the food at airports in the the country can cost quite a bundle (not in my town though, for some reason or other) . Best not to eat while waiting for your flight or bring something from home or elsewhere.

  3. I like fish that are fried till crispy. The talapia fish reminds me Sugar Bun. I like theirs.

    Yes, I love theirs too…but the ones here are a little bigger. Sugar Bun’s rice is nicer, of course…not plain like this.

  4. Ohhh i wanna try Teh C Special, had it once in Pg, not sure if its as good as those in Sarawak

    I do not usually have that but it sure seems to be mighty popular. Friends who came have raved about it.

  5. Oooo fish! I love fried fish and I can see 3 different types of fish here.. The sambal must be good too..I had ayam penyet with my colleagues two weeks ago but I didnt like it, the chicken were fried til very dry.. I think fish is better 🙂

    Yes, when it is too dry, it is not nice at all. Thank our lucky stars, we have places that do it very well here – chicken or fish.

  6. Haha. Wait till you see my post later on teh c peng. ^^

    I would go for the black pomfret or tilapia. Not a fan of ikan keli although I do eat it. I have been to the food court once for chicken rice. So so. Saw the ayam penyet stall but did not try it that time.

    I tried the chicken rice there – not so nice. The Penang prawn noodle stall has pretty good stuff and the one serving western cuisine is good too. The kampua also not nice, I hear.

  7. Is pecel lele actually ikan penyet? As in, ayam penyet style but instead of ayam, they use fish? Looks delicious..

    Ayam penyet is clobbered chicken, as in chicken chop – I don’t think they clobber the fish – it would be such a mess if they do that. All are Indonesian delights – and here, if there’s pecel lele, there is ayam penyet but not vice versa and there is nasi lalapan as well, whatever that is…all Indonesian.

  8. Haven’t had ikan bakar for the longest time! Burnt fish got la. LOL! Can’t wait to eat them again when I go back!

    Coming home for Chinese New Year? Bet you’re so looking forward to that. No place like home.

  9. This teh c special thingy seems to be popular everywhere, at Taiping it’s also very famous 😉

    Can’t say I’m a fan. I just ordered it as I did not want to have any coffee at that time of the day.

  10. I love fish fried that way which reminds me that I haven’t had fish for a while!

    Oh? We eat fish a lot, maybe more than meat. I don’t mind the simple, cheap ones – any fish is good enough for me.

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