If you remember, I did mention in a previous post that my godson/ex-student, Andrew, and his wife, Michelle, and daughter, Ashley, were back from Christchurch, New Zealand and were in Sibu for a while. They wanted to drop by here one day for lunch but it was closed and then on another day, they asked me if it was open or not but when I asked them later, they said that they did not manage to drop by that evening either. That was why when we went out together for lunch the other day, I just HAD to bring them there.

Honestly, I do think that anyone coming to town simply MUST drop by here to enjoy all the nice stuff that they have on their menu and true enough, they loved everything that we had. Having lived overseas for a while, I was afraid that they might not be able to handle anything a bit too spicy so I ordered the kacangma chicken…

Payung kacangma chicken

…and the mushroom roll…

Payung mushroom roll

…and of course, the uniquely different Payung rojak

Payung rojak

I also ordered the Payung chicken…

Payung yogurt chicken

…which is cooked using yogurt, non-spicy and very nice and they loved everything…even the otak-otak

Payung otak-otak

…that I insisted that they must try even though that is a little bit spicy, just a little bit…and thankfully, they were all right with it.

They enjoyed EVERYTHING…and commented that everything here was different from anything served elsewhere and that made it extra special, a cut above the rest. Michelle was very full already after they had cleaned up the plates but Andrew insisted on ordering the durian ice cream…

Payung durian ice cream

…for her to try and it absolutely swept her off her feet. She loved it and enjoyed it so much that she finished most of it by herself.

Of course, things here are not really all that cheap (prices range from RM16.00, with rice, and below) and the servings are definitely not huge, unlike what one may get at some of the other places, but in Andrew’s own words, it really is worth it when one can derive such enjoyment from all the very delicious dishes, the very nice ambiance all around (he commented that it was like stepping into a different world here, not quite Sibu) and the superb service.

I bet they will go back to New Zealand with fond memories of this place and the really delightful lunch that they had there.