Aloha Oe…

If you are as old as I am, you would probably know this song from the movie “Blue Hawaii”, starring the late King of Rock and Roll, Elvis Presley but when I was younger, this song was more popular than the rest from the original movie soundtrack. These days, however, my favourite would be this one…

…which I still sing time and again at karaoke sessions and it’s a great song for weddings, I would say – very appropriate.

Well, for reasons known only to the proprietors, they decided to call their shop by this name…

Aloha Corner 1

…and I think I would be quite right to say that it is one of the most popular coffee shops in town – always crowded all the time and very difficult to get a table despite the fact that parking can be a real pain where it is located…

Aloha Corner 2

The main attractions here, I guess, would be the Sarawak laksa and the Sibu-style egg-wrapped fried kway teow but when my missus and I dropped by for lunch the other day, she had the kampua noodles (RM2.70)…

Aloha kampua mee

…and it was pretty good. I could detect the fragrance of the lard used in the tossing of the noodles the moment it was served.

Actually, I wanted to go there for the sole purpose of giving their ayam penyet a try…

Aloha ayam penyet 1

I had had people telling me that the one here was much nicer than the one I had here, not as dry and so on and so forth.

Let’s start with the rice. For one thing, it was not wrapped in banana leaf so it did not have that squeezed texture similar to what one would find in nasi impit or ketupat and of course, it did not have the nice banana leaf fragrance either. It wasn’t plain white rice though – in fact, it was their nasi lemak. Unfortunately, there was so very little “lemak-ness” that one could barely detect the presence of its very very slight hint of it…and  that was why I thought they might as well not bother as one would hardly be able to tell the difference.

I don’t know if this is the sambal

Aloha ayam penyet sambal

…that you would get if you order their nasi lemak but if it is, then I would say that it is not all that great. I’ve had nasi lemak sambal at many places elsewhere that is a whole lot nicer than this.

The complimentary soup was very good though – chicken and definitely not the usual plain water with salt and msg added that you would get at many Chinese shops and food stalls.

As for the chicken, it was HUGE – one whole thigh…

Aloha ayam penyet - chicken

…but to me, it was just fried chicken…with traces of the oil used in the frying though not all that much. I could not see how it was any different as it was neither flattened not clobbered, and thus, not penyet. The only consolation was the fact that it was a bigger piece that the other place that I would frequent…plus it was cheaper by 50 sen.

All things considered, I wouldn’t think I would bother dropping by here for this again. In fact, I do feel that even the one that we had here would be much nicer…

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34 thoughts on “Aloha Oe…”

  1. Oh! Elvis Movies 🙂 AND Songs! We do Music Trivia where I work (at a group of radio stations) and I include a lot of Elvis Trivia in it when I can 🙂 I also love song association! You know…when a song reminds you of another person, place, or thing. Neat!

    Ooooo…you give prizes? I love pop quizes – I’d probably sweep all the prizes. 😛 We had those on our local station but I was always too slow in dialling the telephone number so somebody else would beat me to it. 😦 I won once though – the question was: “What is the Weather Girls’ weather forecast?” Nobody called – maybe no one else knew the answer. Hehehehehehe!!!!

  2. Fragrance of the lard ?! 😥

    You don’t eat char kway teow? They melt the fat on the spot for the lard…and they serve the crusts with the ckt. Penang people would swear by it – personally, I don’t mind any oil…and I would always leave the crusts by the side.

  3. tarak tau the song :p

    kampua if no lard not nice

    You must be very young. Hehehehehehe!!!! I think F4 sang the Chinese version….and some boyband did the same faster version, English – was in “Lilo & Stitch”. You know F4, right? 😀

    Hah…our friend, King Hua, would not agree with you…and Penang Ken neither.

  4. heheh, can’t help falling in love is certainly a timeless, cross-generational classic … i love it, my grandparents love it, my aunts love it 🙂

    Yes…somebody sang it in this year’s American Idol final…and also in The Voice US final. Never thought of it as a competition song, not one of those with roaringly high notes a la people like Celine Dion and the rest of the gang.

  5. I am not sure if I am your age, but I am 57, a baby boomer, and I do love this video! Your photos here are very nice, and the chicken looks really good! 🙂 (though, judging from your description, I haven’t missed much). Thank you so much for sharing.

    I hardly ever drop by here as I do not think the so-very-popular (and expensive) Sarawak laksa is all that great and I’m not crazy about the Sibu-style egg-wrapped char kway teow. Dunno why people like it so much. Everything’s available elsewhere – where parking and finding a place to sit is a whole lot easier.

    57? Hmmmm…you’re 5 years younger than me. 😉

  6. Cari table susa, cari parking pun susa, but definitely worth it la kan to go there hehe.

    But judging from your last paragraph, no hope to see u there anymore kan haha.

    In the first place, I hardly ever go there. Just went as somebody said the ayam penyet’s good, nicer than what I featured in an earlier post. Not nice lah…not to me. Edible, of course…ok to eat, just not something that would keep me coming back for more.

  7. Oh, Elvis Presley! I’ve always had a soft spot for him. Thanks for the memory.

    You’re that old too? Old enough to have memories of his songs? Hehehehehehe!!!!

  8. Was hoping to see picture of that egg-wrapped fried kuey teow.. Sounds interesting.. I’ve eaten egg-wrapped fried rice before, it’s called Nasi Goreng Pattaya, yes? Ooohh, that chicken looks huge, yumyum.. But the meal looks a bit dry though, no gravy, just white rice with sambal and chicken, and that MSG soup..

    It looks more or less like that. Had pics in my earlier posts…MANY times and everyone asked if it was fried kway teow pattaya. Tsk! Tsk! No, it’s Sibu-style fried kway teow…created originally long long ago as far as I can remember in my teenage years by a man called Ah Tor. Of course, he’s gone now – his son is the one doing it here. Not really crazy about it but I do know of many who would come back from near and far to eat it.

    It wasn’t white rice – it was nasi lemak but not lemak at all…and nasi lemak, you eat with the sambal…not with any soup or gravy…even though they do give soup here and it is very nice chicken soup, not all msg as in most places – I would not have said it was nice if that was the case. >.<

  9. Aloha & Jln. Keranji????…both sounds familiar. Oh ya, Aloha, a shop in Kuching selling very nice pies and everything. Hmm…Jln Keranji, ..the name of the road in my area. Kampua noodles looks good but sad the ayam penyet leaves a bad impression.

    Yes, my cousin bought me some from that pie shop, very very nice. Loved the quiche especially! Ummmm…dijamin sampai hari esok? Wink! Wink! 😀

  10. ALOHA, kampua and ayam penyet~~ but i don’t fancy drumstick and thigh, give me chicken breast, wings or ribs and I would be happier.. 🙂

    You like breast eh? 😉 😉 😉 They say best to avoid the wings as that is where they inject the hormones into the birds – you will develop breasts of your own eventually. Muahahahahaha!!!!!

  11. You dont like it huh? This the only one I ate in Sibu till yesterday. I tried the one in Wonderful last night. Much nicer than this. Hehe.

    i am now in Yummy. Notice the roti canai stall has new menu : roti jala.

    Roti jala? You didn’t see it in my posts – featured it twice already. Laksa stall open? Never open when we go on Sundays. 😦

    Yup, nothing to shout about. their ayam penyet. Wonderful? The stalls at Ulu Sg Merah? Heard a lot about that place, seen the photos – look nice but they say Bandong’s nicer and only open at night as well – I seldom go out at night. Such a good boy. Hehehehehe!!!!

    1. The laksa stall not open. Wonder whether it has closed? Oh, roti jala from this stall har? I thought from other places. Hehe. So the only one in town that serves roti jala??

      Maybe will go to Bandong this Friday night. What time Bandong opens in evening??

      We reached Wonderful stalls after 6pm and some stalls have open.

      6 pm, already full swing…Bandong. Oh dear, no more laksa there. I never got to try it – you had it, my missus loved it and I tapaoed once for my girl to take back to her jungle school. Yup, the only place here that I know of selling roti jala.

  12. Hmmm…they should not pass it off as Ayam Penyet seeing that it’s not quite the real thing.

    That’s the problem. Everybody thinks they can do what they see others doing…and they never bother to find out how to do it correctly.

  13. That’s evergreen song. I love listening to oldies. Used to hear Elvis’ album when I was kid. Oh Bandong… you’re making me homesick. huhu…

    School holidays have started. No plans to come home for a few days? 😉

  14. i love that song! i once had a phase where i wanted to transform myself into a hawaiian so i wanted to learn the language, the hula & even looked up courses i could potentially study in hawaiian colleges. unfortunately for me, that phase was short-lived ):

    Oh? Not because of the hunky lifeguards in their skimpy speedos, by any chance? Hehehehehe!!!!

  15. One day if I could, I would like to go Hawaii… reminds me of Pearly Shells.. by the ocean… shining in the sunlight… la la laaaa… cannot remember the lyrics already..
    So the Aloha shop is not selling anything to do with hawaiian dishes? 🙂

    LOL!!! Old age, memory not so good anymore. I know the song – Pat Boone. 😉 Nope, I don’t think they sell pineapples even… 😦

  16. oh, you did go and try, verdict not nice? Ok ok. Actually i notice behind Aloha or next to Aloha another building, there is a Malay stall selling ayam penyet too.

    Aloha’s mee suah very good too.

    Yes, I saw a lot of people eating that. One of my cousins from Kuching had it and she liked it. Generally, all ok, not bad…but I’ve yet to find one that I would say is very very good – must eat when in town.

    Lots of ayam penyet around now – dunno how penyet is the ayam – we walked around the shops opposite Wisma Sanyan today – so many stalls selling but dunno good or not. In the end, we had char siew and everything else chicken rice at Lot 10. Nice. Will blog about it soon.

  17. hmm i m interested on the fried egg wrap the fried keow teow?
    is it something like the pataya fried rice?

    See my reply to Princess Ribbon.

  18. I do miss the laksa from this place!

    Had a packet of one of those RM 2 expensive instant white laksa noodles recently and it was good, but can’t beat the real thing!

    Yup, instant noodles are more for people desperate enough to go for them. With your own added ingredients, some may be pretty good though.

  19. Hey, I am not that old but I know this song 😉. Who doesn’t know the more popular Elvis’s songs, rite?
    Christina Grimme of the recently concluded Voice US did a pretty lovely n creative rendition of this song. 👍

    I prefer the girl in American Idol – Jena or what’s her name now. Both did not win.

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