Good & bad…

I saw my friend’s updates on Facebook praising what she had here…


…to the skies so I just had to drop by for lunch and give it a try, the 6th day of our over a week-long holiday. I think, if I remember correctly, I did not have any breakfast that day or rather, I had to finish all the food that I had in the room and that was it.

The first stall certainly seemed immensely popular – the chap fan (mixed rice) place…


By the time I had finished my lunch and was leaving, the queue had already gone round the corner – it was that long. They certainly had a lot of choices but they were the usual stuff one would find at such makan (eating) places…and I was stunned when I glanced at the prices displayed on the wall – over RM9.00 for 2 meat and 1 vegetable. Good grief! I’d much sooner go for something else and you wouldn’t catch me queuing up for it, that’s for sure, not at that price.

I found the stall I was looking for – at the end of that same row, just round the corner…


– the one selling the Portuguese grilled fish…


I ordered the fish-sotong (squid) combination…


…with rice and true enough, it was absolutely awesome! Be forewarned though as it is VERY spicy. By the time I was through, perspiration was gushing out from every pore but I thoroughly enjoyed it. I can’t remember exactly now but I think it was RM6 or RM6.50 plus another ringgit for the rice – and it was definitely worth every sen, I must say!

The next morning, the 7th day of our stay, I went back there again with my missus and Melissa to see if we could find anything nice for breakfast. We were early, around 9 something, and most of the stalls were not open yet. I decided to try the nasi lemak kukus (steamed) at this stall…


You can see the big rice cooker used to steam the nasi lemak at the back…


It was very nice…


…and I particular loved the sambal kerang (cockles)…


…and the fact that he used fresh ones unlike at my favourite stall here in Sibu but the rice wasn’t as great, not as lemak, I’m afraid…but it was good enough and I would not mind having that again should the opportunity arise.

Melissa went to this stall…


…and ordered their curry mee


She did not like the fact that the noodles were overcooked till too soft, almost soggy…


I tried a bit and thought it tasted quite nice but she said she had had better ones at some place in Sungai Petani in Kedah.

In the meantime, my missus had this…


…from this stall…


She didn’t like it much…but I did not get to try so I am in no position to make any comment on it.

For one thing, there are so many other stalls at that place and in our brief stay, we just couldn’t possibly go there all the time to try everything to see what would be good…and what would be bad.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

42 thoughts on “Good & bad…”

  1. ooo, i haven’t visited this food court before. looks like a cockle-lover’s haven (and i AM a cockle-lover), with big & bouncy kerang in both the rice and noodle recipes 😀

    Oh? I didn’t notice that! Poor cockles… One place, they should avoid…LOL!!! 😀

  2. The Portuguese grilled is one of my favorite… will never miss out that place if i were to dine in midvalley 🙂

    It was really good – wouldn’t mind having it again…and again… 😉

  3. Was laughing at Melissa’s curry mee with her ‘T’ shirt of the monster’s wide opened mouth about to snap at her noodles. Perfect angle.

    LOL!!! You’re so observant! Hahahahahaha!!!! That’s Domokun…mouth wide open to eat indeed!

  4. Oh how I missed my fav curry mee almost half a year no chiak sudah lau nua liao

    Still not allowed? Better do what the doctor says… Many other nice things to enjoy, no need to eat this then.

  5. The Good , Bad & Ugly FOOD COU in the middle of an Oasis without RT? lol

    Ya…must have dropped off…and they did not do a good job at covering that up.

  6. So many choices of food! The picture of your daughter’s really interesting. It’s the expression on her T-Shirt really suits to the situation. LOL.

    I hope it’s still not too late to wish you Happy Father’s Day!

    Thanks, and the same to your hubby too. Yes, these were three/four of so many stalls at that food court. I’m sure there are other nice things to eat…but no time to check out all of them. The fish was really good! Don’t miss it if you ever go there…

  7. Though I am a noodle lover but this time round I prefer the nasi lemak. The curry mee seems to drown in too much of the broth. Fish-sotong combination looks good but if it is too fiery spicy, then give it a pass. Love Melissa’s t-shirt.

    Best two of the four… Ya…I didn’t even notice till Bananaz mentioned it – cute, eh?

  8. I would go for the fish sotong! Nice combination… never mind, can take own sweet time to try each stall every now and then.. 🙂

    Yalor…you’re so near, can hop over anytime. Lucky you!

  9. Ohhh, the fish sotong looks nice. Wouldn’t mind trying that. Neway, happy father’s day. Hope not too late to wish you that 😀

    Thank, and the same to your hubby. Yup, it was nice – among some of the best stuff I had had the opportunity to try while at MV.

  10. Wow, nice to see you gushing over the grilled fish. Makes me want to try it soon too.

    Happy Monday!

    Go ahead! No regrets, I tell you. It was very nice!

  11. Do u have this kind of food court in Sibu?

    Not really. Those thus named are more like hawker centres or bigger-than-usual coffee shops with lots of stalls and lots of choices as to what one wants to eat.

  12. still good enough la the nasi lemak. At least the rice is butir butir not lumpy. I dont like lumpy rice.

    The fish okay la but i bet it cant beat the one at Portugis settlement in melaka…SEDAPPPP….jom come over again and we go melaka

    So far, Malacca has been disappointing… Not that keen to go again. Nasi lemak rice has to be really lemak, then only I would like. This one’s just ok…but the sambals were great. Love those very much!

    1. Yikes…melaka disappointing ah…oh well…there is always

      Lol….sambal ..yoong will cry

      Yup!!! Too many people from the island republic down south, I guess. Over-commercialised, over-rated…and not like the Malacca that I used to know…and perhaps the old folks have died or retired and the young ones never really inherit the skills…

  13. Wow! So expensive! The taste must be something from heaven with such price!!

    The chap fan? Dunno…I didn’t try. From the look of it, it did not seem all that different from the rest to me. Only thing is they had lots and lots of choices to pick from. Maybe the place was nicer, aircon and all…so more comfortable than in a coffee shop lah.

  14. Am drooling over the grill fish 🙂
    Yeah, Melissa’s t shirt is so cute…mouth wide open to eat the curry mee, too!

    LOL!!! Sheer coincidence. The fish was great! Make sure you give it a try if you happen to be around there – very pedas though!

  15. the curry mee looks odd to me either, no prawns, no cuttlefish and the color isn’t convincing either

    Dunno. Not really into curry mee, had it once or twice and I thought it was so-so, nothing great. Nowhere near our Sarawak laksa. This one tasted fine though, I thought…but not something to jump up and down with delight. I guess the ingredients added may vary from place to place and the price as well – no standard rule that one must have everything? My girl says she had better in Sg Petani…and since she used to have that, she should know better.

  16. fish sotong seems has a strong taste! i bet i would have to
    eat a lot of rice to match that,
    hmm i kinda like that curry mee too

    That would depend on what fish, I guess. Sotong, I think, is virtually tasteless and very dependent on the sauce/gravy. You definitely would need a lot of rice to go with that as it is soooo spicy I can’t imagine eating it on its own.

  17. ive been here a few times. The tomyam fried rice is especially nice, but the rest are nothing much to shout about. it’s usually very crowded on weekdays too and a little pricey for everything

    Rice? Usually, I would fry mihun… Didn’t get to try that but the nasi lemak was quite good…and I super-love the grilled fish. Cheaper than the other more-atas cafes and restaurants in the vicinity, I’m sure? Nothing cheap around there…so as long as it tastes good, have to be happy with that. Some things that I had were not even all that nice… 😦

  18. I used to stay very near to Mid Valley and try many of the restaurants there… I heard very good comments about the grilled fish, so you had the right thing!! I also liked the Pan Mee there, but that’s about it. 🙂

    Ok, KIV pan mee…should I happen to stay round there again.

  19. When I could not think where I should go for food, I will normally go to a food court where there are aplenty to choose. The Portuguese grill fish looks very nice, a lot of gravy too. Yummy.

    …and it’s more comfortable than the regular coffee shops and hawker centres, that’s for sure.

  20. Hello, fren…you don’t remember meh that I am allergic to nasi lemak? 😉 Aiyo, and you put up 2 photos of nasi lemak? Why leh?

    You are allergic? Aiyor…so kesian! I like!!!! 😉

      1. Wrong ler…should post up the sambal big big photo and from several angles to make yoong drool till flood over there ….lol

        Didn’t know she loves nasi lemak that much. Next time I have any, will certainly do that…just to torture her. LOL!!! 😀

  21. *slap forehead* how can i forget someone allergic to nasi lemak!! tsk tsk i know what to do. *evil laugh*

    Let’s post more photos of nasi lemak… Torture her!!! There’s one in my post…on the 21st, I know. Muahahahahaha!!!!!

    1. Oh…haha!! Another one who believes that I am allergic to nasi lemak!

      Wait till we get to the post on our lunch with Mandy. Then you can drool plus-plus… Hehehehehe!!!!

  22. I dine at this food court one month back i think. One day when we walked past, and i remember how my sister in law praise about the grilled fish here. Me and my hub not really like it, not much taste except very hot and spicy, until my hair also sweat!!! But i can see the crowd and almost every table also ordering it. I still like the one at petaling street, portuguese grill fish, yum yum.
    I thought the first stall is Korean stall? I saw, but the food like Chinese mixed rice, I am a bit wondering.
    My boys got a shirt with Domokun picture too, but theirs are black. Can ask Melissa and my boys wear the same, if my boys can still fit in that shirt next time.

    No leh? Very tasty…love the sambal/gravy…very nice…and so spicy. Of course, not unique – may have elsewhere, maybe even nicer. 1st stall, not Korean. Chinese chap fan…and the choices looked quite ordinary. Looked nicer because of the yellow spotlights.

  23. Love Portuguese grilled fish but not much luck in finding good ones in KL. Most are not spicy enough…and sadly sometimes the ikan pari has a weird ammonia scent.

    Same with the ones here – like urine smell. At this one, you can have your choice of fish – I didn’t choose but whatever fish they used that day was ok with me, no fishy smell…and no urine smell either…and it is VERY spicy! Can give it a try, I liked it a lot.

  24. the chap fan in kuching also getting more expensive. some they look at you first, then the dish, then look at you again, before they decide how much is that plate of mixed rice. Bro had chapfan once at demak laut here and that cost him RM8 for 2 meat 1 vege. Crazy !!!

    Good grief!!! Here, it’s RM3.50, I think. Never go – oily, msg overload…and most places, not nice.

  25. Speaking of the Portugese grilled fish, there used to be a stall here in Tesco’s food court, but already closed shop since 2-3 years ago, kinda miss it now la!

    We only have ikan bakar here…but not so nice. If pari, got urine smell. Heard of a good one, yet to go and try.

  26. Interesting that the noodles your missus order was served in a kuali. At least the Portuguese fish turned out very good for you.

    They do that elsewhere too, even overseas. Not the first time I’ve seen that. My maternal grandma would frown on that – no such thing, unheard of in her time.

  27. All those spicy food makes me drool. They look SO delicious….mmmm

    Nom…nom…nom!!! You’ll have to cook your own there. Hehehehehe!!!!

  28. Hi, the sambal kerang and nasi lemak look so tempting and delicious. 🙂
    BTW, I found the SYT book by SH Tan KL junk book stores.

    Have a nice day.

    Oooo…lucky you! I enjoyed that book. Ya…the sambals were good, just the rice not lemak enough for me.

    P.S.: Malware alert on your blog.

  29. First time I saw a blog post about that food court! LOL

    Don’t fancy the place much.

    First time. I saw lots e.g.:
    This guy’s a prominent food blogger – seen him in other people’s blogs. Unfortunately he doesn;t come here.
    Then there’s this:
    …and this:
    Your office is just next door…so where do you usually go for your lunch?

    1. Entah la…I went to some of the place that vkeong posted but found that not ngum my taste. We have different taste buds la. But the places pete of petefirmation recommend ngum me.

      To each his own… What one likes, others may not. Just look at the comments on Paddington – some love it, others otherwise.

  30. Well there sure was a lot of food! 🙂
    I do like spicy – vegan food – but spicy food 🙂
    Great pics, tho!
    Looking forward to more! I do have some catching up to do on my your blog – so sorry about that!

    Ya…haven’t seen you around for a while. Opal too. Must be busy with her bees. 😉 I love spicy stuff too, and my missus as well.

    1. Yea! It’s been pretty busy but I have been posting again and TRYING to catch up! lol – Opal has been busy with her bees! I try and check in with her most days! I just read she’s going to make a box this weekend for them! I posted another semi-spicy food today, too!

      Ok, will hop over to check it out.

  31. oh, i think i have only been to this food court once.. don’t really like to go there because of the bad ventilation, i just do not like myself to smell greasy after getting out of the place, can’t stand that at all~~

    Go high class places, one lah…I know. Was all right when I went…both times. I guess I was there before it got too crowded. Definitely better than the hawker centre above our wet market here… 😦

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