Not so bad at all…

I don’t bake…but the other day, I thought I would give it a try.

If you remember, I got this from Annie-Q…

Panetonne from Annie -Q

…a long long time ago but we never got round to eating it so when the expiry date approached, I quickly put it in the fridge. Somebody told me that it would be nice to use it to make bread pudding and we were planning to do that during the March school holidays but we never did. Then I saw this recipe that looked simple enough so I decided to give it a try.

The panettone turned out to be something like the Gardenia butterscotch bread…


…that is very popular among many, just a lot more fragrant and nicer.

I cut away the crust and cut the rest of it into bits as instructed in the recipe…

Panettone bits

…and I placed them in a baking tin that I had lined with paper and greased using butter.

Then I melted 1Β½ pints of vanilla ice cream and whipped it together with 4 eggs, half a cup of sugar (the recipe says 1) and three-quarters cup of water…

Ice cream & other ingredients

…until there were no more lumps of ice cream and then I poured that into the tin…

Into the tin

The recipe also said that I should let it stand for 15 minutes, pressing to submerge the panettone bits in the whipped cream.

I did not want it to be too thick in case it would get burnt on top and would not be cooked inside so I made two…

Two bread puddings

…thinner pieces and put them into the oven once it was hot enough (250Β°C) to bake for half an hour.

True enough, it turned out a bit scorched on top…

Bread pudding 1

…but thankfully, it did not taste burnt and inside, it Β was cooked right through…

Bread pudding 2

…so it was all right. It tasted great – very nice and fragrant but unfortunately, it was a little too sweet for my liking. Maybe the panettone was sweet in itself and I should have left out the sugar altogether.

Ah well!!! I guess I deserve a pat on the back – it was not great but it was not so bad, not bad at all. Hehehehehe!!!!

Incidentally, I just collected this from the POSLAJU office here yesterday. They delivered the parcel to my house on Monday but I was out for lunch. My cousin from Melbourne, Australia is currently in Johore/Singapore visiting her in-laws there and she went through all that trouble to bring some of the stuff over all the way from Down Under to send to me …

Goodies from SL

…plus some goodies from here as well, thank you so very much to her. Gosh!!! The jelly powder smells so so so nice that I was completely overwhelmed when I opened the parcel. Now that the school holidays are coming, no prize for guessing what Melissa and I will be making – our own jelly pisang

Payung jelly pisang
*Archive photo*

…Yum! Yummmm!!!

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29 thoughts on “Not so bad at all…”

  1. Wah, got a bit arang on top! Hehe!
    But looks yummy la!

    Ya, did not have the burnt taste though, like charcoal bread – probably the sugar carbonised. On the whole, too sweet…would not want to bake again. 😦

  2. Look nice to me. Oh, when are you making the jelly pisang?

    When my girl’s home for the mid-year school break…but you’ll be on holiday in KL then, right? πŸ˜‰

  3. Your bread pudding looks good! First time I see bread pudding whipped with vanilla ice cream, wow.. Usually it’s just butter on both sides, with milk, sugar, eggs and some cinnamon.. Yours is really different, and so canggih man!

    I stumbled upon the recipe and I thought I would give it a try. Looked easy. Well, it was easy…just that it turned out too sweet for my liking. Definitely will not make again…or if I do, I would just leave out all the sugar.

  4. Panettone is one of our favourite treats! It’s great made in bread pudding, but delicious as French toast too!

    Oh? French toast? I should have tried that – will probably like it a lot more, not so sweet.

  5. Wow, everything you can whip out. Yours look great. More adventures coming soon. Is this the last week of teaching?

    Two more days next week…and then off till 16th June. Lots of time to try this and that.

  6. So the best time to go Sibu is during the school holidays la!!! hahahaha… Desserts galore! Good try on the ice cream thingy with the panettone.. It looks good.. a bit burnt means fragrant too… so who finished the two trays? :p

    We all finished one. The other in is still in the fridge. Cannot have so much sweet stuff at one go, bit by bit over a long period of time…not so bad I guess.

  7. wow.. orang kaya lah, using the Panettone to make your own bread pudding!! if not mistaken, that panettone of that size is at least RM70 a piece (if you get it in Malaysia, but probably cheaper where it is from).. and of course the panettone itself is sweet, so you turned it into bread pudding and made it even sweeter~~ oh, sweet!! πŸ™‚

    It is? Didn’t know that. Can never afford such things, good friend in KL gave one…otherwise, would not have the chance to eat my whole life through. So kesian hor! πŸ˜€

  8. Wah Annie Q is very generous giving you this asa gift… But hor, will it be too luxury to make a bread pudding with it….U must enjoy every piece of it with a cup of coffee…

    We were saving it, saving it…so precious…till we could serve it on some special occasion and could really sit down together to enjoy and before we knew it, it was almost the expiry date and we still had not done it. Such a waste hor? 😦 Mustn’t hoard stuff next time…eat quickly – and that reminds me, I still have that Coles’ brandy fruit cake in the freezer. Oh dear!!!

    1. Paiseh la Angeline. Now give me your address, i can sent something to surprise you too. πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

      What? What? Me leh? You send to her, not to me kah. Muahahahahaha!!!!!

      1. No No…I’m not asking for anything here… Thanks ya Annie Q!!
        Will send you my address at ur FB acc….I don’t mind to receive birthday cards and greeting cards (Hmm, this was what STP told me when I asked for his address….) LoL.

        The Foochows here say: Nei ah, nei ah, nei ah…. (No need, no need, no need…) Muahahahahaha!!!!

  9. Or probably, this Panettone is great for making bread pudding and french toast too…

    I only did it as somebody was telling me it would be very very nice for bread pudding. Too sweet for me – would have been just nice if I did not follow the recipe and had left out the sugar altogether. No more left, so can’t try making french toast with it.

  10. Not bad! Not bad! There is always a first time, eh? What you did with the vanilla ice cream suddenly jogged my memory. There was something I bookmarked that uses ice cream and now I can’t remember exactly what it was 😦

    Bread pudding too? You can click the link in my reply to Ken’s comment. Easy peasy recipe…but I think it would be nicer with plain bread, not so sweet…and leave out the sugar – I am very sure that the ice cream is sweet enough. These ang moh cakes and desserts are usually too sweet, like their pavolva, for instance – not for me.

  11. Home made less sweet. Healthier πŸ™‚

    Yup, may try again…kurangkan gula untuk kesihatan. Hehehehehe!!!! My regular kampong kuih stall – they make and sell – it seems they blended everything…so no bits of bread jutting out. Very nice, and no black bits on top.

  12. Today tarak tunjuk ur telur… Tunjuk pisang aje ke?

    Pisang pun sudah potong punya… Muahahahahaha!!!!

  13. Don’t know that ice cream can be use like that..maybe I just know how to eat only!!! >.<!!!

    I didn’t either…till I stumbled upon it when I went googling for bread pudding recipes and I decided to give it a try as it looked so very easy.

  14. Oh no! You still keeping this till now?? tsk tsk tsk tsk. If i remember, i sent this to you last Dec? It is suppose for Christmas and you had it just before Hari Gawai. hahahhahaha

    Didn’t know it is so easy to do bread pudding, but i am not a fan of bread pudding. Now can’t wait to see your version Jelly Pisang.

    I love bread pudding – if any at hotel buffet, sure I will eat a lot…with the maple syrup. Slurpssss!!!! So nice.

    Ya…we kept, waiting for a special time to take out and eat – so precious…but in the end, we never did. Then, someone said good for bread pudding and I love bread pudding so I told Melissa we would make, March holidays…and also, nothing. In the end, no choice lah…old papa had to do it himself, dunno how to bake also had to try.

    Everyone said very nice…just too sweet. Should have left out the sugar stated in the recipe – sometimes, best to agak-agak, play by ear/instinct…and not follow everything.

    1. Probably it is sweet because I saw got raisins in it and you use ice cream too…Tsk Tsk… or I have better idea if Annie Q send you some more Panettone to you…. Make your own bread pudding the same way, substitute the ice cream with milk and with brown sugar… When it is almost done… sprinkle more brown sugar on top the bread pudding to caramelize the surface…. wah sedap lar…

      Will try again with plain bread…minus the sugar. I am positive the ice cream on its own is sweet enough. I do not really like things too sweet.

  15. I’m not a baker, either. I have tried! Looks like you did well on this! Congrats! Great photos! I’m not going to lie…I like the crispier corners and such on baked goods when I can find them…and now that I am vegan it’s harder to find vegan alternatives. I supposed I SHOULD push myself to start baking because then I can enjoy them on occasion and know exactly what’s in them. Kudos on pushing yourself to bake! I’m doing all RAW this week so it might be something I will have to push myself to try in the future πŸ™‚

  16. Panettone…haven’t tasted before, cannot afford gourmet foods, lah πŸ˜•.
    Your bread pudding may not look pretty but I love eating the crispier tops and corners πŸ˜‹.

    Ya, my missus and daughter are like that too – love the burnt bits, more fragrant, they say. Imagine me ordering fried bihum or kway teow at the stalls…and asking for it to be burnt. πŸ˜€

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