I really wonder why they chose this name…

Jack Pork 1
*Gee! They sure need to give the place a new coat of paint!*

Maybe one of the bosses goes by that name…or maybe it is because it rhymes with jackpot so who knows, some may believe that eating here may bring them a windfall…

Jack Pork 2
*I love the use of the pig’s snout for the letter O in the name.*

…but somehow, it comes across to me as something not very accurately pronounced – “Kinamor tiok jackpork lou wor!” (Tonight will strike the jackpot!) Anyway, in the words of Shakespeare, “What’s in a name? A rose by any other name will smell as sweet.”

For the uninitiated, this used to be the very nice breakfast place in town but it seems that the place was not doing too well and they have decided to change the concept in the hope that things will get better. The decor is almost the same as before…

Jack Pork 3

…but I thought it was rather dim then and now it is even dimmer – not good for photographs using a simple digicam like mine.

We dropped by for lunch on Saturday and it seems that you get a free drink with your order at this time of day (11.30 a.m. – 2.00 p.m.)…

Jack Pork - free drink

…and also later in the night, at around past 10.p.m. and if you add RM5.00, you can change your free drink for a beer instead. 10 o’ clock??? I will be on a slow boat to China already by that time. Hehehehehehe!!!!

Of course, I simply HAD to try their signature pork ribs (RM24.00)…

Jack Pork - pork ribs 1

…and it sure was HUGE! It was served on a chopping board lined with a banana leaf…and it occupied around half of the board so you can imagine the size of the slab of meat…

Jack Pork - pork ribs 2

…though it did not seem all that big in the photographs. In fact, the guy there was telling us that they would suggest to customers that they should order one to share by two or three as it might be a bit too much for one to handle.

When I posted something on this on Facebook, somebody commented that it tasted Foochow but I did not think so. I guess it did not have much of those herbs that you find a lot of in western cuisine, if at all, but no, it was not anything like the ribs at the char siew stalls – it had its own taste, bursting with flavours, almost fall-of-the bone tender and it went absolutely well with the mustard – something I do not usually fancy but I simply loved the two together. I certainly would want to order that again the next time I drop by, that’s for sure…and I was amazed at how they had a bottle of the “classic yellow mustard” on every table. I know it is not all that easy to get that in town and it definitely does not come cheap – I think at other places, if they give you that or when you ask for it, you would probably get a spoonful in a little saucer.

My girl had their pork chop (RM18.00)…

Jack Pork - pork chop 1

…with their special BBQ sauce and it tasted fine – not like any that I had had before but I did not think that it came anywhere near the ribs, tastewise. For one thing, if you compare the two, you do not get all that much meat…

Jack Pork - pork chop 2

…and for an extra RM6.00, you can get at least three times as much when you go for the ribs.

My missus had the red wine pork (RM9.80)…

Jack Pork - red wine pork 1

…which came with rice and preserved vegetables by the side and a bowl of complimentary soup (which, unfortunately, was quite tasteless). Initially when she ordered that, I thought it would be something western served with red wine sauce but no, it turned out to be pork cooked Foochow style with ang chao (the residue one gets when making the traditional Foochow red wine)…

Jack Pork - red wine pork 2

All this while, I had yet to come across any in town that was nicer than my missus’ own version of this, be it with pork or chicken…and finally, we’ve found one that is just as nice or perhaps, even nicer. Even my missus herself had to concede that they did it very very well and she certainly enjoyed what she had a lot.

It seems that they have retained some of the items on the menu that they had at the former breakfast place as according to them, there are always people around here who would go for such stuff and would ask for them time and again. Right now, they are still working on the menu – adding new things that they hope will work and removing some that do not seem all that popular. I hope it will not be a case of history repeating itself though – when they were running the breakfast palace, they had a few things that I really liked a lot but on subsequent visits, they were no longer on the menu…and they said they were not doing too well and so they had them removed. Tsk! Tsk!

Well, it was indeed a delightful lunch that we had that day and you can be sure that we would be going back there again to try some of the other things they have on their menu. A Heart Attack Burger, anyone?…Come, let’s go!

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

39 thoughts on “Jack…”

  1. Wah ….the place looks so grand and romantic inside but outside looks so old. The ribs looks good leh …how come the folks said taste like foochow ? What did they put? Red wine like those in red wine chicken ? I had that in yong Peng.

    Foochow town like Sibu. I wonder if theirs is nice or not. They have this at a number of places here but not as good as my missus’…or this one. Dunno. Maybe no smell of all those ang moh lang herbs. perhaps.

  2. Me no likey the name…. and the snout :/

    Oh? You don’t eat pork, right? I wonder why. There’s chicken on the menu though…for the likes of you.

  3. The burger by that name? Must be huge or something unusual to give someone a heart attack! Lol.

    there is one shop in Kuching called Porkies. Its signature pork dish is nice!! Been there once and I blogged about it. Cant remember when but something in June 2012.

    The review from yours sound good so will give it a try someday.

    Kuching, I tried the one from Howdy: https://suituapui.wordpress.com/2013/03/26/dear-john/
    – they say it’s nicer than Porkies…and I also went to Mike Smokehouse – all good…and this is just as good, if not better. Bad news though – your hubby’s favourite pek ting eyok mee sua…no more.

    1. Wow. You’ve been to Mike’s smokehouse??? I shamefully not yet visited the place. 😱

      Hahahahaha!!! Let’s just say I’ve been around quite a bit. πŸ˜‰

  4. Wait for me!!! I must go Sibu one day to try out all these good food, hehe!!!

    Come, come!!! You’ll love it here, I’m sure.

  5. Price ok wor.. When I first see the name and look at the food pictures, I thought sure very expensive.. But Rm24 for a big slab of meat served on a chopping board ok wor.. Wah, something different, served on a chopping board, hehe.. Mel’s pork chop and also the rice look normal to me, but your pork ribs look really delicious!

    It was really very good. Would love to go back for more…

  6. oh very cosy place it looks.. and putting the nice food aside, i actually love their posters!! awww, so simple and yet so nice!! they are contemporary and chic looking..

    Not bad for a little town like Sibu eh? πŸ˜‰

  7. I like the name of the shop and Kuching has one by the name of “Jade Pot” too. Sounds almost the same. That huge pork ribs looks good. Wonder why they serve on the chopping board.

    Dunno. Style perhaps…or can cut as much as you like, no problem. For one thing, had to eat carefully or the chunky chips might fall off the board. 😦

  8. So you have a Jack Pork over there.. I have a Jack Fah shop over here.. selling porridge, rice in the day and desserts at night..

    I know there is a Jack’s Place in Singapore – used to be very popular, dunno now.

  9. Jack Pork….Nice name. U don’t like ?
    I think the owner is quite creative, to be serving the pork on the chopping board. Something special. And the signboard too….with one of the letters being upside down.

    Ahhhh!!! The E in special. You’re very observant.

  10. I think the name is quite cute and with the O looking like a snout πŸ™‚ I would have gone for pork ribs too and I like huge servings hah…hah…I am waiting for you to eat the Heart Attack Burger to see what it looks like.

    Lead me not into temptation… Hehehehehe!!!!

  11. AH, so this is the previous cafe cafe breakfast place! When you posted the pic in FB, i wonder where is this place in Sibu.

    Yup! They’ve changed the concept now. Some of the items on the old menu still retained, still available but not many. Mostly for those not really into western cuisine, I guess.

  12. lol! eat there, and you will hit the JACKPORK soon!

    The food looks interesting, I bet it has a sweet flavour to everything judging from the amount of reddish hue and thickness of the sauce.

    Yes, it was on the sweet side and with the mustard, the combination was so good!

    1. i noticed.. everyday you blog on all the yummy food that you have eaten.. envy you. hehe

      No leh…these days, more homecooked stuff…as I do not go out to eat so much anymore. No new places, no nice places…small town mah.

  13. omg angchao pork. what in the world. now i need to book ticket just to have this liao. huhu.

    Drool! Drool!!!! Slurpssssss!!!! Hehehehehehe!!!!

  14. That pork rib is certainly huge! But I would rather go for the ang chao pork πŸ™‚

    That one is good too – Foochow dish!

  15. that would definitely have been my type of meal!

    You can finish it all by yourself? Just slightly big for me, best shared by two.

  16. Maybe they made it dim so everyone would focus on eating and their company rather than busy taking pics? Heheeheh

    Ouch! Muahahahahahaha!!! πŸ˜€

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