Without a doubt…

The nasi lemak guy at Bandong Walk here once asked me which ayam penyet here would be my favourite and I replied straight away that, without a doubt, it would be this one…

Penyet Bandong

Yes, I do drop by quite regularly but most of the time, I would buy and take home to eat instead of eating it there and all those times, I did not bother to blog about it as I’ve done that many times before like here or here for instance.

This young and friendly guy…

Penyet Bandong guy

…is the one running that place and he asked me when we were there on Friday evening last week, “Masih akif blogging?” (Still actively blogging?) Oh? It seemed that he knew who I was and my guess was that he heard it from Mak Met who runs the Malay kueh stall at this same place in the morning. True enough, he told me she’s his father’s sister, his aunt – all in the family!

My missus had the chicken (RM6.50)…

Penyet Bandong chicken

…while my girl and I had the pecel lele (RM6.50 each)…

Penyet Bandong catfish

…the grilled ikan keli. The mum is not into catfish, that’s why.

Well, if it is the chicken and whatever bumbu (garnishing) they have on it or the grilled catfish, they are more or less the same everywhere, give and take a little as they may be overdone at some places, hard and dry.

What puts this place a head above the rest would be the very lovely rice…

Penyet Bandong rice 1

…wrapped in banana leaf and steamed and served piping hot…

Penyet Bandong rice 2

It has that very nice fragrance and is anytime a whole lot better than the plain white rice that we will get elsewhere.

The sambal (chili dip) too is so very nice, so very spicy and so very much to our liking…and furthermore, at only RM6.50, the ones here are definitely a lot cheaper than all the rest that we have tried.

Needless to say, we certainly will keep coming back for more.

PENYET BANDONG (2.314192, 111.825581) is located at the shops along Jalan Bandong in Kpg Nangka here, facing Bandong Walk. It opens every day but only in the evening (and the guy did say that they will be closed for a couple of days this weekend for Hari Raya Haji.)

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

8 thoughts on “Without a doubt…”

  1. I would opt for the chicken as I am not into catfish, like your missus. Plus point for him for taking the trouble to wrap the rice in banana leaves & steamed instead of using rice cooker.

    My girl loves catfish! As for me, given a choice, I would choose it over chicken as well. Chicken is so unexciting. 😀 I wonder if they cooked the rice first or not, so very nice. If I had banana leaves, I sure would want to try and make my own and I’d put a bit of pandan leaf inside for added fragrance.

  2. What is the topping on the chicken? The sambal looks rich and luscious.

    They call it bumbu, some kind of garnishing. I know at one place they have what they call kerimis, crispy fried egg with tapioca flour but that one looks different. Blog on it coming up real soon.

  3. Star struck! The most famous blogger visited his stall, must be very proud of himself!

    What a joke! But of course, if the celebrity Penang blogger comes to Sibu and drops by his stall, I bet he will roll out the red carpet for a grand welcome, complete with a kumpang band and all.

  4. Fancy you met the one running the place and he knows you. Nice!
    That chicken looks good.

    Chicken’s good but I prefer the fish. They have chicken most everywhere.

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