If I remember correctly, the last time we were here was a year ago when we took Melissa’s friend and coursemate for dinner and he had the pecel lele. We had had dinner already earlier but we did try the bakso which was, at best, all right – not something that I would want to have again and I never did.

That would mean that it was way over a year ago since we last had the specialties of the house and that night, we dropped by for those. My missus had the ayam penyet (RM6.50)…

Ayam penyet Bandong

…which she enjoyed very much and they were really generous with the chicken, so much so that she could not finish and started distributing some to Melissa and me. I think they gave two slabs of the thigh but it did look like the bird was not all that big actually.

Melissa and I had the pecel lele (RM5.50)…

Pecel lele Bandong

…with its very nice ikan keli (catfish), deep fried and the rice wrapped in banana leaf…


…and its absolutely awesome sambal


Gosh! That was so so so nice!

That simple yet delightful dinner came up to only RM20.70, inclusive of drinks, Β but of course, I could not resist ordering the satay…

Satay Bandong

…from the stall in the vicinity. The last time I had those, I thought they were good but there would be nicer ones elsewhere. This time around, I found that they had improved a lot and we enjoyed what we had that night a lot. I asked for 10 sticks of lamb and 10 of beef – they were all priced at 50 sen each, including the chicken, the same as the other places in town, if I am not mistaken…and they have lamb here. Most places around here do not have that and the last time I had that at Kajang a long long time ago, it was more expensive than the rest. Β They also had ketupat or nasi impit here, something that I like very much but they do not seem to bother to make that available at the other satay stalls in town.

We enjoyed our dinner so much that you can be sure we would be heading back there again sometime soon…

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33 thoughts on “Good…”

  1. That chicken caught my attention and i like their way of serving the rice

    The chicken was good, just that my girl and I love the fish more. The rice is served Indonesian-style, if I’m not mistaken. I don’t think they bother to do it this way at all the ayam penyet stalls in town…but they used a special leaf before, not banana. Maybe they ran out of it that day…

  2. I also love ayam penyet, where I will have it at least once or twice a month. What is pecel lele??

    Hah!!! Ask papakucing – he’s the expert. I did explain in my earlier posts on this Indonesian delight. You must have missed that.

  3. Among all, I love the ayam penyet. RM6.50 for that plate and get 2 slabs of the thigh, good deal. Was wondering what is pecel lele too & any wrong calculation in the bill. So very cheap.

    No leh, food alone total’s only 17.50. Oh? You did not get to see my explanation as well – like Christopher? Pecel = parcel so that’s why the rice is wrapped like that and lele is probably ikan keli or catfish. Lots of other places here but they do not bother to wrap the rice in a parcel like that – I think they should not call theirs pecel lele then. Disqualified.

  4. Interesting way to serve the rice. One of my mother’s common ways to prepare chicken is with rice.

    They do that a lot here – like the very popular Chinese chicken rice.

  5. Ketupat? Is that Malay new year food? I thought they only have it during their new year!!!

    Good grief!!! Yes, yes…they serve it with satay at their HARI RAYA open houses and other special occasions…but there is a type cooked in santan (coconut milk) that is sort of rich and savoury and good on its own though I would eat that dipped in sugar, condensed milk or kaya…same as their pulut panggang which is something else altogether…and then there is lemang – best eaten with rendang – you get very nice lemang + rendang at a stall at Mid Valley. Check out my old post on it.

  6. Ooh, I don’t think I’ve try lamb satay. I bet it goes nicely with the peanut sauce.

    First time I had that was at Kajang a long time ago. Very nice, and my daughter wanted more. It was more expensive than beef and chicken then, dunno now.

  7. I like ayam penyet too.. Here, we have Ayam Penyet restaurant, yep, the name of the restaurant is: Restoren Ayam Penyet.. Serves similiar food like in your picture.. Set comes with soup and a drink.. Nice.. Your pecel lele looks yummy too, whenever there’s (deep) fried fish, I can finish the whole thing without leaving any bones, haha.. The bones can be swallowed.. Head, tail, bones, all in my stomach, plates clean, no signs of fish, hahahaha..

    Yes, it was crispy and I did eat some of the bones, not all. Was the rice wrapped in a parcel there? This place that we went to is called Ayam Penyet Bandong, Bandong being the name of the area where it is located.

    1. Nope the rice is not wrapped in a parcel.. If I’m not mistaken, they serve it with white rice only..

      Every other place here is like that too – not wrapped in leaf…and now papakucing says pecel is the sambal, not parcel mis-pronounced. Hmmmm….. Nicer in a leaf though, I like!

  8. I must bear in mind that whenever I come down to Sibu, I must try eating here. The ayam penyet is so mouth watering…. lol!

    Lots and lots and lots of things to eat there. You’ll be spoilt for choice.

  9. where is this place?? Sibu? omg.. knot read ur blog in the morning. Makes me so hungry. sobs

    Yup! Bandong…in the vicinity of Kpg Nangka here in Sibu. You’re coming to town again?

    1. kpg nangka~~ near where? hahaha!! yes im going on the first week of april. wooots!!! time to hunt for kpg nangka!!!

      Not hard to find – Sibu is so very small…and with the small Malay and Melanau pupulations, there aren’t many “kampungs” around, that’s for sure.

  10. oh, i love that ayam penyet, hope it is not too spicy.. there was once a stall in the foodcourt in The Gardens MV selling at only RM4.50 during lunch, i always went there but now it’s closed down..

    Muahahahaha!!!! At that price and with the rental at MV, I’m not surprised it has closed down. Oh? You don’t want to spice up your life a little bit? πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜€

  11. I like fried chicken especially Malay type which they used a lot of turmeric and all kinds of rempah to make the chicken very fragrance.

    Yes, very nice. Much nicer than any fried chicken at the Chinese chap fan places.

  12. indonesian classics!! … i only have ayam penyet once a year maybe, but i generally like it (as long as it’s not too dry, heh) πŸ˜€

    I love Indonesian. Come to think of it, I have not seen you blogging about anything Indonesian in your blog or none that I can remember. No good ones in KL or you’re not into it and haven’t tried?

    1. heh, answering your question: i guess most indonesian restaurants don’t serve liquor, so i’m less attracted to them, heh πŸ˜€

      Oooo… They don’t? I’m your opposite – I no longer drink so I’m ok with it. πŸ˜‰

  13. The ayam penyet looks good, i think the last time i had it was 2 years ago. First time heard about pecel lele… funny name! πŸ˜›

    Haven’t had the ones here for over a year too – tried elsewhere for want of something to blog about but so far, none that is nicer. Lele is keli, it seems. I guess the Indons would think our name keli is funny too… LOL!!!

  14. So everything was good here and no complaints. I haven’t tried this ayam penyet. I am sure I have no problems finishing up the chicken and can still have a few sticks of satay πŸ™‚

    Yes, we were so very full after that dinner but no matter, we enjoyed ourselves thoroughly – that’s what counts the most.

  15. Ok, this place looks good too. If got time, don’t mind to go and try, i like ayam penyet.

    Lots of nice things to eat here, they say, but I’ve never tried as every time we go, we would want to eat the penyet and the lele…

  16. Do you believe it if I tell you I have not eaten ayam penyet in my life? William is always not game to try it! Feels like penyet-king him one day!! >_<

    It’s some kind of chicken chop mah, just a lot nicer. All over Sibu town, not just the Malay stalls – some Chinese ones also selling. Good or not, of course, that is another story lah. Must know where to go for the best.

  17. see whether this excites u … they ‘presto’ the chicken till bone is so soft, u can finish it… i think presto meaning cook into hi pressure cooker…
    They do this with Bandeng/Ikan susu too…

    Told you to tell me when you go over, I tag along. Want to try all the Indon food there…but you never did that. Curi-curi go over…and only tell when you’re back. Got udang disebalik batu ke? Hmmmm….next time, missus must follow every step. So bahaya!

  18. What other foods do you enjoy that are wrapped in Banana Leaves? I’m more ‘used to’ Grape Leaves – I hope to get into more foods in leaves soon! πŸ™‚

    We do not have grapes here. They grill fish and other things wrapped banana leaves too…and there are many local cakes cooked in them too – like one sticky and sweet tapioca cake, for instance….or some glutinous rice delights too.

      1. …AND…No Grapes at all!? Oh no!!!!

        Oopssss…I mean they’re not grown here so we can’t get the leaves. We do import them…but like most imported fruits, they’re VERY expensive plus I hear they’re sprayed with chemicals to prevent them from getting over-ripe in transit. I would go for our own local fruits.

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