The wrong side…

Well, in a way, it is in the wrong side of town for me as it is very far from where I live but that, of course, is by our local Sibu standard. The town is not very big, you see…so relatively, what I feel is far would be pretty near to many of you.

Anyway, this bakery is located in the vicinity of Farley in the Salim area and goes by that same name and since I do not venture there all that often, I do not get to buy their very nice curry puffs…

Farley bakery curry puffs

…regularly. These are very nice – I love the buttery fragrance of the flaky and crumbly pastry and the delightful slightly-spicy curry taste of the filling which is made up of meat (chicken though, not beef) and potatoes unlike the rest where you would only find curry-flavoured mashed sweet potatoes. Besides, these are baked, not deep fried like those smaller ones at the stalls where you can get 3 for RM1.00.

That day, I happened to be in the area so I thought I would buy some for my godson/ex-student, Andrew, to try as I am pretty sure that even if he can get any in New Zealand, it would definitely cost more than around NZ40 cents each. They’re RM1.20 each but if you buy 10, you will get an extra one free so that would make it less than RM1.10 each. There’s another place in town with the best chicken pies aroundthey have curry puffs there too and they’re quite nice as well though they do not look very good nor do they taste as nice as these. If I remember correctly, they were 80 sen each but they went up to 90 sen and I think they’re RM1.00 each by now. I would much sooner fork out a little bit more to buy these Farley ones instead as they are a lot nicer…and in fact, they’re also nicer than a number that I have had here, there and everywhere, not just the ones in Sibu.

Now, since I was in that side of town, I thought I would also venture to the other side of the other side of town to another bakery that is famous for its mooncakes. Yes, it’s out of season – not the right time of the year for mooncakes but it seems that they make these yolk puffs…

Famour Bakery yolk puffs

…regularly now so you can still get these to enjoy any time of year even though it is not the Mooncake Festival yet.

I would usually toast them a bit in the oven so the skin would be flakier and nicer…and with the perfect balance between the sweet lotus paste and the salty salted egg, the overall taste is simply awesome! The only thing is they do not come cheap. It was RM13.00 for a pack of 6 before but now, it has gone up to RM13.80 which means that it is RM2.30 EACH!!! It certainly would make a lot more sense to go for a plate of kampua noodles instead of one of these golf ball-size puffs but then again, since they would not be readily available in New Zealand and when they are, as the festival comes around each year, they would surely burn a hole in one’s pocket, I decided to drop by and get these for Andrew as well before he and his family left town.

While I was driving back, I spotted some interesting new buildings along the way. I thought this one looks like a stack of shuttlecocks lying on one side…

Building 1

…but if one looks at it from the other angle, it is actually a long building, curved in a semi-circle…and somebody said that it is supposed to be a caterpillar. From the sign, it probably is a showroom for those Japanese-made cars.

Then there is this tall one on the left…

Building 2 1

…which looks a lot more impressive if you view it from the distance, say, from the centre of town around where the Chinese temple with the seven-storey pagoda is.

It comprises two tall towers linked on top…

Building 2 2

…and of course, it comes nowhere near this one in KL or this one in Singapore but considering that this is a teeny-weeny town, nothing much to shout about, I would say, it is pretty awesome that we have structures such as these around here.

Gee!!! Some may feel that there isn’t much room to swing a cat in Sibu but if you do not venture to these other parts of town, you would not be aware of the existence of these…and they still say, it’s a small world…after all.